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  2. Hello all, I am a previous CC user and just got transferred over to the new VW license today. Has anyone ran into an issue of not being able to move the cable type tag away from the device? On the "source" side it gives me the move option to move the text out. However on the "destination" side I am not getting an option to do so (typically the little blue box pops up). Thank you in advance!
  3. Yes, just changed the height of the wall with 1900m to 3,048m and the result is like this:
  4. Hey i put all of my information that i needed to have the license.. and i did it before it expired and it seems like its showing up as nothing was ever submitted/not approved. how long would it take to get it approved or get an extension??
  5. I think this may have been and attempt to "upgrade the UI." I've been watching and posting in the new features request topic thread for years. We've been talking about the need for a GUI upgrade for a long time. Esp as the new release videos come out and we all get excited by how cool the marketing dept makes it look in the commercial and then we get the new version....! And we open it....! And... its... the same. BUT! I don't ever recall anybody complaining about the icons. I want to see upgrades to operation windows so you don't have to hunt around with the HUD help to figure out what you're supposed to do. "oh! I'm supposed to click on the word in the list until the thing I want comes up!" More cursor tip commands (this has been getting better) maybe pie menus? What about smart pop ups that don't just appear right in the middle of the screen on top of what you're working on but are "selected object sensitive" and put themselves somewhere else on the screen? The stuff of Si-fi I know, but how cool would that be? And my all time #1 request universal XYZ/local locks! But I can imagine it would be a lot of work to go back and fix all those old windows and palettes. But this is not the first thread with people complaining about the icons. Hopefully they will get the message and just give us an option to revert. Or use the old icons in a custom work-space like we can add back in legacy tools. At least until there is an actual serious overhaul of the GUI.
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I need a file converting to DWG for a sub-contract designer working in AutoCAD. The system keeps crashing whenever i try to convert. Thank you in advance.
  7. 100% agree. Then I open my Auto CAD and I get a nice flashback to 1995. Revit looks like you're drawing in a little window inside an Excell sheet. I think the recent versions of Maya and Blender have the right balance. No nonsense, clear, high contrast, easy on the eyes. I wish they'd go in that direction. But don't fix what ain't broke. Last year I would have said, "I got 99 problems with Vectorworks but the icons ain't one." Now I have 100 problems.
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  9. We have created a copy of interior elevations from a referenced file. We would like to relocate the section line but cannot navigate to it. It is not on the reference file as I think by importing the viewports new sections were created. Can anyone help us with this problem?
  10. Thanks Grant. Good info!
  11. I ended up getting a wqhd (2k) screen, 32" for my main screen. I was scared off of 4k by reports that the OS has trouble scaling with that resolution. I love the resolution, VW is very crisp and clean and I don't need to zoom around so much. My secondary monitor is my old 27" HD monitor, so the palettes are a little larger naturally, which helps out as well. Very happy with my choice.
  12. Because of my region i'm still on SP1.... Hopefuly they pull finger soon 🙂 SP1 is a bit... unpredictable in areas 🙂
  13. Curious about this as well. I have a 3K, 2000x3000, 13" screen on a Microsoft Surface Book. My eyes aren't great now, but the clarity is really good and makes up for the small screen. I'm amazed how well I can work on it - almost as easily as my 1.9K, 1200 x 1920 , 24" monitor. I'm guessing a 4K, 24" or larger monitor would be better than my current monitor. Hoping someone with real world experience chimes in.
  14. Ok, so I read through all these and my particular problem is not addressed but ill add it here anyway and maybe it'll get some attention. I just moved over to 2020 and when I go to place a note form the data base i am not getting the buttons that allow you to add the note to the list to be displayed. Do i not have some kind of preference checked? ive looked with no luck.
  15. Perhaps a related issue: If page settings print scale is set to anything other than 100% then sometimes hatches will change their scale. eg we have our page set up for A1 but typically print to A3. Hatches will sometimes show twice the size they should. I need to use the attribute mapping tool to rescale hatches x 0.5 to get it to show at the correct size. This is the case at least for world based hatche - not sure about page base. We are on PCs. This may not happen on macs.
  16. Same problem with Vectorworks 2020. Application installs silently when using Software Center. When doing a required deployment, it starts but times out after 2 hours. The devs need to test and fix the silent installer when running under the "SYSTEM" account.
  17. My technique for this sort of thing is for each vp goto the edit viewport dialogue, select edit DL check the “create vp crop object on DL” (can’t remember exact wording). Youll get a thick green polygon on your DL which mimics the extent of your vp crop on your sheet. Do this for every vp you want to move. With all classes visible and all objects unlocked you can move the dl objects where you want them. Back on the sheet edit each vp crop to realign with the green polygons. Then move the vp back to where you want it on the sheet. If there are vp annotations then realign those too. You have to be careful if VPs are viewing more than one dl or if more than one vp is viewing the same dl geometry. Yes long and laborious if there are a lot of vps but it works. Would love to know a quicker way...
  18. I had almost made up my mind to go PC until they came out with the 16" MBP specs a few weeks ago...and without the gigantic price increase I was expecting.
  19. it might not apply here but I think there is a firmware patch related to the throttling also. Personally I wish I could get those specs (well discrete graphics with big RAM) in the 13".
  20. thank you for all the feedback. It has solved my issue.
  21. Can you send me a copy of the file? You can private message it over to me. You can also remove most of the geometry. As long as the geometry with the grass texture is there, and I have some reference point as to which way its supposed to be rendering.
  22. If you need to move the geo image just click and hold using the Geo locate tool and move to the desired location
  23. @ericjhberg Handy tip I was told with the i9.... I noticed, out of the box, mine was thermal throttling quite a frequently and losing speed. I under-volted the chip by a couple of clicks, and knocked up the frequency by 100mhz, and it was much quicker without the throttling. Hope it helps!
  24. Yes it is the same process worldwide!
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