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  3. MaleXLR

    Window & door schedule using WinDoor

    Hi Boh. Yes, I would agree with the Copy and Apply functionality. We have always had mixed results. On a simple job, yay, but we found the more complex, the bigger mess you can make with Copy and Apply. I mistakenly thought that I could save symbols as PIOs so that every similar WinDoor window in our library would come in with the same Style. This worked beautifully initially and every window that I brought into the drawing, or into a blank document came in with a Symbol name and a different Style name – even after saving the files. Then I made the fatal mistake of closing the files and after that all the PIOs reverted to having the same PIO and Style name… Bugger! I really object to having to go into Form to set the height! If I set the height on the worksheet and go to the Object Info Palette, all I have to do is replace the width (ie: 1000) with the width (ie: 1000) and the window regenerates correctly. I don’t need to change the height – that is taken from the worksheet. Why can’t that be done in one hit from the bloody worksheet? I did find the Show/Hide WinDoor menu item thanks, but “Regenerate Objects Only” didn’t seem to do anything and certainly didn’t fix my sashes! We have got a worksheet on our cover page, listing all the VAA Title Blocks. That is a great way of checking all the details from one place and copy with multiple pastes seems to work well.
  4. JetSet86

    How to use the truss tool sets properly?

    Thank you. This was very helpful. Is the 2019 library compatible with the 2020 software? I followed your instructions and it seem to recognize the new libraries when I refreshed the resource manager but the Objects - Truss folder does not show up.
  5. Nice to get a response after a year or so! Unfortunately I don't have a lot of answers to your questions as I have only relatively recently got on to vw2019 and as yet have not gone through the WinDoor improvements with this release. I'm hoping to do so soonish so will post back here if I discover anything that might be useful! Meanwhile however I am successfully using a worksheet approach to door schedules. My understanding of worksheets is that they generally are not able to make geometric edits to objects. For data based worksheets their main advantage is their ability to collate and edit record information. I have found worksheets great even just for cross checking WinDoor objects - even if the edits can't be done directly in the worksheet. Globally editing the form and settings of WinDoor objects via the "Copy and Apply" function I have found really confusing so I have tended to avoid it. I'm hoping that it will be better in 2019. It does look a bit more promising using styles. To avoid having to do lots of edits to multiple WinDoor objects on every project I have made a single "Custom Base Style" and have set the WinDoor tool to use this style by default in all my templates. This style has all my basic preferences built in - no weird imperial measurements or odd trim settings. To create this I went through every possible setting of every possible Window/Door Type and set my defaults. (Then used the eyedropper tool with "Pick Up Sets Defaults" checked). Once I get into using Styles properly this "Base" style will be the template for all other styles. With regards to WinDoor heights - I've found the most reliable way to edit the heights is in the Form dialogue. You can't do it from a worksheet and doing it in the OIP via the "Overall Height" entry is not reliable. It might be possible to do reliably by using styles though I need to investigate that. I have no idea what "Show/Hide WinDoor" does. The command can be found at the bottom of the AEC drop down menu.
  6. Benson Shaw

    GIS Stake

    Fantastic thread! Many thanks to all, and for any further discussion. -B
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  8. MaltbyDesign

    Textures on Site Model

    For some reason when I change the texture on my site model, the texture only changes on the 'skirt' and not on the surface of the ground itself. The attached screen shot shows the lighter grass on the skirt, which I can't seem to apply on the surface, which is stubbornly remaining the dark green gras texture. The texture is in my class "site-model" and I can't think of any other place to look to try and change the surface texture. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.
  9. ChrisAh Wong

    Extrude tool causing crash

    Hi All, Has anyone experienced an issue where activating the extrude tool causes their system to crash? I am working in a rather large file, but i haven' t found that anything else I do causes this issue. I can get around it by entering extrude figures, but I cannot click the extrude tool without VW crashing. This issue is the same on another colleagues PC ussing the same file. Does anyone have any ideas?
  10. twk

