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  2. Hi all, I'm looking for some additional plant resources for VW 2020 as the default library seems quite limited. Specifically I'm looking for some 3D renders of trees in standard form, such as standard olives (olea euruopa), oleander and red robin (Photinia × fraseri). Does anyone know a good place to find such things for free (or at least at a reasonable price)? Cheers!
  3. Thanks Pat - I've used a slab and set the thickness to 1mm (seems you can't have zero thickness?). Seems to work ok. Before I use these more widely, is there anything worth noting about them which might be a limiting factor later on in terms of how they behave with other modes etc? On a related note, the available fill on top mode seems to be a different library to the render ones. In top plan I thought I'd use an 'image' to replicate the same render as that in 3D view. In 3D render I was using the 'landscape mulch RT' texture. That doesn't exist as a 2D image. Do I need to somehow replicate and import that as an image into the 2D library to be able to use it on the top plan view? Also, any idea why plants don't appear on top view (in original question)? Thanks again
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  5. @Pat Stanford Better but still wordy. How about simply "Create Wall Style" or "Create Slab Style" or "Create Door Style" etc...
  6. @EvanB2088have you tried magic prefs? that will give you a middle click and much more
  7. Hi Benson, Thanks for this, its a lot closer to the elegant solution I was looking for. Many thanks
  8. Hi, I have a VW 2015 Architect license for sale (with renderworks). PM me or reply if you would like more info. Regards, Damien
  9. or if the center line is actual center rather than boundary btw the 2 uses, offset 2m either side to establish one road edge, then offset back 2.5, then offset the new one 1.5 to establish the opposite road edge. or if boundary not needed, offset ctr line twice, 2m each side. c -B
  10. Kia Ora Cookie Cheers for that. Ive come up with workflow that doesn't add too much complexity. I create a layer called LX Vertical and put all my upright lighting and positions on this. For the sheet layer LX Plot, I just overlay a view port with uprights only - will all labels set to invisible. Life is pretty good in NZ thanks - all things considered!
  11. @shodkin sounds like lots of work to go in and out of 3d. w Would the 2d Offset tool work for this? offset the ctr line 1.5m to one side, then offset ctr line 2.5m to other side. In the offset tool prefs, choose whether to close the shapes ( yes, if center line should show on the drawing and so that colorfill can be added). In the tool mode choose whether to keep the source (probably yes for 1st offset, no for 2nd. or keep both but may want to delete after so no polys lurking under the road). intersections will likely need separate objects. -B
  12. pushpull may not work on this curved surface. try instead: the Project tool. Similar technique - set view perpendicular to “drilling”axis, draw the circles in screen plane, then Project in the cut mode. OR Solid subtraction - Align the view as above, draw the circles, extrude them through the candle stick, may require moving them in top view so that they pierce the candlestick. Then select extrudes and candlestick, Subtract Solids.. if necessary in the dialog, click the next/prev buttons to highlight the candlestick. post back as needed -B
  13. Take a look at these two threads. They are asking for a similar object.
  14. Also take a look at this post/thread about where the Marionette Commands are stored.
  15. Do you have the VW Libraries option chosen in the upper right corner of the Resource Manager? It is the one on the far left that looks like the VW Icon. You can control where you are searching/view resources from by selecting one or more of the five options. VW Libraries, Workgroup Libraries, User Library, Favorites, Cloud Libraries.
  16. Walls have Styles, but they are not Plug-in objects. Same with Roof and Slabs. From an end user perspective it probably does not matter for most people as most users will only use use whatever comes with their version of VW. BUT, for the people who are generating the localized versions it is very important as the can add PIOs that make sense for their markets and remove the ones that don't.
  17. How about what the command really does: "Create New Style from this Object"
  18. Extrudes do not have this ability. You can use Roof Faces, Slabs, Floors objects which to offer a filled Top/Plan view. Or you can convert your Extrude to an Auto Hybrid object (AEC Menu in the Designer workspace, Create Auto Hybrid) to provide the Filled Top/Plan view. You can enter the Auto Hybrid the same way you enter a group or symbol to edit it and the Top/Plan view is automatically regenerated based on the changes you make to the 3D (Layer Plane or 3D Plane) parts of the object.
  19. Rather than extrudes, try using Slabs, Roof Faces, or Floors. Or stick with Extrudes and make an AutoHybrid out of them.
  20. Try joining the two roofs, using this tool in the modes shown:
  21. @superekon Please tell us what version of VW you are using. I have never experienced the problem you describe, for what that is worth. I'm not saying your problem isn't a real thing, just that it doesn't appear to be widespread, and there might be some explanation. If you want someone like Pat to help (Pat is probably one of the most knowledgeable persons on this forum, so it's worth it), you need to describe in detail what procedure you are doing to switch between layers, and other details about your situation.
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  23. I think I will experiment with Twinmotion's replacement tool. If I use symbols in VWX to identify the lights, perhaps I can automatically replace them in Twinmotion with their lights. That works well for plants. Something to play with in the coming weeks 🙂
  24. Like @JBenghiat said, you're needing to create a Plug-In Object and have 3 options to do that yourself. A 4th option is to commission someone to do that for you. What you describe doesn't sound all that intricate so the cost should be pretty reasonable. FWIW, I just created something along these lines for an exhibit client for their in-house use...
  25. Your simplest solution may be with Marionette. You can bundle a Marionette network into a PIO, and you don’t need know any programming languages. This would also be a fairly easy PIO to script. The only question is how important is dragging to create your initial rectangle? If you want the object to have a 2D and 3D component as well as drag to reshape, the code gets a bit more complicated. If you’re fine setting dimensions with the width and height parameters, this should be straight forwards. If you’re new to scripting, I recommend learning python, as it is a modern and well documented language. I also recommend creating a file with a simple sample object and choosing File>Export>Export to Script. You can open the script in a text editor, find the section on object creation, and have a good start to your code.
  26. I am trying to attach a VW moving light clamp to a moving light as an accessory so when I attach it to a VW piece of truss it hangs correctly from the clamp and not just attaches to the truss clamp-less, but am struggling. Any help appreciated. Thanks Phil
  27. @jblock Update invalidated my license 😕 however I've been upgraded to 2020 and that works completly fine. Think something is faulty in 2019 in relation to my system.
  28. No lights will import into Twinmotion from a VW export. They will export into .c4d however. Twinmotion is sort of a closed system.
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