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  2. Miguel Barrera

    learning script

    Parameters are only for plugin OBJECTS, These you create yourself if you want the user to enter a value such as dimensions of rectangle, radius of circle, etc. which will be listed in the Object Info palette. Since the sample script is a COMMAND, it does not have any parameters defined.
  3. halfcouple

    Extrude VW2019 vs. VW 2020

    Yes, it seems definetely specific to lines. So the only workaround is a decision between devil and belzebub, waiting for the next service pack or converting the extrudes to nurbs ? @RussU : What is the first extrude in your picture made of ? If it's a line, you are the hero... ūüėČ
  4. josue Corona

    learning script

  5. josue Corona

    learning script

    I see some script have parameters, when are they used ? are parameter always created after making the script? I notice when making the script that option is grayed out. I will send a screen shot.
  6. josue Corona

    learning script

    What does it mean by handle to rectangle? Nevemind I think I got it.
  7. Once you create a PIO you have to use the Workspace Editor to add it to either a palette or a menu. You get to decide where to place it. I don't think VW is going to be nearly as simple as this was in TopSolid. My guess is that it is going to take you probably 10-100 times longer to make the equivalent in Marionette. To start, I would manually make one of the objects using all of the pieces you need. Then you can start to think about how you are going to create a Marionette to put all of those pieces into the drawing in the correct locations (parameters) to generate the final object. Then create a marionette to do the most basic part of the object and get that working. Then add additional parts one or a few at a time and keep moving forward. Marionette is the correct tool (in my opinion) for doing this in VW, but hooking up all of the parameters for 130 parameters is going to take some time. On top of the time you are going to spend learning VW and Marionette. Use the Create Custom Object tile to insert PIOs or the Symbol tile to insert symbols. Both are under the BIM heading. Good luck. Ask again as you get stuck and we will try to help.
  8. Pat Stanford

    learning script

    The faceting is due to your OpenGL Options being set to Low. Try setting it to high and it will be much smoother. Procedure Test; Var H1,H2,H3,H4: Handle; {create handles to be able to access objects} N1: Integer; {create a variable to accept the result fo the subtract} Begin Rect(-10,-10,10,10); {draw rectangle} H1:=LNewObj; {Get handle to rectangle} H2:=HExtrude(H1,0,5); {extrude rectancle} Oval(-3,-3,3,3); {draw circle} H1:=LNewObj; {get handle to circle. Not I am reusing handle variable} H3:=HExtrude(H1,0,10); {ectrude circle} N1:=SubtractSolid(H2,H3,H4); {subtract the extruded circle from the exturded rect} AlrtDialog(Concat('The Result of the SubtractSolid is:',N1)); {optional: report return value of subtraction} End; Run(Test);
  9. Paul Chapman

    Site Model Display Units

    Hi, My plans are generally in Millimeters. But we always show contours in Meters in NZ. So for years ive been changing the units to M then updating the site model, and changing back to MM but you have to do this every time before you print if you update the site model. There was a Contour Units drop down menu in the Object pallet for a little while. Might have disappeared when I did an update??
  10. Pat Stanford

    Vectorscript troubleshooting

    The ForEachObject call is not passing a handle to the record, but rather to the object with the record attached. You should use a different variable name for the handle being passed to HowManyPeople. You will then need to get a handle to the record that is attached. You will need to do something like this to find the right record: N1:=NumRecord(myHand); N2:=1; Done:=False; While ((N2<=N1) and (Done<>true)) do Begin RecHand:=GetRecord(mYHand,N2); RecName:=GetName(RecHand); If RecName='My_Field_Name' then Done:=True; End; and then use RecHand in your Str2Num function.
  11. Today
  12. Robert Janiak

    Rendering DMX Camera

    Hi, I can not record video using DMX Camera. I have got still shoot from one side. DMX camera is being record and play by DMX recorder properly and works well in preview window. If I try render video by build command I get only one camera, no movement and no camera changing. Can Vision 2019 rendering DMX Camera? This is a demo recorded by OBS Studio from Live view. I would like to do this directly in Vision without editing. Otherwise, recording screen cause low FPS and quality is poor. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mu0Q5QclavpwYE4lYGQDVA3Ju-xSXjJs Next case, camera movement and rotation speed controlled by DMX has high sensitivity. In my opinion speed should be divided by 10 or even 100 for natural control. This is my first time with dmx camera and video. Does anyone has any advice for this?
  13. Benson Shaw

