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  2. Mike Lamb

    Pad Modifiers disappearing

    @Phileas - I was able to reproduce this using 2018 on my Mac, but not in 2019. It's much easier to select the site modifiers in a 3D view now as well in 2019. Unfortunately we've stopped releasing service packs for 2018 at this point, so this will not be fixed in 2018. If you would like to try this in 2019, you can go here for a free evaluation copy: https://www.vectorworks.net/trial/
  3. Andy Broomell

    Callouts with Multiple Leader Lines - Line Thickness Issue

    This happens to me too.
  4. pjjmcc

    FOR SALE - Vectorworks 2015 Architect

    Hi there, following up on your follow up...I'd like to purchase a licence to help me get back into CAD etc. How much are you looking to charge, and what is the process here forth? Thanks. Peter
  5. RGyori

    Callouts with Multiple Leader Lines - Line Thickness Issue

    Hi @loretta.at.large. I tested it with both VW Architect 2019 and 2018 on my Mac running OS 10.12.6 and am unable to reproduce your problem. Could you add your VW version, operating system and computer specs to your signature?
  6. dwdavedw

    Position Summary / Minimum Circuits needed

    Here it is: Mame.vwx
  7. Holland Harvey Architects

    Wanted Architect License 2015 or newer

    Hi, if you are still interested in buying a 2015 license we have some available. Please take a look at our recently posted topic and message for more details.
  8. Holland Harvey Architects

    Looking for VW2015 or later for PC

    Hi, we are selling a number of these. Please take a look at our recently posted topic and message for more details.
  9. Holland Harvey Architects

    WANTED: VectorWorks Architect 2015: thank you

    Hi, we are selling a number of these! Take a look at the topic we have just posted.
  10. BenG

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    @MaWi Unfortunately, optoner is mostly right. I am a scientist, not an architect, so my comments are related to the Designer set of tools. (Yes, I know Nemestchek has abandoned all fields except architecture/landscape). After I spent a month, fiddling with the buggy VW/Mojave, I finally reloaded VW from scratch, which seems to have fixed the crashing, hanging, and dead commands. Yesterday, I decided to design a shoe horn. Here are some of the commands that worked some of the time, but not others: (VW18 sp 6/Mojave / 2013 MBP, 2.6 Ghz, 16GB, 1TB SSD) 1. Add solids 2. Subtract solids 3. Push Pull 4. Fillet edge / chamfer edge 5. Randomly jumps between rendering/wire frame 6. Randomly jumps between views For example, these objects are obviously symmetric. On the horn part, I went down the left set of edges doing a fillet. Worked OK, except refused to work in one spot. I then started down the right side in the same order, same tool, same settings. It would not fillet any edge. My solution? Cut the horn in half vertically along the long axis, copy and reverse the side, then join the two halves back together. Time wasted - about two hours trying every trick in the book until that one worked. This shoddy behavior has been going on for years - all versions of Mac OS and VW. I have sent numerous files to Nemeschek for fixing, which they do. But I am tired of the money rat race for no fixes to very old problems.
  11. SBH_Admin

    Vectorworks Designer 2018 slow without internet access

    Okay, everything seems to have worked. I simply exchanged the deny all firewall rule with a webfilter that only allows traffic to the wildcard fqdn *.vectorworks.net. This thread can be closed!
  12. Today
  13. zoomer

    Export Lighting Devices to DWG

    Are Architectural Features also on the list ? For me DWG Import is nearly lossless, which is great. But when exporting I lose 50% of information vs IFC. ACIS Solids and Materials come in so fine - but not out ....
  14. Please direct message me - thx
  15. Ellen

    Keyboard covers

    I know this is an older post, but I am also keen on this. Does anyone know if there is anything (like the attached picture-but for VW) available? I am aware there is a second forum pagewith regards to this: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/47486-vw-keyboard-skin/
  16. Christian Fekete

    Template page creation

    I was wandering how to extract a specific page layout from a file, i.e. front page of a bldg permit set, as a template page. Do I need to delete all the other pages and then purge the file first or do I create a symbol and export to a favorite template folder? Please advise. Thank you CF
  17. JohnAthayde

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Maybe it's just because I've spent years in the post-production world, but Avid/DigiDesign has had this issue with ProTools for decades now. They're easily 6-12 months behind Apple on getting their app guaranteed for the OS. Granted, they're dealing with tons of drivers and external hardware, but if your platform works, don't switch, especially in the middle of production work. You're not losing security updates until you're a few versions out of bounds anyway. When you have some downtime, run a test. You can now run Mac VMs in VMWare Fusion and Parallels, and while it will be slower, you'll at least find these hiccups without losing everything. Or wait the six months until people who like living on the edge of the danger zone say the issues with that annual release are mostly fixed. I've lost countless hours to NOT listening to my own advice, so I'm speaking from painfully gained experience here ūüėČ
  18. Holland Harvey Architects

    FOR SALE - Vectorworks 2015 Architect

    We have 6 available
  19. Phileas

    Pad Modifiers disappearing

    @Mike Lamb v
  20. Mike Lamb

    Pad Modifiers disappearing

    @Phileas, what Mac OS are you currently on?
  21. klinzey

    Position Summary / Minimum Circuits needed

    @dwdavedw Please post your file here ro submit to support so we can take a look a error you are seeing.
  22. Mark Mosher

    Older versions of VW on older OSX

    Hi Jim, I've a 2010 MackbookPro with HS and VW Designer 2015 that both seem to run just fine. Mind you, I do not do any serious rendering, might be a "Show Stopper". HTH
  23. Tony Kostreski

    Planting figure showing different direction--how to fix

    @Sally yang Is your Plant Rotation set to Random? You can disable it in the Object Info Palette. See image. Best, Tony
  24. Please send a message for price and more details
  25. line-weight

    Squre Tubing Tool length

    Oh - I never realised all those section types had a 3d version! I've been making extrudes of the 2d ones all this time...
  26. Todd McCurdy

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Excellent post. I agree completely.
  27. Dear developers, have any of you ever used VWWallObj::InsertNewComponent or ISDK::InsertNewComponentN? I'm currently trying to "copy" the cavities of an existing wall that has 3 cavities (with a total width of 32 cm) to another wall with no cavities but a width of 45 cm. I'm adding 3 cavities/components seemingly sucessfully to the target (after reading them from the "source" wall by VWWallObj::GetComponentInfo), but when I analyze the "target" wall, all three cavities have a width of 0 and the overall width of the target wall is 0. The expected and required result is that the "target wall" has the same components and the same overall width as the source wall afterwards. I assume that the problem may be related to the fact that the target wall had no cavities before this. But I couldn't find an object variable or member function of VWWallObj to tell the wall that its width is defined by components and not by "width". Is there something wrong with my workflow? What can I do to make the target wall "accept" the actual widths of the cavities? Thanks for any help, Stefan Bender
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