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  2. scottmoore

    People/Band Symbols

    Hey guys. Sorry for the delay. The backline symbols are now available for purchase. edgelightrgb.com Navigate to the VWX tab and you can download from versions 2015 through 2019. Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. Today
  4. Like the title says. How do I change the font size on my dim tools? I'm drawing 1:1 and need my font in feet. Ex: 2' font size
  5. Robert Janiak


    I have problem with sACN. Some universes do not works. Problem is strange. The same universe changed to ArtNet does works.
  6. CipesDesign

    Bot Z of symbol?

    Why fight this kind of uphill battle? Just edit your symbol so that your desired Z=0 is aligned with the zero mark (locus) in front or side view and get on with it. See attached.
  7. JMR

    Ceiling grid to IFC

    Agree with the above posts. The current ceiling grid tool is good for 2D drafting only. I see there are ready-made systems for some manufacturers in BIM object, albeit only for Revit and Archicad: https://www.ecophon.com/uk/about-ecophon/e-tools/ecophon-bim-objects/bim-portal/ Including fasteners etc. Is any of you people using these with VW? I guess that would be via Revit files then. A proper ceiling grid tool would allow for defining both the panels and the suspension system. In regards to BIM, it's rather important for the HVAC engineer to know where and how the suspended ceilings are fastened to the slab above. Therefore a simple slab with thickness "1" is not enough...we would have to be able to define the size of the plates, the profiles of the structural systems and the fasteners and their runs to the slab, and then produce these the same we we produce the ceiling grid now.
  8. cberg

    3D trouble shooting

    Maybe post a version of your file for others to look at.
  9. scottmoore

    Using LED striplights in Plot & Model View

    Actually both. I set my template file up with ten pre-made design layers specifically for DLVPs. Each design layer already has a viewport created on the primary design layer and classed accordingly. All I do is draw the structure, lights and what have you in the appropriate design layer, go back to my primary design layer, turn on the class and rotate into position. I often create additional VPs for sheet layers to accommodate printing. The goal is to always have a clean plan view print for the shop.
  10. Bruce Kieffer

    Bot Z of symbol?

    I think I understand, but I do feel it makes more sense to have the correct Bot Z dimension appear in the OIP. Here's an example: I created a floor tile symbol and set its Bot Z to 1/2" so it resides on top of the 1/2" OSB subfloor. It orients correctly in my drawing, but the OIP shows its Bot Z as 0, which I consider wrong. It has caused me problems.
  11. M.Noel

    3D trouble shooting

    I have tried so many different things including all above. I even reinstalled Vw again. as soon as I try to copy paste from any layer to 3D layer things go wrong and I am able to draw any 3D using any layers.
  12. Have you sold this license yet if not please contact me on cmsplants@outlook.com. thanks.
  13. Cadplan Architecture

    window sill and glazing bar glitches

    See attached Wes, as you can see the window elevations are not correct either. Is there a good tutorial on windows and doors and setting up a basic building shell? windows.vwx
  14. markdd

    3D trouble shooting

    A long shot, but is the geometry far from the internal origin? This can sometimes produce unpredictable results.
  15. Brilliant - do you viewport each boom or vertical truss for 3D renders - or show the viewports for the LX plots? Or neither?
  16. EAlexander

    3D trouble shooting

    I know this sounds simple, but have you moved your navigation after you hit render? Lots of times I will do a function - solid subtract, for example, and the render will glitch until I orbit or pan and the scene refreshes the geometry. A longshot I know. Also - does all your 2d geometry have fill turned on? EDIT: I just reread your posts and you say it was working fine until you copied and pasted. That is odd.
  17. M.Noel

    3D trouble shooting

    the only solution i found is to close the VW and open again then by moving from one layer to other again same issue happens
  18. M.Noel

    3D trouble shooting

    Thanks for your reply, all steps you mentioned are done but still when i draw a basic rectangular shape or even the 3D shapes that I previously draw turn to look like empty boxes. the images above is an object I previously draw i 3D and it was fine but when I try to duplicate or any other actions in 3D it shows empty boxes.
  19. Yesterday
  20. EAlexander

    3D trouble shooting

    Looks to me like you are extruding polygons that are not closed all the way. Double click an extrude. Select the 2d geometry you originally drew. In the Object info Palette, make sure Closed is checked. Exit the extrude. If you mean something else, you'll need to explain more. e.
  21. M.Noel

    3D trouble shooting

    Hi I m using VW 19. When I try to create 3D object in middle of the work it changes the rendering. pls see below screenshot Thanks
  22. aheimann

    Site model on parking lot

    That sounds like a good idea, thanks! Could you describe me how I extrude contours as solids?
  23. CipesDesign

    Bot Z of symbol?

    Just a guess, but probably the inner mind of VW's uses a symbol's settings as the zero point. For example, when I place a new Sink from the libraries, zero is equal to the bottom of the flange which would sit on a counter top, or about an inch below the sink's highest point. Therefore, if I want the sink to sit on a 30" vanity all I need to do is move up Z=30" and the flange will align as expected. And, if I Edit 3d for the sink I find the Z=0 locus right at that same level. Try it and see what you think.
  24. Hi, If anyone is selling a copy of the above ideally E series please contact me.
  25. I'm on VW2019 SP3, and this is still a problem. Help?
  26. scottmoore

    Using LED striplights in Plot & Model View

    I use Design Layer viewports as, to me, I can utilize that seamlessly in my workflow.
  27. Bruce Kieffer

    Bot Z of symbol?

    I set my symbol's Bot Z to 1/2". I place the symbol, it is 1/2" up from zero, yet the OIP says it's at 0. Why is this? Wouldn't it make more sense for the OIP to say it's at 1/2" when it actually is at 1/2"?
  28. jeff prince

    Printing VW Site Model

    How would one go about 3D printing a vectorworks site model created with the native site model object? Are there any best practices?
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