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  2. Giovanni

    Damaged File

    Using SP4 R1 on my Mac and saving the file something goes wrong and the file result damaged. I'm working on a file and sometimes I use "command-S" to save the file. Everything seems to work fine (no error message after the Save command and no errore message when I close the file), but when I try to reopen it I got the error message and I cannot open or recover it.
  3. Giovanni

    Shape panel Boolean parameters

    After the last upgrade to SP4 something doesn't work with the Boolean parameters in the "Shape Palette". When I check a parameter there's a refresh that modify the visibility of the other boolean parameters. The Object is a Point Object and it works fine on SP3. Registrazione schermo 2019-07-16 alle 09.21.43.mov
  4. RussU

    DWG Export Line Types

    Thanks, will PM the file over to you shortly. These were the last export settings I tried. I've tried both options for the "Export complex line types as Blocks" option. Thanks for your help
  5. Antonio Landsberger

    Unlock node (new) not working

    Hiya folks, I'm trying to get a new node running, which is supposed to unlock all input objects, but for some reason it won't work. Who has a good idea? unlock-node.vwx
  6. Dear Marissa, we are a large nameless crowd with one voice, this forum. VW must put here a person with the power of taming a crowd. This isn't a gift everyone has. Jim had it. While VW is "listening" we do brew any kind of fantasy as to the possible answers to our complaints -or lack thereof. There is no limit, in any direction, to the kind of suppositions we can make. As a rule -such is the nature of a crowd - these fantasies are not positive nor good for you. Ciao, _c_ PS You are too kind for being thrown into this pit, get out of it!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Please contact me at tom@kda.nyc if you have a licence for sale. Thanks! Tom
  9. Boh

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    So I'm finally on vw2019 (sp3) and working with spaces and yes running into this issue where ceiling finish info is available from a database but not floor, wall or baseboard info. I have found though that the issue is only when trying to assign room finishes from a worksheet. It does work via the OIP when selecting a space object. Does this suggest it is a "worksheet" issue rather than a "space object" issue? See short vid. Has anyone else got anymore wisdom to share on this? It is quite an important part of how we work. I spent some time a year or so ago setting up custom room finishes I could access via two-way finishes worksheets and have used it succesfully (with a few workarounds) until now. The beauty of the worksheet is that you can quickly do global editing and checking of room finishes. Having to select space objects and do it via the OIP is workable for small projects but will get really slow with larger projects with lots of rooms. I would really like to keep using this system. I like how all the custom finishes can be held on a server and accessible for everybody and they are easy to edit and keep up to date. However if the two-way finish schedule can't be used then it will not be efficient to use on large projects. 2019-07-16 10-52-25.mp4
  10. There were a ton of resources on vectorlabs.info Unfortunately it seems to have disappeared. Anybody know where it went or if the information was archived somewhere?
  11. Benson Shaw

    Scaling objects in place

    @JonathanAngeli Auch (ich hoffe die Übersetzung ist korrekt): Auf einer Designebene platzierte Textobjekte können in einem Blattansichtsfenster in verschiedenen Maßstäben angezeigt werden. Steuerung im Ansichtsfenster OIP> Erweiterte Eigenschaften> Textskala. Dies wirkt sich auf die Anzeige des gesamten Textes auf Designebene aus, der im ausgewählten Ansichtsfenster angezeigt wird. Textobjekte auf den Designebenen ändern sich in keiner Weise - nur die VP-Anzeige ändert sich. -B
  12. I would check the Layer Filter Options. Although „recently used Layers“ should likely display a few Layers. Sometimes some of the layer rows accidentally move to the left border of the palette and therefore can’t be accessed. But unlikely in thar case as I can read all top titles in your image. In suche a case it would need to pull or drag them out from the left border again.
  13. You can do something a bit similar using class overides (not layer overides). For it to work though you need to make sure the objects in the classes you want to overide are using "by-class" attributes (this probably includes the class settings inside any wall styles components whose fill colour you want to change), and "Use Attributes of Original Objects" needs to be checked in the Advanced Section Properties dialogue. In this screen shot I overrode the fill attributes of some walls to a demo hatch. I don't work this way so it may need a bit more playing around with as there are likely other hiccups I'm not aware of. For my work I tend to just do demo plans (not sections/elevations) - so this work can just be in 2d. I will often just use an existing floor plan in a viewport and lay over a red demo hatch in the annotations to indicate objects to be removed. This is super simple and usually sufficient for most demo contractors to price from.
  14. Kurtiswilk

