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  2. Jan-Burger TROOST

    3d powerpack unfold surface tool

    I read options are little and limited and that there is dedicated software around, but would it be possible to do this in VW? I’m still working on that ski tow I posted some time ago – actually my students are… – and was thinking maybe #Marionette has some commands/scripts that will be of any help?
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  4. Peter Neufeld

    About Attribute mapping tool?

    Hello, Sorry to hijack this thread but I couldn't resist using your image as a glow texture. This was rendered pretty quickly using the Vectorworks Cloud Services - much faster than my new highly spec'd MBP. Cheers, Peter Glow floor 2.vwx
  5. Hutch_92

    Vectorworks for Sale

    Hi Adam, I'm just wondering if the 2017 version without the dongle is still available? Also, do you know if a NZ version work in the UK? Thank you, Best, Charlotte
  6. Acip79

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    @Boh Thanks for the tips, but still not working. 😔 Restart my computer, copy n paste to a new file but still not working. I tried in the template file given too, but its the same. Maybe its a version problem. Currently i am using VWX2019. What i found out is if I select ceiling finish edit it will work, but if I select the other option it does not work. I dont know how to categorized this issue, is it as bug or something else. But this is a very good template. Kudos to whoever made this.✌️
  7. JonC

    convert vwx to dwg

    Hey Michael. 🙂I might have compressed the wrong one. I think this is it. Let me know? Thanks so much JonC (Stadium) - FINAL small grads (1).rar
  8. @Jonathan Pickup @Diego-Resuelvectorworks OK thanks guys!
  9. michaelk

    convert vwx to dwg

    ? It already is 4 dwgs. Did you post the right file? Should have a .vwx or .mcd suffix.
  10. lupin

    2019 Undo Bug - VB-154417

    I haven't had this problem since service pack 3. Phew! Thanks VW - this is a much more stable release for me.
  11. I just found in the Render pane for Roof Faces at least if you make texture mode "by object", then select class texture (assuming you have set the roof face components up with desired classes with textures set as "use as creation"), you can rotate the roof face texture at will. Not a bad workaround. Hopefully I can avoid vertical & horizontal versions of textures thus.
  12. JonC

    convert vwx to dwg

    Hello Folks, Anybody out there that would be so kind as to convert this VWX into DWG for me? Thanks in advance JonC
  13. Boh

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    It may be because sometimes you have to "Reset" the worksheet-space object connection. If you select a space object and in the OIP toggle on any setting then straight off again, then recalculate the worksheet you may find it works again. E.g. flick "show 2d boundary" on then off again.
  14. Acip79

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    I have followed all steps and my schedule works fine except i can edit my housekeeping schedule. i can only change the finishes for ceiling coz the list did pop up but not to wall & floor.
  15. Acip79

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    @JMR Oops, too focus on the pre-set format i forgotten about 'records'. Sigh. Thanks, will try on this. Hi, Can i add a custom data in my space label because i need to include a simple room ventilation type ie: A/C, M/V, N/V ? I tried to use Additional Info in the additional data space settings but it is not editable. Is there any other way to do it or there is a correct way to do it? Thanks,
  16. this update is still not available in Australia...
  17. Ride

    Dimensioning to grouped items

    I'm having snap issues too. Today I couldn't snap to anything on a 3D model (plan view), but yesterday I could (I was trying to add a few dimensions to a viewport that I had already dimensioned). If I can replicate the behaviour, I'll post it here. Maybe the 2 issues are related.
  18. Sandra2019

    hide lighting icon

    Awesome! THX! 🙂
  19. Boh

    hide lighting icon

    Have you tried adjusting this in your preferences?
  20. Sandra2019

    hide lighting icon

    How do I hide lightning icons from renderingib VW 2018? They appear as white circles 😞
  21. Sky

    Revit Import Not Working

    I find VW2017 was that only version that properly imported Revit files. If you have access to that, import there, save as VWX and then open up in VW2019.
  22. Hi everyone, I have just confirmed that as of at least Vectorworks 2019 SP3; Vectorworks now prompts users to save new files - if they have yet to do so - when the first autosave process occurs. (No autosave can occur / No backup files can be created, unless the file in question has been manually saved by the user).
  23. The Problem: Currently all autosaved backup files are created with the same preview image the original file had the last time it was manually saved. This means if you are browsing multiple/historical backups of your file, you can't tell what progress each file contains until you open it up which consumes unnecessary time and makes the process unnecessarily convoluted. The Proposal: When Vectorworks: creates an autosave backup file OR autosaves over the original file update the file’s preview image to reflect what is currently in-view. The Benefit: This will help users: Identify which file contains the stage of progress they wish to roll back to. 
Identify what stage of progress they were up to (before - for example - their original Ele became corrupt/lost) and therefore what work will need to be redone.
  24. CraigC

    Roof not at Layer Height!?

    Hmmm...Why isn't this roof at the R-Slab layer height of 8'? I created a rectangle on the R-Slab layer in a top/plan view, selected it, then clicked create roof.
  25. Yesterday
  26. symo

    VW Text Scaling Win 10

    Hi there Ive recently moved to running VW on Win 10 - in order to be able to afford a PC with decent rendering capabilities - Im struggling with the way Win 10 shows VW menu and window text. The default text size is just too small. Adjusting the Make Text Bigger slider scales menu text to an acceptable size, but not other text. Adjusting the Custom Scaling setting makes the text bigger - but makes the VW graphics and tool icons blurry. I read that Win 10 has had scaling issues - but this was a few years ago - and Im no expert. The said Make Text Bigger setting fixes the text scaling issue in other apps, just not VW. Im running a pair of HP LA 2306x 1920x1080 monitors at the native res. Any help here would be much appreciated.
  27. michaelk

    Rendering speed

  28. John Erren

    Rendering speed

    I don't usually use any lighting for that reason... I am just hoping that in the next service pack they pick up the speed .... it's for me one the the most important things. I literally sit in front of my computer waiting for 5+ seconds for every time I make a change and want to check in the Interior Elevations. 5 seconds + might not sound a lot.... but when you do this 100 times a day it feels forever!!
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