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  2. Afternoon David, You are most welcome, glad you are all up and running, please get in touch in the future if we can help at all. 🙂 Have a lovely day! Helen
  3. @Dubman Could you send us the test file to look into the wall problem? Thanks for your testing efforts Walid
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  5. Yes, they will all work on Catalina when you have the latest Service Pack installed.
  6. Great. Many thanks for that. I had gathered that I needed to upgrade to the service pack. I have 3 Mac licences for VWX 2020 plus 2 for VWX 2019. Will they all work on Catalina with the latest service packs? As you can see...When I do the changeover...I need to do them all together!
  7. in 2020 at this point there are none in service Select. however the library is in the vectorworks library. Everything released prior to and including the March release are moved over to that next release of the software in the Vectorworks libraries. So the Spiider is now in the Vectorworks Library and available to all users who are up to date.
  8. @DMcD exactly what I do, tho my saves are every 22 operations, and closing / rebooting I do far more regularly than in years past.
  9. @Philip Pearlman you will just want to make sure that Vectorworks is completely up-to-date with the latest Service Pack to ensure no compatibility issues.
  10. Wonderful. Thank you. That's all I needed to know!
  11. I can confirm that Vectorworks 2019 and Vectorworks 2020 are compatible with macOS Catalina!
  12. Hi there & huge thanks, It was the Scale, I was downloading in Meters & the Survey was in mm 🙂 Biggest thanks David
  13. Hi John, Please find below a link to the 2020 system requirements. Windows 10 is compatible, however this all depends on the rest of the hardware of the machine. If you would like any advice on your machine, please send through your machine specifications and we can advise you further. If you pop an email with this information on to uktech@vectorworks.net we would be happy to advise. Best Wishes Helen
  14. Hi Dom, I have taken a look at your student account and the license has been extended til the 27th July 2020. Please let us know if you are still experiencing any issues. Good luck with your studies! Best Wishes Helen
  15. Apparently we're unable to tag walls in Workgroup Referenced files with the new Data Tag tool. I'm pretty sure a loss of functionality as I believe we used to be able to do this with the old ID Label tool. We'd need this functionality please. And my preferred way to bring this functionality back would be to get rid of Workgroup Referencing and replace it with something else:
  16. Morning David, We are happy to help, have you checked the scale of the drawing to make sure this is correct, this would probably be the first port of call. Secondly, we would recommend starting your design on a separate layer so this is separate from the DWG which has been imported so it is easier to determine what geometry is from the DWG and what is from your design. When drawing a wall are you using the wall tool? Or are you using the line tool or polyline tool? I have posted a link to our Vectorworks university which i think will really help with this process. https://university.vectorworks.net/ If you have any questions please get in touch and email us at uktech@vectorworks.net and we would be happy to help. Best Wishes Helen
  17. Yes, I have it working on Catalina. It just crashes more often than 2019 under Mojave and a few features don't work and even on a fast computer, it can get slow… normally some time before a bomb. I have my preferences set up to save every 20 actions… ie normally more than once a minute, so I don't lose too much. I frequently close a file and reopen it when the graphics get scrambled and quit VW from time to time but it doesn't take too long to reboot. D
  18. Just realised I forgot to mention that if you check out the Vision forum and the Rendering forum there is more info about how to prepare textures and other experienced user who may be able to answer questions in more detail than (I'm an ex lampy and sytem tech not a rendering specialist)
  19. Hi Basem The dongle requirement applies to all versions of Vision if the user wants to use MA-net 1 or 2, (or if you are using MA1 or 2 on pc software without any MA hardware such as a command wing,as it will give out an dmx signal of any kind without physical hardware). This restriction is a condition that MA made when they gave us access to the protocol. Also you need to be aware that MA-net 3 is not supported at all in Vision, as MA have not given us (or anyone else) permission to use it. If a user wants to connect an MA3 console to vision they will need to use either sACN or Artnet.
  20. @klinzey Do you have a Dongle? MA requires the use of a Vision dongle in order to enable the MA connection driver. Kevin, is that apply to Vision 2020? What about the free 2 universes for Spotlight VSS-users?
  21. there are several potential causes for what you are seeing. Which version on MA 3D are you using, the MA2 version or the MA 3 version? The reason I am asking is that currently the MA3 version of MA 3D cannot read or use textures yet and will just display the objects geometry. I have no idea how long it will be before this is addressed. On the Vectorworks side, as of 2020 SP 2 we correctly export normals (bump), specular (reflectivity) data and alpha masks (transparency). Because this is a very recent upgrade the default Renderworks textures are not set up to export this data to other applications. They are specifically formatted for Renderworks. For the textures to export correctly, to other applications, you will need to edit them in the resource manager or create your own. The key for exporting this data to other applications is that the different 'shaders' in the Edit texture dialogue have to be set as an 'image', otherwise the data will not export in a form that another application can use. We plan to create detailed workflow document for this in the future. If you have access to Vision, you can use this to check whether the textures in your file are exporting in the correct format as it can render the normal maps and specular maps (can be turned on in the document preferences) Another way to check what you are exporting is to export an MVR file of you design, change the file extension from .mvr to .zip, this converts the MVR into a uncompressed zip folder that you can look inside of and open the contained files. search the folder for the texture name used on the stage decks, if the texture is correctly set up it should consist of 3 or more .png (image files) the first is the color, then there should be a bump (normal map) and reflection (specular map) version.
  22. So my main question is, does anybody have VWX 2020 working properly, on Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina)? I have VWX 2020, already to go, but equally have Mac OS 10.15 Catalina, which I also have ready to go, but dare not load either, until I know that they work okay together. So currently, I am still with VWX 2019, and Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave)
  23. Hi dear community, With the attached drawing I can't seem to create a report on symbolname. I do what I usually do and add symbolname and count to the fields and then press okay. But I don't get a count with this one, and I fail to see why. Any ideas ??? thanks already, Petertruss.vwx
  24. Hi All, Going crazy here. I have imported my first DWG, however what do I do next. How do I design on this . It's a survey of a garden. For instance, I try to draw a wall, however no wall, just a line. What do I need to do now ? Huge thanks David
  25. Thanks @KIvanov 🙏🏼 Messaged you with a link
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