    3d Ganging tool

    That's not a bad idea, Don't really mind the lose of functionality, but seems a touch time consuming for the amount that need to be done. Thanks for the sugestion
  15. markdd

    3d Ganging tool

    because the ganging tool is a 2d/3d hybrid object, the polyline that joins the two lights together will disappear in any 3D view. I will leave the 3D loci though. If you don't mind losing the tool's functionality after it has been placed, then you could ungroup it and convert the resulting polyline to a Nurbs Curve. If your label legend container symbols are also 2d/3D Hybrids as well, then you will get a result that looks like this! (you will also need to change the plane of the text to Layer) That's the best I can think of....
  16. As I was working I noticed that my design layers started disappearing in the navigation pallet until none showed up. I restarted VW and my computer to no avail. All the design layers show up in the Organization Pallet and the pull down menu. I am seeing lots of weird quirky things since updating to SP4.
  17. Jonathan Pickup

    Custom ID tags for windows and doors

    Last week, I added an article about the Data Tag tool to my knowledge base web site : https://archoncad.com/knowledge-base/data-tag/
  18. I think there is a problem with IES files - I too am seeing VW ignore Custom Lights with IES distribution files.
  19. Kurtiswilk

    3d Ganging tool

    Hello, Is it possible to use the ganging tool in spotlight to do ganging in 3d, For example in a front view? I've been mucking around and have either missed it or it cant be done. Does anyone have a cleaver work around for this? thanks
  20. Light Guy Calvin

    List of Lighting Positions?

    Hello, Can someone please tell me where I can find the list of lighting positions used in Vectorworks? I'm trying to delete certain names but retain the actual positions. Thanks!
  21. hi, i remember to have read about a vectorworks ability to render images with two styles that merge into each other in a gradient mode. i think it'd be two images on top of each other that have the opposite transparency gradient. not the one present in the jonny pickup's vectorworks tip #437, but the one that comes from 100% transparency to the 100% of the image (_not_ of some mask !), in order to let the bottom layer to show up in the reversed way... it this possible for a rendered viewport on a sheet layer? thanks, rob
  22. Hi Thanks for the speedy reply. I have tried your suggestion but with no luck. Having looked at your file attached above - I get the same results as my test file. Maybe I am missing something?!
  23. Benson Shaw

    Scaling objects in place

    @Kevin McAllister & @michaelk I'm smiling, too, especially when the forum is welcoming enough to host posts and elicit responses in many languages. Long ago, prior to internet, I was possibly capable of understanding and answering this post in German. Maybe even including correct genders and verb geplacement. But now I'm completely dependent on the online translators. And "die Schriftgröße" (font size)? Totally new to me, too! -B
  24. MikeMeUp

    Remove or change size of framing square

    @zoomer Thank you!!
  25. Nina Ivanova

    DWG Export Line Types

    @RussU, It could be a line type scale issue or, for some reason, create a line type failure on export. Would you, please, send the document you are exporting and the export settings you are using? You can do that privately, if you wish. Thank you, Nina
  26. zoomer

    Remove or change size of framing square

    That is so annoying. I think it is in Document Preferences : "Cropped Perspective" which has to be deactivated ....
  27. milezee

    Select Similar Tool - symbol name?

    @Light Guy Calvin experienced this today, wanted to select a bunch of handles I had custom made, modified to a symbol, then tried to select them all without success 😞
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