    Creation of a Roof Face

    Confirming this happens to me as well. A workaround is to apply a roof style to the created roof. vs.BeginRoof(roofAxisPoint0[0], roofAxisPoint0[1], roofAxisPoint1[0], roofAxisPoint1[1], upslopePoint[0], upslopePoint[1], rise, run, 1, 0) vs.Rect(rectTopLeft[0], rectTopLeft[1], rectBottomRight[0], rectBottomRight[1]) vs.EndGroup() roofFace = vs.LNewObj() vs.SetObjectVariableReal(roofFace, 170, roofFaceThickness) # vs.SetFPat(roofFace, 1) style='' # import/create a roof style and add to this variable vs.SetRoofStyle(roofFace, vs.Name2Index(style)) vs.ResetObject(roofFace)
  11. Andy Broomell

    2020 Architect Open GL Rendering ...

    Will this be fixed in SP2? It's still a problem in SP1, and even with the workaround is a pain in the butt. I shouldn't have to think about this 10 times a day...
  12. Whilst I still want the option for viewports to be either live or static, I certainly would like multi-core CPU access for hidden line renders.
  13. I recently purchased Vision and I would like to increase the performance as I've been losing a significant amount of time to rendering out videos. The bugs related to rendering videos (fixtures disappearing, vision crashing when performing renders >1min, volumetrics scattering across objects, etc). It's taken up to an hour or two to render out a 1 minute clip on medium settings at 1080p, and then often those renderings are broken or they hang in the middle and I've got to force close (don't really understand why 4k is the default render resolution considering this). I've wasted almost my entire day trying to get this one 3.5 minute video rendered of a medium sized stage, when really I should be able to click render and walk away till its done. The software just feels broken, but it's also the only practical previs option for me (thats not MA3D). My pc build is: CPU: 8700k GPU: 1080ti RAM: 32GB 3200MHz SSD scratch drive The 1080ti is OC'd and its completely tapped out. How much better would the 2080ti do? Has anyone had any real world comparison?
  14. @Matt Panzer increasing consistency of similar tools (section marker / detail-callout marker / interior-elevation marker) would be a big step forward (lowering the learning curve on tools). Having similar object info & preferences visuals would also help. Section Elevation Marker & Section Line are powerful tools, but rather confusing. Menu > View > Create Section Viewport generates a Section Line (consistent) Tools > Section-Elevation Marker generates either a Section-Elevation Marker (unconstrained mode) or a Section Line (constrained mode) Either a simpler name given to the tool (Section Marker/Line) or separate tools/icons (Section Line Vs Section Marker) could make users life easier. In some european localised versions "Tools > Section Maker" and "Menu > Section Line" are different paths towards different tools, and the overall concept is easier to understand. Either avoiding the use of the word "Elevation" or using it both in menu&tools would also help. Higher consistency of the info/options provided in the Object Info and in the Preferences Dialogue would also help. Detail-Callout Marker is also a powerful tool But there is no way, if I am not mistaken, to generate a Detail Viewport from a button in the Object Info (as for Section Markers) or right-clicking. Again, a simplified naming would also help (e.g. Detail Marker Vs Detail Crop?), and arranging options&info in a consistent way in the Object Info would be very helpful The same goes for the Interior Elevation Marker and for the Reference Marker (which btw looks almost a legacy tool, maybe to be replaced by tags?) Introducing Styles for all these tools would help a lot, instead of having a weird % scaling system unrelated from Library symbols real sizes. And last but not least, thinking about consistency... in Viewport > Advanced Viewport Properties... Markers sizes is only affected by "Text Scaling" and not by "Markers Scaling" as a user would expect to be (Markers Scaling seems to affect Dimensions markers only). I find some of the latest tools introduced, among other the Data Tag and the Detail Level in Symbols, a huge step forward in terms of consistency, flexibility, and overall quality. Hope the same could happen for these tools!
  15. I am all for consistency! Yes for sure. That would be OK. The only practical difference is that section lines and elevations typically happen on the outside of the meat of the drawing. The interior elevation tag is large and can easily cover other information - so not having the ability to adjust its relative location is currently an issue. It is one of the issues with the current section and elevation tags too - there are some plans where I would I like to adjust the location of the tag - but I can't - since they are all linked. For example, we will have a larger ground floor - and the section line will be spaced for that larger floor -but then when we go to the upper floor - we can not adjust the tag to the size of the drawing - which can be a frustration.
  16. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Hidden Line to be 'LIVE' or 'INSTANT', just like in Revit

