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  2. make sure you have selected a class that has walls. Not the class of the wall component, the class of the overall wall. start with the name of the wall framing model then choose the layer Choose the class of the walls now click OK and it should work
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  4. Hi @Ramona I can help Pm sent please check Thanks Frank
  5. While this is being looked at, would it be possible to make the max number something larger than 45? I've got a project that is using Middle Atlantic VMRK racks, which are 54 RU tall. For now I'm making racks like "RACK1_TOP" and "RACK1_BOT" and then copying into a "dumb" (non-ConnectCAD) drawing that has the full height to make PDF deliverables. It works, but it would be wonderful to lose this step from my workflow. Otherwise, loving the speed and other improvements in v2020!
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  7. Rotate the text by 179.98° instead of 180. Then 0.02° difference is enough to convince the Adjust Flipped Text algorithm to not correct the text orientation but small enough as to not be noticeable when viewed in the drawing.
  8. I think Boh is right about the check mark. But on another issue, be very careful with names in VW. Layers have a different "Name Space" than classes and other objects, but if you had a class named "Wall" you would not be able to create any wall objects in the file. A name in VW can only apply a one and only one objects.
  9. Doo you need to put a check mark next to the layers you want to frame?
  10. I believe your file needs to have at 2 Layers and then run the Layer selection in the dialogue.
  11. Vectoerworks 18 will not produce framing for any walls that I draw. I repeatedly get a message telling me that there must be one wall on the layer that I am working in. There is infact a wall in the layer I am working in, it has a class atached to it. I included screen shots of each step but still nothing. ANy ideas?
  12. I launched VW 2019 and I got an alert to update to 2020, said no, and then a note to download an update to 2019, SP 3.1. First it automatically updated the downloader. Then it brought up a dialog to get the service update. The writing was all in Chinese, or asian Kanji. It Said SP 3.1. When I saw the chinese letters I quit. I relaunched VW 2019 and checked for updates. It says I'm running SP 3. It said it was up to date. What is going on? Running a virus scan on hard drive now. Donald
  13. @Sam Jones Hmm. Maybe it's time for a reinstall of VW. It has been acting quick in the last few days with stuff that it's not had issues with before. I try to lock in settings as much as possible to help with consistency. Most of the Vectorworks object out of the box bring in some less than ideal classing structures. Not that it's a bad thing, they just don't work with our work flow. If I can make a red symbol out of it, I will:) Thanks for looking into it.
  14. Dear Raymond, Sorry that I ask you directly but I've the same problem as Andrea and I was already giving up... Please! Would you be so kind and translate my minicad files to VW 2013 as well? I'll will be always thanksfull for that!!! My files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fhr47776hu6phnk/AADjKvBB-C6fpHnkySfJ0CmMa?dl=0
  15. I got it to work fine on my mac, not in dark mode, so I have no clue as to how to help. BTW, I never thought of turning a cable into a red symbol; cool idea.
  16. It would seem that updating viewport doesn't do anything to return the text to its "upside down" initial creation. I've attached a screenshot showing the different variations of settings and their effects. Also attaching the file. Adjust Flipped Text example.vwx
  17. Version 1.0.0


    This Marionette converts worksheet data to pie diagrams. Features: Adjust font size Choose your own font Move labels outside if slices become too narrow Backfill values Auto-calculate percentage values Highlight results Switch between a pie chart and a ring diagram Use original object fills in chart or override by using automatic colours Auto-fill objects with 'None' fill
  18. How do you install this?I don't know how to install it.
  19. Hi When I bring 30 showtec sunstrips or chauvet sabers into vision and turn them on, I can no longer move the mouse, complete lockdown of the whole system (tried on two separate systems). Is a there something fundamental I am missing about this kind of fixture? I have another scene with 64 par cans and a ton of megapointes, and that does not overload like this. I am curious though as to why this particular type of fixture is so heavy. ps. I opened the same scene in vision 2019 and its runs significantly smoother than 2020, even with higher settings. Another mystery that I dont understand. Thanks
  20. Kitija

    Slope lines

    Hello, I need to make slope lines, but i do not know how to do it on vectorworks. I'm new in this software.
  21. Pat I know this is an old thread but is there any chance this script can be made to change all the sizes of the font as well? Many thanks Andrew
  22. What happens when you update the viewport?
  23. time frame between 15 to 25. Please anyone can explain in steps, how it is done.
  24. Maybe I didn't understand your question but I just did a test and found that when I used the data tag tool the data tag did not create a new RM subfolder called "Data Tag Styles" whe it brought in the selected style. Neither did the selected tyle need to be in a sub folder of the Workgroup object style file. See vid: I have no idea why in this vid when I chose the revision tag that a titleblock border tag also came into the file!?? 2020-02-16 16-53-41.mp4
  25. Update after bashing my head against the wall a little further: If I go into document settings and uncheck "Adjust Flipped Text" and then go back to the viewport and rotate the annotations to where I want, and then go back and check "Adjust Flipped Text" the text stays in the upside down orientation. Can anyone from Vectorworks weigh in on this? This seems like a bug.
  26. Hi Friends, I have a conundrum with "Adjust flipped text". I'm working in a viewport in which I want to rotate text upside down (I know, sounds weird...but I have my reasons). If I unselect "Adjust Flipped Text" in the viewport's advanced properties it still does not allow me to have upside down annotations...HOWEVER if I go to document settings and unselect "Adjust Flipped Text" it lets me do it in the viewport. I generally like to drive Vectorworks with Adjust Flipped Text selected in the overall document, but sometimes want to make non-standard choices with how I annotate viewports, which I would imagine is why this option exists in the OIP for a viewport...but appears to do nothing. I've been working in Vectorworks 2020, but exported the file back to 2019 and found that the behavior is the same. I would appreciate any insights! Alex
  27. I've created some multicable red symbols to help preserve custom settings and classing. Works great except when I try to move around (pressing the click-wheel on mouse) while the tool is active it stops the tool and sorta gets stuck between the pan tool and the multicable tool. It also grays out all menu bar options. The standard multicable tool seems to work properly. Closing the file will not stop the issue but a close and restart of Vectorworks will until I use the tool again. I've attached a screen recording as well as the file. Screen Recording 2020-02-15 at 5.35.14 PM.mov Multicable Bug.vwx
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