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  2. Jackmill1

    Snap Point Hierarchy

    Hi There: Is there a way to reorganize how Vectorworks prioritizes snap points? It's a little agitating constantly having to zoom in and out because I want to snap to center points on smallish objects and Vectorworks is obsessed with the corners. I guess I could use the snap loupe to help with this, but this functionality would make things so much easier.
  3. eary157

    Cutting in to a Solid Subtraction

    It's Not working because the shape it's going it to a solid subtraction as well
  4. Ben Wingrove

    Network Publish

    It is mainly the viewports in our sheets when we publish a packet, it consists of Hidden line, open GL, and artistic renders but that varies depending on the project. We have VSS, we did a test between the time on a local and cloud render and found the local was quicker, that was last year though so I may try again. We are in the process of setting up a machine that just deals with our publishing so we can continue working on other drawings whilst it is working its magic. It would be nice to have an option within the publish menu/dialog box to send the publish to a local network machine in a similar way to sending to the cloud. To be able to harness the power of dormant network machines for the renders would be a nice option, especially on some of the bigger drawings.
  5. JHartstang

    Sine Wave

    Helped me alot, Thank you.
  6. Dave Donley

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    Zeno we are working very hard to get that fix into SP4 which will be available in about a month.
  7. Dave Donley

    Network Publish

    Not sure if you are aware but VSS customers have access to Vectorworks Cloud Services, which will perform Publish using the cloud, so you can offload that work to our network. We upgraded this to use our own in-house servers and so the render service has a faster turnaround now than previously. This option is available from the Publish menu/dialog box, under the "Process On:" popup menu.
  8. Today
  9. Dave Donley

    Network Publish

    Hello Ben: This is something that has been asked for for a long time. What specific renderings do you spend time on? Do you render viewports? Hidden line, Renderworks modes? Which scenario do you use most that should be distributed over the network, that would save you the most time?
  10. scottmoore

    Musical instrument / backline symbols

    Glad you like them!
  11. digitalcarbon

    Design/Cost - Live

    which means this is no longer a debate...
  12. digitalcarbon

    Design/Cost - Live

    people are working on this..... https://bim360resources.autodesk.com/construction-cost-management-with-bim-360?mktvar002=1062956&utm_medium=email&utm_source=nur-intro&utm_campaign=americas-aec-acs-bim-360-cost-management&utm_id=1062956&leadid=387940931&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTTJZeVlXRmlabU15TkdGaiIsInQiOiJrbVwvWkVwS2tycmtuZ2krMWNiOHZCRDdXM3V6ZXE0Z3BvcXoxSk5UY3NheTcxRWZQQmRIRWZ2a1MzSHNxaWZ1TWordWl0dkU2Mm5xMTdmMWJwXC90T0tqK1B5QXFqaDBkR3ZaaktHaXJIM1FKMDczV3RteHF1cDFhc0FzejZLSytZdHhSdHZ2OFVLejlBdXFBdnBwSTFyQT09In0%3D
  13. LJ TMS

    Musical instrument / backline symbols

    @scottmoore These are awesome symbols Scott! The modeling strikes a nice balance of complex enough to look good while simple enough to maintain speed and the textures look great!
  14. Sorry confusion re link - was late last night... I meant the link between the callout and the notes database . The callout database controls have a "locate" function which would find a callout note in a database. I thought there was an option to "auto-locate' but that doesn't seem to be there anymore.
  15. bcd

    Until Next Time

    Shocker! Wow Jim - you've brought a wonderful blend of knowledge and curiosity, intelligence and wit to the boards. Heck you even engineered the remaking of the board itself. I'm sure your impact will continue as @JuanP and the team find inspiration in your frankness responsiveness and dedication to making all our experiences in Vectorworks ever more productive, rewarding and fun. May your photons continue bouncing Brian
  16. Hi Vision and Pre-viz community, I just finished watching the final run of our Vectorworks Vision online seminar. This is a 2.5 hr. Online training covering most of the knowledge that you will need to start using Vision. Bryan, our Entertainment trainer, did such a good job that I would like to share it with you all. When: Thursday, May 23 at 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM (EDT) Cost: $0.00 this date only using the discount code VISIONROCKS at check-out. Registration: Click HERE Let me know what you think.
  17. ASagatovVW

    Images Disappearing

    @LG Design At least as of posting this, I am not familiar with any known issue of this occurring. Can you give me a bit more information as to what is happening? You have imported images that are simply gone when you re-open the file? Are the images referenced in any way? Is it specifically only occurring with imported images?
  18. ASagatovVW

    Tool Sets

    @Mojo65 From the screenshot, I notice two specific things: 1) I am only seeing two of the palettes in this screenshot. Are you able to find all the other ones at all? 2) Are you trying to dock those two specific palettes on the side (Basic and Tool Set)? If so, the two palettes must be undocked from each other first. Once they are each floating on their own, you should then be able to dock them to the side individually.
  19. Are you familiar with worksheets? If you set up a database worksheet with the record format as the search criteria you can list all the fields for every instance of the record format in your file. You can summarise them and do global editing from the worksheet. There is a lot of info on this forum about using worksheets if you do a search. I hope that is helpful.
  20. Just be careful not to put shortcuts to any of your network folders in the VCS folder. You may end up with anything placed in that network folder being uploaded to VCS. See end of this post:
  21. This knowledge base article describes what DNS names and ports Vectorworks tries to connect to. Is it possible for you to open them up and see if it makes a difference?
  22. I know this has been asked for previously but I was hoping there might be some updated news, we have a whole heap of high spec Mac's that we would love to use in a network publish/render. Is there any plans for this in the future? Thanks
  23. scottmoore

    Musical instrument / backline symbols

    Thanks! I’ve been using silhouettes for my renders or occasionally image props. Seems like anytime I’ve tried using 3D models of anything, the first thing a client says is a snarky comment about that! I’ve started a process of adding both a silhouette and a mannequin directly to specific symbols and then using classes to turn on or off the one you want. But then we are back “classing” which I know drives many people nuts. Myself included.
  24. jrad

    Saved View Navigation

    I'm trying to use a keyboard, or a stream deck to navigate between saved views. Is there a way to fire a VectorScript or create a keyboard shortcut to navigate between saved views?
  25. Does anyone have an update on this? I'm trying to do this.
  26. CETLV

    Adding Cross Sections to Custom Pallet

    oh wow, i would have not even thought to change that type of name. when I imported it and tried to connect to the 10 footers, I needed to just change the connects to stuff, and thus started on a downward spiral... 🙂 Thanks so much. I also sent some files into the service select portal as well but am yet to hear back. Thanks so much!
  27. JustinVH

    Adding Cross Sections to Custom Pallet

    I am fixing that Christie corner for you now. I noticed that you set the type as 4 Way which will not work because Braceworks uses Type to connect to like "types" of truss. I am going to use 4 Way in the name for that corner and use the XSF, and Christie Type A as the types that can connect to it. Also, that corner may be designed for 12x12 box and the structural is 12x12 but there are gusset bolt plates on it so the physical dimensions are also bigger than 12x12 and these have to be accounted for when setting everything up. When I have it working properly I will DM you the file.
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