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  2. Nina Ivanova

    Export PDF

    Please, try with changed Update options. Does it help?
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  4. See if this does what you need. The trick is to 1) switch the database criteria to include only slabs or roof faces 2) change the GetIFCProperty call. If you edit the style slab or wall or roof style then click on the IFC… button you can see the values to type into the GetIFCProperty( ). The wall type, slab type, and roof type and roof type need to be assigned. By default they will all be xx-1. To edit that you can edit the wall/slab/roof style, click on the Data tab and edit the information in the Mark and Description fields. This is probably as clear as mud. Post back if you still have questions. Wall Type Schedule~.vwx
  5. Thanks Conrad! It seems that the device manufacturer and type info does not scale with the text size?
  6. Hello @Robert Hardy, There seems to be a problem where document options are always getting their default value when creating new TBB in a document, even with copy and paste or drag and drop of a resource. I will look into it and see what could be done. In the meantime, the workaround for this would be to make sure you set the document options in your destination file initially or after importing the first TBB in it, so that they remain the same after that. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  7. Hi @jsivonen, Not gone - just re-located. Look for these in the Resource Manager. Select your equipment and use the Text > Size menu to set the size lower. You'll have to set a very low size to see a difference because the object automatically scales text down to fit. But there are limits - if you have an Equipment like this AVERYVERYLONGNAME THEWIDGETCOMPANY BESTWIDGETEVERMADE No amount of fiddling with the font size will get you a good-looking readable result. You might consider using shorter words... Conrad
  8. Izbee

    Export PDF

    When I ask to export a sheet layer in a PDF format, nothing happens, the computer freezes. What's the solution? Thank you.
  9. What should happen if I use vstEnableMode(1,FALSE); ? I'm trying to make a parametric object not use the first mode. Object is not Event Aware. Does it need to be to use vstEnableMode?
  10. @sync1b did you ever figure out how to take care of this? If not, I can give you some pointers.
  11. Vectorworks plugin is available for free, Or charge can be, there is a website or attachment can be provided, thank you I'm an interior designer and need to use it in interior design.Thank you for your help.
  12. I have 1x Vectorworks Architect 2015 license for sale. It includes Renderworks. I have been using it on mac OS, should be compatible with Windows also but I have no experience with this. The license was originally purchased from the Australian distributor and is located in Australia. I have used it with El Capitan (10.11) predominantly, and didn't notice any new issues after upgrading to Mojave (10.14). I will consider all reasonable offers. Please PM me or reply with your email address.
  13. @jpccrodrigues Nice results! I'm a landscape architect trying to work between VW & Twinmotion. I have been making a bunch of custom imageprops and have been running into problems. Check out this thread and let me know if you have had these problems.
  14. @jpccrodrigues I saw your Twinmotion example here on the forum. Have you run into this problem? Have any solutions?
  15. @Dave Donley I'm at a total loss here. It seems that VW export to C4D is doing something here. In the example below, the plant with the black box is imported from VW->C4D export. The two plants w/o the black box have been retextured in Twinmotion using my original png with transparency. I don't know what goes into the programming of these tools, but it seems like it is a simple switch that is being flipped without my permission 🙂
  16. Ok that’s good news. Thank you!
  17. You're welcome @SLFY. Glad to have helped. The Resetting Vectorworks Preferences page does include at the top, "To maintain a copy of your preferences, follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS" but I do concede, no mention of broader customisations. I'll request it be refined.
  18. Hi @JMR, I see I'm late to the party but you've indicated this is a long-persisting issue for you, so; May I suggest you rule out 'far out objects,' as they cause an extremely broad range of symptoms and seeing as the intensity of the symptoms seems to correlate with the level of computational pressure generated (using 'Best Performance' vs 'Good Performance and Compatibility'), and in light of the other factors you've ruled out, then I'd say it's worth checking. I've encountered users suffering this condition so often I've written a dedicated script to identify and remedy the problem. See here:
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  20. Hanna N

    Info bar

    Thank you very much for your help! Problem solved. 😁
  21. Hi Pat, I'm editing the original file and then exporting the updated version to the favourites file. Regards, Robert
  22. How are you editing the TBB in your favorites? If you only edit in the local file there is not link back to the version in your favorites file. You either need to open the Favorites File in VW and edit the TBB there or you need to export the edited TBB Style to the Favorites File.
  23. @Dave Donley Why does Vectorworks add a black background to an image that originally had a transparent background? This seems to be the source of the issue. Here is the source files I used for the imageprop. Note, it has a transparent background and an alpha channel.
  24. Hi Andy, I think I'm doing as you suggest. I have the Title block as a favourite, and I'm double clicking on the icon with the red text.
  25. @Andy Broomell - here’s a LINK to an old wishlist thread requesting improved texture mapping functionality: I’ll be happily surprised if / when Vw addresses this problem, as that wishlist thread is almost 5 years old (as of today). In that thread, @PVA - Jim posted THAT: “I think we need to replace the current one completely, it's so far from being able to do the detail needed for advanced product modeling and interior design that I'm firmly in the Start Over camp.”
  26. For this file I just used the alpha and color image files from VW exporting to C4D. The color image and alpha image both have black background. In your image above the two sides of the cube look dark. (this is a C4D cube object) Is there a control for "double-sided materials" in TM for the import? If you want, I can look at a few example image props from your library to make sure they show correctly in C4D.
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