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  2. We are two months later..... Can anybody of you confirm that Vectorworks 2018 SP6 now works properly with Mojave? (I am still working with High Sierra and would like to update) Greetings Heiner
  3. Marissa Farrell

    two or more Valve nodes, which one takes presidence ??

    Also, @IJSSEL provided an example that gives an identical failure, which is still where I am stuck. You cannot have both mirrored, when Y is checked, checking X makes no difference.
  4. mattryan

    Weird curved guardrail

    Hi all I am trying to create a simple straight stair with landing at the midpoint. The guard the generates for inside of the stair creates some weird curve as its turning the corner to go up the stairs. How can I fix this? There should be a way to detach the two sections fo guards, upper and lower and have them run straight to a post? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Marissa Farrell

    two or more Valve nodes, which one takes presidence ??

    The only thing a valve node will do is suppress anything beyond it in the network - since neither of the valves in this node connect in any way, they will remain independent - there is no issue with this network with regards to Valves.
  6. Jim Smith

    Stop Camera From Moving?

    Similar to @Bruce Kieffer 's questions, I just noted something that I'm not sure if I can explain about the Camera View. At one time I could fine tune my camera view, then "zoom out". By this I mean the camera's Point of View was "locked" & "zooming out" was similar to changing the crop of a photo to reveal more of the photo. What seems to happen now, even with "Deactivate" chosen, the POV also moves. I can get the same/similar result by creating a viewport & adjusting the crop, but it's not as intuitive as it once was. Is there a button or setting that allows one to work more like the old technique?
  7. Valve nodes work like that ( I think.) You could use 2 Filter nodes and and 1 Yes NO Dialog ( call it 'X MIRROR). The OIP gives you the choice between X Mirror or No ( No will give you the Y-Mirror). mirror.vwx
  8. halfcouple

    two or more Valve nodes, which one takes presidence ??

    Thanks Marissa, I diddn't think this was so complicated... Just thought that I could try to use the Flip3D node plus moving the object to the correct positon afterwards, to avoid mirroring.
  9. Jim Smith

    VW2019 - SP3.1? Are there release notes?

    Thanks@Kevin McAllister & @JuanP I was going to ask the same thing!
  10. Today
  11. JuanP

    VW2019 - SP3.1? Are there release notes?

    Even though in the past we have been supporting Project Sharing with different cloud-based solutions, we were lacking support for Dropbox Business and Box Drive that now is included in Vectorworks 2019SP3.1. We are working on a Kbase article to explain this process in detail that will be posted as soon as possible.
  12. line-weight

    Until Next Time

    Sad to see this - feels like when a well liked work colleague leaves the company! Jim W, as per all the previous comments, you've been the real face of Vectorworks - not the marketing spin one, but the one that gives some hope that anyone's listening to us, and while I don't know if anyone can quite fill your shoes, you've set some exemplary foundations for engagement, including but not limited to these forums, that I'm sure will continue to have an impact well into the future. Thanks for your openness, understanding and patience over the years, and you've no doubt earned yourself some time to focus on other things. Hopefully this will not entirely be the end of your involvement here. Some jokes above about people moving to other software as a result of Jim W's departure... hey, VW management, if you're reading this, there might just be a grain of truth in there, so I hope you appreciate what he's done here, and are going to make sure his good work doesn't get undone.
  13. Marissa Farrell

    two or more Valve nodes, which one takes presidence ??

    I'm looking into this for you, though I'm at the same crossroads you found yourself at 🙂 I'll let you know if I get anywhere with it, it may just be that the symbol isn't enjoying being mirrored, though I'm unsure at this time. (My test axis drawing is working fine, the mirroring is the only thing failing - I'm hesitant to blame it on the Valves.)
  14. Rob Books

    Instruments not attaching to/Following Hanging Position?

    at the bottom of the forum, in the community column, there is bug submit. try to be exact as possible, and if you can attach your file that is having the issue, then the folks cna take a look and hopefully find the issue.
  15. miguelZinfandel

    Instruments not attaching to/Following Hanging Position?

