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  2. Installed update, things are working as expected again now. Thanks much!!
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  4. Benson Shaw

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    @line-weight Apologies - I don't think it's a setting. Rather it's me assuming and not testing. I find now that I also cannot marquee select multiple NURBS vertices with the Reshape tool. No way to go back and test, but I thought that was a valid process in earlier versions. I thought it might be screen plane needed, but that makes no difference, either. @HEengineering - are you able to marquee select multiple NURBS Curve vertices with the Reshape tool in Move mode? Or by other means? I'm still on v2019 SP2 but this evening will update to SP3 and post back. A stoopid workaround is to start with a 3d poly, all straight sections. Make the EAP. That 3d poly is now a NURBS path made of a bunch of corner vertices. Edit (reshape) by adding vertices in the bend segments. Every new bend vertex on that segment has to stay on the plane established by the adjacent straights - a problem if it's no straights, or they are skewed. Trying to make a NURBS bend tangent to the straights and maintain codes for min radius is visual only, therefor uncertain. sigh -B
  5. eamon

    Bye Jim. Good luck!

    Hi While more of a lurker than a poster, I would like to echo the sentiments expressed by other users in the announcement of Jim's departure. It is Vectorworks and also these forums loss with the exiting SR of Jim. I have often felt that he has flown the company flag in the face of user frustration and ire. Jim has, to me, being a talisman for thes forums and seemingly managed the expectations of both sides. It will be awhile before I encounter the supervision and dedication to a company forum as personified by Jim. The new moderators have big shoes to fill and I hope they can rise to the challenge. Best of luck with pastures new. Hope life will treat you well. Eamon
  6. Matt Panzer

    Bye Jim. Good luck!

    In a class like no other. Certainly Jim's class attributes would stand out a lot more though! 🙂
  7. zoomer

    Subdivision - 2019 movie reproducing

    That is why I mentioned symmetry option ... (I see it is called "Mirror Modeling Mode" and needed some time to find it and get how it works 😉 ) .... Because I thought you mirrored manually and that would be the reason for your flipped "Bridge" I think I bridged 2 Faces at that time. Have you tried closing (relatively new too) the holes on both sides and bridge these ? Will it also be flipped ?
  8. Pat Stanford

    Get fill color of a class on a worksheet?

    OK try the version in this file. I still think something is messing with your copy/paste from the forum into the script editor. This version is just copied and pasted from above into a new VW2019 file. Open the Resource Browser to see the Script Palette and run the script. If it does not provide the warning, them import the script into your file and see if it works properly there. Let me know. Classes to Worksheet.vwx
  9. Pat Stanford

    Worksheet Summary Problem w/ Tags and Geometry Ref

    It appears that the actual entered dimensions of the windows are not identical, but that they round to the same display value. That would also be why you are not able to get them to Summarize as they are not the same at a computer level even though the are on a human level. Assuming you Height and Width columns are actually displaying the information from the Window Record (=window.height) and not the worksheet functions (=height), you should be able to enter the height or width in inches into a cell so you can copy it to the clipboard. You can then paste that into a multiple selection of other cells. If you were in Inches instead of Feet-Inches it would be easier and just be a copy/paste. Or temporarily change the cell formatting to Decimal to make the copy/paste easier and then format back.
  10. line-weight

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    Yeah, I've tried shift, alt, cmd and so on, with no luck. Maybe I've got an obscure setting set to something somewhere.
  11. Bas Vellekoop

    Subdivision - 2019 movie reproducing

    The object I want to model is less 'mirrored' then it seems, so I would like to do it without mirroring. Bridging the object works, only it seems that the bridges flips over to the other corner in this case so you get this strange cross you see in the screen cap above.
  12. Samuel Derenboim

    Worksheet Summary Problem w/ Tags and Geometry Ref

    Update - Noticed that despite having the same dimensions, the ratio of the objects are different. Is there a way to globally update all objects ratio without having to re-enter the dimensions of every single object? The moment I update the dimensions, or retype the dimension, it updates the ratio. This also helps with the summary - it starts to summarize the contents of the the file better. Is there a way to auto update the ratios of all of the geometry that have the same dimensions dynamically? or is there a way to re enter the =height and =width columns (they remain grey). It might help with the ratio problem.
  13. Mickey

    19 years!

