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  2. ColinW

    Window/Door PIO: Parts: Masonry Module?

    The actual opening dimensions also need to account for and extra mortar joint so it's not a pure module dimension either.
  3. ColinW

    Best Small Plotter?

    The installers are fragmented so the process isn't as straight forward as it should be although I didn't have any issues (on a mac), I've previously had a large format Canon so that may have helped.
  4. michaelk

    Fillet Walls

    Instead of filleting walls, use the menu command AEC > Fit Walls to Objects Draw an extruded polyline or someone to define the shape you want. Put it in a dummy layer and fit the walls to those objects.
  5. Mykhailo

    Fillet Walls

    The fillet tool seems to convert wall object into fillet. Is there a way to keep it as a wall type? We use wall components to compute area in worksheet.
  6. Kevin McAllister

    Disappearing Title Block

    I had trouble with title blocks disappearing in VW2020 today as well. Mine were in a file that I brought forward from VW2019. They disappeared after working in the Title Block Manager and exiting. I closed and reopened the file to have them reappear. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov are there known issues with title blocks disappearing in VW2020? Kevin
  7. Kevin McAllister

    Icons for Associated Dimensions Not Displayed

    I'd be curious if green constraint boxes are being handled by the VGM yet. Many "tool" type graphics are not. There is something up with them in VW2020. I had some randomly sprinkled across a sheet layer today. Kevin
  8. Yesterday
  9. With macOS 10.15 Catalina due to be released next month (and the long-known fact that 32-bit apps will no longer work after 10.15), I used Go64 to check and see if all parts of Vw2020 report as being 64-bit, and there are still two applications inside the Vw package which report as being 32-bit: python 3.5-32 libxerces-c-3.0.dylib
  10. rDesign

    Update Library Catalog

    *Bump* This wishlist request still not addressed in Vw2020; the 'Update Libraries' dialogue box blocks you from doing anything else in Vw and the Updates cannot be scheduled for background or off-peak updating.
  11. The fixture type, so an ETC Source 4 19 Degree would be 10201, a 26 degree would be 10202, a 36 would be 10203 etc
  12. Are the data you want to put into the user fields unique to a fixture or just that fixture type?
  13. Hi Is it possible to assign a default value to a User Field variable, so that every time an Lighting Device is inserted the User Field is pre-populated with a certain value, in the same way that weight, wattage etc are? We use a database system to manage our internal stock levels and it would be really handy if we could generate a report for each event which, along with the lighting devices name etc, also outputs our asset number for the devices we are using?
  14. bgoff

    Terrain Model Datum?

    Jonathan, so true. The fact that there are a few workarounds can make it a bit confusing. I try to tell people to play with a few and find what works for their workflow. However to all those reading this Jonathan is a master at all Vectorworks so he may have a number of tricks Im not even aware of. Thanks for jumping in here Jonathan. Always glad to get your tips and tricks!
  15. Jonathan Pickup

    Image props not visible in Top View

    maybe some training to guide your journey. It could really help to save you time (going down the wrong path)
  16. Jonathan Pickup

    Terrain Model Datum?

    i use the same techniques as bgoff. set your building stories with your datum at Z=0, then set your site model layer to the negative eleveion required. When you are placing a site modifier in the site model layer, use the correct elevation, ie. ignore the fact that you have set a negative layer elevation. however, if you want to use the correct elevations, for example with the elevation benchmark tool, then it is best to set all the layers and stories to the correct elevations. I know you can get around this, but using the correct elevations for everything means less work with the elevation benchmark.
  17. olallapro

    Freelance Entertainment A/V Drafter wanted

  18. MaltbyDesign

    Terrain Model Datum?

    @bgoff That potentially creates a lot of headaches keeping track of storey and layer elevations, etc. If possible, I'd like to keep my first floor at 0'.
  19. Jens Marr

    Disappearing Title Block

    Have the same problem, Title block and some other things are disappearing! I've been waiting until service pack 4 before I stated using VW19 now we have VV20 and still no fix for this bug. I didn't have this problem with VW18. I am Vectorworks Service Select member in the hope on day bugs get fixed but VW19 was not working for me, and I am not doing any of the crazy stuff you can see in the promotion videos. I sad this before, can't we try to fix the old bugs before we make new ones?
  20. MaltbyDesign

    Terrain Model Datum?

    @bgoff I'll give it a try. Thanks for the info.
  21. MaltbyDesign

    Image props not visible in Top View

    @bgoff Thanks! I'm muddling my way through learning to draw in 3D after years of drawing in 2D. I'll figure out where everything is eventually.
  22. In VW 2020, the icons at the ends of witness lines that indicate that a dimension is Associated with what's dimensioned are not visible. Well, unless Navigation Graphics is changed to Good Performance and Compatibility, and then they do show. Hopefully, someday, the "powerful" VGM will indeed both always let us see what we're drawing and let us move about in our drawings with speed. VWIS166
  23. SFairley

    Geoimage resolution

    I've just updated to VW Landmark 2020, adopting early because I frequently import shapefiles and other GIS data. I was hoping that the GeoImage data would provide me with a simple means of bringing aerial imagery into my drawings, rather than creating and importing imagery or geoimagery from external GIS sources. I'm currently finding that the mapping is fine for very large scale plans, but is too pixelated to be of much use at smaller scales. I've tried adjusting the resolution, but this doesn't help. We have an ArcGIS subscription, so have logged into the ArcGIS field in the Service info tab. If we can get this resolution issue sorted this could be a superb feature. The GIS stake tools will likely be excellent tools when we come to construction some of the restoration projects I'm currently working on. www.pacifictrees.ca
  24. willofmaine

    Can't Drag Grip to Change Length of Multiple Framing Members

    So... I'm the only one experiencing this, such that I should call Tech Support?...
  25. rDesign

    Vectorworks 2008

    Assuming that you are reinstalling 10.6.8, and not a newer macOS version which may be incompatible with Vw2008, I would contact tech support directly (link available at the lower right side of this page under ‘Community’).
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