    Create and Rotate a line in polar coordinates. Primes

    Thanks, Kevin! These things are impenetrable without some experience. Maybe I will start getting that experience with little steps like this. I found several other rotate nodes, but missed the Rotate Line (and probably would have failed to get it working). -B
  14. Mark Aceto

    macOS Catalina (10.15) Compatibility

    Well, considering that VW2020 was released over a month ago, it's up to SP1, and there's only 1 person complaining on 2 pages of this thread (compared to 19 pages for Mojave)... looks like we're out of the weeds, and it's safe to stop following. Well done, Team VW, and see ya next year!
  15. Thank you, the problem is that I need this truss to be angled as that is how it looks in real life, the 3D design needs to match how it will be installed. So therefore the software should be smart enough to deal with both (WYG is). I know and get these are two completely different applications, that's the problem. There are things that VW does great that WYG can't do, and there are things that WYG does VW can't do. The problem for someone like me is I'm doing design AND I'm doing weekly production. My budget can't handle both. VISION doesn't look anywhere near as good as WYG, yet I can't justify the cost of WYG PERFORM just for a visualizer if I need VW to do my CAD and ENGINEERING design. This is why I'm frustrated. FYI here are the drawings as I have them done so far.
  16. Pat Stanford

    Force move command?

    Also check out the VW Preferences, Interactive tab. There you can set the size of the Selection Box and the Snap box (as well as the color and thickness or the boxes). By making the Selection Box (inside box) smaller and the Snap Box (outside box) larger you can make it easier to snap to points without accidentally selecting those objects.
  17. Currently, if you use the interior elevation tool - if you need to move the tag - it moves the section lines too, which is a real pain. The tag should somehow be divorced from the tool. Ideally, I would love to tag using the data-tag tool - only in the viewports I want - rather than having the tag. The interior elevation tool should be like the space tool - where I draw a polygon that defines the space - then I can select which edges of the polygon I need interior elevations of. Then the polygon can be tagged via the data tag tool in viewports.
  18. Kevin McAllister

    Create and Rotate a line in polar coordinates. Primes

    Here's a quick network that will rotate a line. The bottom version uses a manually entered list of primes to generate a series of lines. @Marissa Farrell may be able to help with a node to generate prime numbers in a certain range. There's lots of info online about using Python code and/or Python libraries with functions to generate prime numbers. Kevin Rotate Line.vwx
  19. Hi everyone, Anyone know if it's possible to call out story elevations or story level type elevations in worksheets? In VW 2019, Z coordinate throws out an error, but still i'm not sure if that is what i'm looking for. Appreciate any guidance in advance! thanks!
  20. To which release version are you referring? SP0 - it's broken. SP1 - is usually a release for localization changes and not bug fixes. SP2 - is not out yet. I expect it in this or SP3 at the latest. Just guessing here. As recommended above, I'd use VW 2019 for your designs needing this feature until VW 2020 is updated and working. The file(s) can be moved forward after it's working. I feel your pain. Raymond
  21. line-weight

    Terrain model section has no fill

    I am currently having the problems the OP describes. It seems to be as @zoomer describes above, the fill disappears from those sections which cross site modifiers (in my case 'spoil piles'). Did any solutions to this arise?
  22. Marco Zavagno

    Extrude VW2019 vs. VW 2020

    Hi @halfcouple @Kevin McAllister ! I called support for the same issue yesterday! For now we can work around it converting this dodgy extrude into 3D polygon or nurbs, but it is a pain... I've been told they (the UK team) is working into that... M
  23. rjtiedeman

    Ability to map graphic to a swept path is gone in VW 2020

    Problem is NOT fixed in latest version on VW. Extruded or swept lines can not have a fill.
  24. Yeah I know its way overpriced. There are others out there that might offer similar compression for a lot less, I just haven't taken the time to stop drinking the Adobe Kool-aid. Since I'm using Photoshop, Indesign, Lightroom, Bridge, and Acrobat, I'm forking over the monthly subscription (ugh). I do use other features in Acrobat. I frequently have images in my document sets so my situation is a little different I suppose. I'm with you though, so not impressed with 2020 so far. Reminds me of Jaguar in the late 70's. Looks great, fast when it works, but alas, most of the time in the shop, broken.
  25. Kevin McAllister

    Extrude VW2019 vs. VW 2020

    Its specific to Lines. As far as I know it doesn't affect Polylines or Polygons. Kevin
  26. Kevin McAllister

    Create and Rotate a line in polar coordinates. Primes

    Hi Benson, I'm not a Marionette expert but I do know various "rotate" nodes do different things. I think I would try either the Transform2 node or the Rotate Line node for rotation - Kevin
  27. Agreed, But if you remember one of the 'improvements' this year was a more compressed pdf file. This just hasn't happened, just some tools to compress the raster images within the pdf. Not much use when your pdf's don't have any raster images in them. I don't have full blown Acrobat (4 licences is a lot of money just to reduce a file size!
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