    An interesting anniversary I had to share. Today is April 19th in 2019. I joined the VW message forum or whatever it was back then on April 19th in 2000. So it's the 19th anniversary on 19th of 19. Hahaha. -may your software crash less than mine -Mickey
  14. Any ideas on how to render metal mesh curtains such as those by Cascade Coil? It'd be great to do a video walk-through with lighting or projections on a semi-transparent, highly reflective and sinuous mesh.
  15. bob cleaver

    Site Model Contour editing

    I am not sure this will work for this situation, but yesterday's VW webinar by Danilo Maffei showed a simple use of stakes and working over an aerial image to develop a site model. The contours developed were crude and fast and I assume using a smoothing tool and additional stakes may be a good solution to add detail - I recommend the webinar - it was terrific
  16. Hi everyone, Maybe someone by chance ran into a similar problem? I have a series of elevations where i used geometry and tags to summarize window heights and window widths (among various other elements) in a worksheet. Normally, when i do window schedules, or door schedules in a bim model, the information doesn't repeat when i enable 'summarize items'. Here, for the life of me, i can't figure out why when i summarize by its id (custom record), by the geometry height =height, and by geometry width =width i get repeated elements that wont summarize, even if they display the same information. but when i just summarize by ID i get this Perhaps someone can help me out? Thanks in advance!
  17. zoomer

    Subdivision - 2019 movie reproducing

    I think the Bridge Function came already with VW 2018. I tried it at that time and it worked ok AFAIK. Also there came a Symmetry Option, with a bicycle saddle example, where you model one half only and activate the mirrored half later.
  18. It I create a box ball topiary with sphere tool and texture of yew foliage my computer is unable to render the design any more in final quality. as soon as I remove it can render again. any help please.
  19. Damon Design

    New 27" IMac configuration

    Yeah I’ve been watching some of the reviews and it is pretty much unanimous to go with the standard 8GB and upgrade with a couple of much cheaper chips (but still quality) from another source. Good info on the graphics card too. It also looks like it is well worth it to go with the SSD over the standard Fusion Drive, whether you choose the 512 or 1 TB There is more than a little noise that this almost stealthy update of the existing shell and design of the IMac portends a more complete new design within the year but I don’t know if it is worth it to wait it out from just those rumors and noise. It doesn’t seem that Apple is investing that much in their desktops any longer.
  20. Hi Marissa, 

    I am trying to create a Marionette network that will give me the width and height of a specific surface of an existing 3D object in my drawing.  Is there a way to tell VW to look at a specific surface of an object and return these dimensions?   Any help is greatly appreciated.

  21. Pat Stanford

    Stage Deck Fill

    After you do the Subtract Solids take a look at the object type in the OIP. It probably says it is a Solid Subtraction. Solids are 3D only objects. 3D only objects do not offer the ability to have different 2D (Top/Plan) and 3D displays and show as wireframe in Top/Plan. You have several options to work around this. Which one is right for you will depend on your desired final outcome and how your brain works. 1. Make a separate 2D object with the fill you want and combine it with the 3D as either a Group or a Symbol. If you may a Hybrid Symbol you will have full control over the 2D and 3D display. 2. Convert the Solid into an AutoHybrid. This will give you the separate 2D and 3D appearances. 3. Don't do the solid subtraction on the Deck. Rather check the Don't Show Deck option and use a slab object (which is already a hybrid object) to manually draw the deck. And there are probably several other good options also. Ask again if you need more help.
  22. Brandon Wardell

    Line Light Rendering

    Sorry, I read your 10,000 as 1,000.
  23. Matt Panzer

    Exclude objects from section cut plane?

    Yes. This is a top priority bug and certainly causes problems in getting a useful drawing. Hopefully we'll get this fixed soon.
  24. holly_brookes

    Line Light Rendering

    oh right I thought 10,000 was pretty high already! and yes thanks for the reply and the suggestion but the class is definitely on! I tried dragging the file in a few times and deleted a load of stuff out of it to make it smaller but the upload still failed, i keep getting this error message
  25. nakedeye

    automatic universe assignment

    Hi Alex71, Spotlight>Spotlight Numbering make sure increment by number of channels is selected and as long as the fixture mode is set in the object info pallet (4th item down) for each specific fixture this will increment that many channels.
  26. Glad to hear that Development is moving in this direction and plans to make improvements! Once VW fixes the cased opening glitch, I think this will become even more useful. Cheers!
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