    Yeah... That solution Doesn't work on my side. :/
  16. zeroInf

    Instruments not attaching to/Following Hanging Position?

    For me its a bug. My temporary solution : After moving any H.Position > Spotlight > Refresh Instruments. Just try
  17. jcogdell

    Inlination oef a truss system for calculation

    The way to do this is to select your truss (all connected sections that you wish to do this with) and toggle the draw 3D only option on in the Object Info Pane next group select the trusses and lights, change to the appropriate 3D view (front for example) select the rotate tool from the basic tool palette and use it to rotate the selected trusses and lights to the angle you want. Changing the angle of the trusses and attached lights will break the connections for rigging hoists/deadhangs/bridles so you will then need to re-attach them before you can run any Braceworks calculations.
  18. miguelZinfandel

    Instruments not attaching to/Following Hanging Position?

    Thanks. Unfortunately, In my case, refreshing the instruments will not move them to the correct location in the hanging positions. Quite an annoyance. I have the rig synchronised with Lightwright. Erasing and re-inserting is a real pain... Is there an appropriate channel to report a Spotlight bug? Many Thanks
  19. sak1850

    Until Next Time

    Jim You were the face of vectorworks for me and I always looked forward to your sense and clearthinking when addressing a problem, hope all goes well for you in whatever role you fill in the future.
  20. Christiaan

    WALL Component Import/Export

    This would be great. Also here: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/49061-wall-component-library/
  21. Asemblance

    Until Next Time

    Sorry to see you go Jim, you will be missed! Thanks for the help over the years.
  22. Hi Tom Here's what I'm working with right now. As you can see in the picture, this is the closest I could get to covering the stage floor. Focusing the actual lights I angle the barrel to the middle of the hardest cut and adjust the other shutters around that. Warp 800 system might be somewhat overwhelming for users that aren't familiar with the Warp 800, as it gives too many options. Another solution would be allowing each shutter to angle 180degrees from original position. While it is unrealistic, it would allow for almost any cut with a simpler interface. In any case, I'd appreciate if the default angle of these shutters was at middle of rotation range, rather than 0 as is now. Same as with focusing a real leco, it would make my job much easier. Also, the sliders in the software console could be a bit larger to allow for touchscreen operation... P.S. When sending a file to Vision I noticed that some lecos start with shutters in to middle position or a closed iris. I'm adding a file that I saved before focusing. Note that some shutters are half way in and some irises are closed (channels 3-5 for example).I didn't do that... Cheers Jake LeelaVIS2.zip
  23. Acip79

    Space Label

    Oops... just found out it relates to room finishes tab. sorry...😂
  24. Albybz

    False/inverted colours rendered from RW background

    Hallo Stephan. Ja es ist mir auch passiert, genau mit deiner Vorlage . Ich habe es so gelöst: Hintergrund neu erstellten und wider aufladen. Dann war diese Effekt nicht mehr sichtbar. Grüße Alberto
  25. Acip79

    Space Label

    Hi All, I have problem using space labels. Just need to find out if i am using it the correct way. Refer the attached image. Let say i have 2 spaces and it should reflect different rooms with different finishes for wall, floor & ceiling. The problem is i started with a space the one on the left (input data is paint, paint, paint, paint & plaster), then i made the second space which is the right image (input data is stone, stone, stone, stone & stone). My problem is anything i do to the 1st space label, all the data will automatically changed to follow the 2nd space. This space label is from VWX default library. Thanks, This are the default setting for the space label.
  26. Magnus Mikaelsen

    Label Ledgend? Lighing instruments?

    Thank you for trying to help me. The problem is really that I have one document where it is working and one where it is not working. Like on the picture. It is the same instrument, but in 1 document it appears with "informationbubbles" and in another one not. I cannot figure out how to see the "informationbubbles" in the document that seems to have an issue. -Magnus
  27. Tamsin Slatter

    Rendering Metal Mesh Curtains

    Yes, if you edit the Reflectivity shader in any texture, you have many metallic options.
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