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  2. Hello Mark, Would you let me know when the bugs are going to update? Thanks~
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  4. Hi if anyone interested to vectorworks (landmark) 2014, please contact me. One user, CD included. purchased through OzCAD.
  5. Curious if this is possible? Clients tend to know how to use a PS4 controller, now, and it would be great to let them interact with their Vectorworks Project Models that way. Mouse and keyboard or my Space Pilot Pro tend to intimidate and I like my clients to feel comfy and such things, they write checks quicker that way 😉 . Any idea if this is possible on a Mac, or PC? It would be a great add if they could fly around a finished model with one.
  6. Answering my own question again. Here's what I did. I deselected "Display 2D Components" from the OI. That made the door object disappear. Then I applied the same settings for the class with the wall and door as I did for the others and I got my dashed archway. BUT, What if I want a shutter in there? I went back to the design layer and added a door to the archway. The door is invisible unless I re-check "Display 2D components" I get the door symbol but the dashed wall lines disappear again. So I deselected Display 2d again. Back to the DL and checked "Show 3D open" in the 3D settings. Update the viewport and I've got the wall dash again and the open door but no arc swing. Lots of tick boxes and settings to fiddle with. I got close to what I wanted but is there and easier way?
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  8. Ok I'm stuck. I'm trying to get dashed wall lines to draw in a viewport with Display Extents above Cut plane active. So In the Door settings I'm selected a class with a dash style and checked "show wall lines" I get a nice dashed line in TOP/PLAN in the Design layer (fig 1). I have various objects at different heights in the she model--some completely below the cutting plane, some above, some passing through. I've used the clip cube to generate a horizontal section viewport. In the setting I have checked "Display Extents above cut plane" and in the object Display by Class window I've set the "Above" to hidden line and set it to a fine dash. All good. Update the viewport and it looks exactly like what I want--solid no fill for objects below, default black fill for objects cut through and fine dash for the objects overhead. Except! I can't seem to get any settings that show the dashed lines in the Hidden line viewport. The wall dash only seems to appear in Top/Plan on the design layer. Is there some setting somewhere that can allow this to show in the viewport?
  9. I made have a script somewhere that makes text objects of class names with attributes all set "by class". Happy to dig up and post if you want. Then I've grouped them together in symbols. Pulling any of these symbols out of the library bring all the classes in fully configured. Put them into the nonprint are of a layer somewhere and then the classes can't be purged until you delete the symbols off the layer late job.
  10. I’d love to apply if there is a link or contact info
  11. Im having an issue where I have requested an extension, put in the new serial number, but the program is saying "Vectorworks requires activation over the internet before it can be used" after clicking activate it says the licence is expired. its very frustrating. what is the best method/solution to move forward? much appreciated! Manny
  12. FYI - I just checked SP2 and this does not seem to be fixed.
  13. Select the Section Viewport. On the Object Info palette, click Advanced Properties - limit the extent to the section line length. That will shorten your coffee break! But you can still fit in some cake, hopefully.
  14. Im having issues where I have requested an extension, put in the new serial number, but the program is saying "Vectorworks requires activation over the internet before it can be used" after clicking activate it says the licence is expired. its very frustrating. what is the best way/method to move forward? much appreciated! Manny
  15. I'm using a student version of VW 2019 and playing with the Create Section Viewport command to cut some sections in a site design. The site model is several acres wide and I only need to view a small slice, but no matter how short I draw my section line, VW seems to want to create a section of the entire site along the vector of that one segment. I'm able to work around this using Edit Crop once the section is rendered, but I'm wondering if I'm missing something in the initial set-up to help speed up the drawing time, or is this is how all you folks in the office plan your coffee breaks?
  16. Are you saying it moves with your cursor as if you are going to insert it like a symbol? Is this with all tools or just the Selection tool? Standard procedure for strange events like this is: 1. Restart VW. 2. Restart the computer. 3. Run VW from a different user account (this if effectively a test for 4). 3. Delete the preferences. More details on deleting preferences in this thread:
  17. It looks like a softgoods object. Is it on another layer or perhaps somehow ended up in a symbol you're using? Can you select it? (It looks like it might be outside the group you're working in and I don't think its a class issue given your class option setting.) Kevin
  18. Open a new blank file. and get to the Create Class dialog. Instead of naming your new class, click Import Classes. Select the file which contains your classes and then import them into your new document. If you want to use the same classes regularly, use File > Save as Template with the new file. You can then create new projects from this blank file that contains all your classes.
  19. Hi there, I'm designing a truss structure using the integrated Insert Truss function and I'm using Prolyte H40V elements straight from the Resource Manager. If I put a C003 (L- piece) down, then try to attach a horizontal 300cm straight truss to it, it ends up at the wrong side. (image attached) Because Vectorworks does not automatically connect the two elements in the right way together, my calculations in Braceworks fail. With the Prolyte H30V items I don't have any troubles.. Hopefully someone can help! Thank you!
  20. Hi All What is the easiest way to transfer self made classes from one project to a new project?. Would I need to make a database of preferred classes?. If so what is the process? Or is there a an area in Vectorworks where they are automatically stored?. Regards Tristan
  21. For some reason I have this object which follows my screen on every vectorworks file I've been working on lately. I created the shape a few weeks ago but noticed that it just won't disappear any ideas on why this is happening and how I could get rid of it? Screenshot attached below, it is located just above my cursor towards the bottom of the page and is light grey.
  22. Hi. I am going to use the 2019 version for students and change it to the 2020 version, so I need a serial number. What should I do?
  23. I just updated VWX 2020 to SP2 and have had the program crash several times, but it had not crashed even once prior to the update. It has occurred while doing more than one task, so it doesn't appear to be a specific bug in the program. Is this a known issue or something I need to change in my settings?
  24. Last week
  25. Mystery solved! The drawing I was working on used to have many more references.
  26. use a sheet layer and a viewport to get a closer match to what you are seeing on screen.
  27. Yup that's it. Creating a second external reference would make those layers have an NNA#2_ prefix. A third references's layers would be NNA#3_ etc.etc. Confirmed by test file. So that explains why you saw NNA#7_ and I saw NNA#1_. VG
  28. Hi michaelk: I am running Vectorworks 2019 SP 5.3, Mac OS X Mojave. I duplicated the DLVP several times and ran the command - still coming up as NNA#1_. I'll try creating a new DLVP with different layers, and from a different referenced file. Perhaps the number increments in that case. Will report back. VG.
  29. When I try to export my drawing as a PDF it does not come out fully and I'm not sure why. Attached below is what it looks like in Vectorworks and what it looks like after being exported as a PDF. Also the part of the drawing that did not come out is a hatch if that helps
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