    The "Update" Button has to go, Vectoworks need to use the idle cores in the modern CPU to make the updates real-time.
  17. It would be great to have VW incorporate Apple's Continuity feature; a live import from Phone or iPad directly into VW. Photos, scans & sketches! https://macmost.com/using-continuity-camera-and-continuity-sketch-with-your-iphone-or-ipad-and-your-mac.html
  18. mjm

    Object not working like an object?

  19. Pat Stanford

    Where is "Wall Tools"?

    If the entire palette is missing, go to the Window menu, Palettes, and make sure the Tool Sets palette is turned on. If the Tool Sets palette is turned on, check that it did not get resized so small that the tools are not showing. Are there other tools besides the wall that are not showing in the Building Shell or other set? Try switching to a different workspace (Tools menu: Workspaces) and see if it shows there.
  20. Bret

    Where is "Wall Tools"?

    If you're using VW Fundamentals v2019 and have just transitioned from v2018, the ability to use wall tools was taken away, among other things. You should be able to see the wall tools in the Tool Sets palette (at least, I can in v2020), but you won't be able to use them. If that's not your situation, someone else will have to chime in...
  21. No Rush

    Where is "Wall Tools"?

    I can't find wall tools in my "19" Vectorworks and would like to get it back. Any idea's?
  22. J.cole

    Insert Connection Tool Crashes

    I am experiencing the same issue and have sent VW a test file along with the crash log with no response yet.
  23. Hello, I have been trying to insert a VELUX Modular Skylight using the plug in tool in Vectorworks 2017 on a roof but upon insertion the skylight does not send itself on to the face of the object. However, it trims the geometry of the roof to that object. Could you please advise what I can do to fix this. Does anyone know why is this happening? Thank you!
  24. James Herrick

    Freelance Drafting Services

    Licensed Architect in Michigan with over 40 years of experience in a wide variety of project types - specifically K-12 educational facilities and residential projects. I have been using Vectorworks (currently version 2020) for over 20 years. Fees are negotiable.
  25. BSeigel

    How to use the truss tool sets properly?

    It's possible, you will need to have the files downloaded on another machine with Vectorworks. 1. One the computer with the resources downloaded, find the Vectorworks 2019 application folder (Applications folder on Mac or Program folder on Windows) 2. Open the "Vectorworks 2019" folder 3. Open the "Libraries" folder 4. Locate the "Objects-Ent Truss" folder 5. Copy the "Objects-Ent Truss" folder onto a removable drive 6.On the computer that does not have the resources downloaded, find the Vectorworks 2019 application folder (Applications folder on Mac or Program folder on Windows) 7. Open the "Vectorworks 2019" folder 8. Open the "Libraries" folder 9. Copy the "Objects-Ent Truss" folder from the removable drive to the Libraries folder 10. Restart Vectorworks and you should have the resources available 11. (optional) if you still do not see the resources select the gear icon in the Resource Manager and choose "refresh libraries"
  26. michaelk

    Object not working like an object?

    Matt Great idea!
  27. Hi Boh! Glad you like them. I use these scripts every day, also 😁. I'm not terribly good at writing scripts - this one is just simple enough that I could handle it. But I have to extend credit to the hardworking men and women who frequent the vectorscript forum who are always helping me out. For example, I know this is the script where I learned from @PatStanford the trick of naming something the current date down to the second to make sure you don't have a duplicated name.
  28. JetSet86

    How to use the truss tool sets properly?

    Thank you for this. Is there a way to download these libraries outside of the Downloader and import them? I am using the software on a production computer with no internet.
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