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  2. line-weight

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    No I wasn't - looks very handy - I will try it out, as well as some of the other plugins on there!
  3. Peter Neufeld

    Stop Camera From Moving?

    Dear Bruce, Whenever you activate a camera and you get to it's view, if you then want to move around and don't want the camera to move with you, click the 'Deactivate' button in the OIP first. Then as suggested by michaelk above, choose the walkthrough tool but I suggest the second option the 'Look Around mode' to rotate as if on a tripod. Cheers, Peter
  4. Is there an easy way to incline a truss with al his lights and connections to get different calculations in Braceworks to see de different load calculations?
  5. Is there an easy way to incline a truss with al his lights and connections to get different calculations in Braceworks to see de different load calculations?
  6. Alan Woodwell

    Stop Camera From Moving?

    @Bruce Kiefferhi, from the viewports go to enter viewports there should be a checkbox relating to the camera, uncheck it and it should not move. I use the walk through mode to get my view and save view and make viewports from them, much easier. HTH
  7. LarryO

    19 years!

    Lost my original account sometime in the late 90's when it was still MiniCad. I couldn't remember which email account I had sign up with. I was kind of wierd searching for myself as a different user when I wanted some applescript/vectorscript that I had shared with the community way back. Postings since lost to updates and change overs of these forums/bulletin boards. Its possible that I maybe on my third profile now, hehe. Happy Bronze Anniversary Mickey! (belatedly)
  8. michaelk

    Stop Camera From Moving?

    You can use the Walkthrough tool - I really find the 4th mode the best. It will pan and tilt but won't move the camera unless you press W,A,S,D,Z orC. Or you could place a renderworks camera and use Fine Tune Camera View.
  9. LarryO

    Dimensioning to grouped items

    Show snap modify is definitely the setting for both class and layer. The view is 2d plan and wireframe. The objects are polylines, rectangles, circles and dashed lines. The orientation is such that the polyline appears to be a stair stringer form from steel channel with rectangles forming the mounting and closure plates at both ends and two parallel rows of circles solid black representing holes in the steel. The stringer is drawn at the intended slope in the design layer space and the viewport is rotated in the sheet space so as to show the steel horizontal. At this point the stringer is dimensioned with the constrained linear dimension tool in ordinate mode, typically from left to right. I've grown accustomed to the circle snaps rotating away from vertical/horizontal but snapping to the polyline when grouped frustrates me to no end. An additional note is that the paired circle is also embedded within a symbol which representing instances of bolted in treads. Snaps do not include grid, distance, smart edge, nor tangent, the rest are active. All object points active, no datum functions, nor extensions from smart points and alternate coordinate system off. Most of the time the sequence in which I do the tasks things go smoothly, but not snapping occurs enough to be frustrating. I'll turn on the ques for a time to know when and which snaps are/are not operating.
  10. wkwiat

    Braceworks Frustration

    Another thing I have been trying and failing is using grapples?
  11. wkwiat

    Braceworks Frustration

    I did notice in the object info window for each item that the cross section type was different but that they were both "connectable" with each others type. They are all Tyler truss elements. When you say "It might be easier to change the truss types in future." you mean change the manufacture? It is for reference anyway. It is ultimately ground support but we are intending to use hoists to lift for the build. I was making sure the truss was working before adding hoists. I have struggled with braceworks at times and learned to take it in parts. I also have to "attach" decks to the structure. In real life they will be secured with hardware and straps, but how would get that weight represented correctly? Would the best thing be to add a distributed weight load to the structure? Thanks for your time Scott and anyone reading! Wayne
  12. Peter Neufeld

    Until Next Time

    Dear Jim, Your work and presence has been incredible. Truly amazing. Enjoy your family and see you anon. Cheers, Peter
  13. SCParker

    Braceworks Frustration

    wkwiat, I think the two types of truss you're working with are different. As in, one is the "AV" line and the other is the "Bolt" line. The corners seem to work with the AV line of truss. The workaround is an 11 step process that I've been able to figure out and you'll need to do it three times. One each for each truss object. You'll basically be resetting the cross section to 12" for each item and it should work after that. It might be easier to change the truss types in future. I hope this helps. Note that my workaround is likely not the "correct" way of dealing with this, but it worked. ūüôā Also note that this likely changes what an engineer would need if one is needed. If you want to calculate weight, you'll to add hoists. I know it's ground supported, but Braceworks doesn't understand ground support. Best, Scott
  14. Hi All, We are looking to work with an LA-based draftsperson on a contract basis for ongoing projects. Vectorworks proficiency is required, Cinema 4D experience is preferred. Please send all resumes to inquiries@xxiv.co.
  15. I believe if you have VW 2016 the Sketchup files have to be from 2015 or earlier. I'm not positive, but I believe that Sketchup 16 was released a few months after VW 16. So there is usually a 1 year lag. If you'd like to post a skp file here (you'd have to zip it first) or PM it to me, I'd be happy to try the conversion and send you back a VW16 file if it works.
  16. Yesterday
  17. flashbytes

    Vector addition

    Hi halfcouple, just use the "Add" node. It can handle reals, intergers and vectors as well.
  18. Since I changed the computer, I can't import files from SketchUp into Vectorworks. Not even simple objects. It was always difficult to import from SketchUp (in the other computer)but I could manage it. But now...it simply doesn't work! My version of Vectorworks is 2016. I know all the sketchup models need to be from that year or older. My actual computer is a MSi with the following characteristics: Processor: Intel Core i7-7700HQ; CPU 2,80GHz Memory: 16GB OS: 64Bits (win10) Placa Gr√°fica: Geforce GTX 1050 Ti I'm getting desperate...and no solution on the horizon. Many thanks in advance for your help. I√ļri
  19. michaelk

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    I second @Boh's recommendation. I also bought and use the gutter tool by the same developer. Huge time saver.
  20. The only workarounds I have been able to successfully use is to use a gobo projecting light instrument but of course it mean that you cant simply use a certain lens or projector type to get an idea of what you might reasonably see. It is a LOT of faffing about to do something so simple. It seems to me to be a matter of VW not being bothered about this because not enough people shout about it even though I would have thought that it would be fairly easy for them to actually implement a projector instrument.
  21. Hey line weight. Are you aware if this plugin for downspouts? Quite handy. https://andreafacchinello.wordpress.com/downspouts-free/
  22. michaelk

    Unable to find object

    There are a couple ways. The quickest is Tools > Custom Selection… > Select Only > Execute Immediately > Name is then click the box on the right of the text field. You will undoubtedly find 191 listed there.
  23. Hi, is this license still available ? If so please DM me your price
  24. markdd

    About Attribute mapping tool?

    Select the three objects and make them a solid addition. Menu>Modify>add solids. However the mapping tool really only works on one plane at a time so you will probably find it easier to manually do it from the OIP render tab. That should work for you.
  25. Is this license still available, if so please DM me to discuss
  26. Hi, i may be interested in the license, could you DM me your price please
  27. Hanna D'Elia

    How to keep Vectowrks open?

    Thank you JuanP. My apologies for the delay to give you feedback. I needed a weekend to get back to this. I can see that my laptop does not have an external card, in spite of the hardware requirements being higher than the minimum. I was not told about the graphic card requirements. Could you please let me know what you suggest? Thank you for your help. Kindest regards, Hanna
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