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  2. Luis M Ruiz

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    I am going to take a guess here. Are you using Image Effects on top of that viewport? (v2019) is that box checked when you hit update?
  3. I am having some issues with my plant database in Landmark 2018. I recently bought a license and I keep getting error messages when trying to search or modify any plants that I am trying to use. The message says "The primary file 'Plant Database is either not part of this application, is damaged, or is already open." It's not already open. As an aside...is it worth it to purchase 3D plant libraries and from what source is best? I am enjoying creating 3D models but the variety of plants available is not that diverse.
  4. Pat Stanford

    Draw Negative of Arc?

    Darn, I hate it when @MullinRJ, @michaelk, and @Steven L. Shelley, know more about VW than I do. 😞
  5. Pat Stanford

    Draw Negative of Arc?

    Darn, I hate it when @MullinRJ, @michaelk, and @Steven L. Shelley, know more about VW than I do. 😞
  6. Jonathan Pickup

    Best way to create site model without VW Landscape?

    you don't need landmark to create a site model, the commands you need are in Architect, in the AEC menu. You can create a site model from 3D loci, stake objects, or 3D polygons.
  7. Jonathan Pickup

    Different component heights or layers?

    put them on the same layer and set them to the different heights. Having too many layers would get confusing.
  8. MullinRJ

    Draw Negative of Arc?

    Craig, Alternately, you can use the Reshape Tool, 3rd option - Change Vertex Mode, assuming as Pat did that this is a 2D Polygon. 1) Select the polygon, and double click on the Reshape Tool. This opens up the Fillet Settings dialogue box. (You can also click on the last icon on the far right – Reshape Tool Preferences.) Set the radius to the width of your rafter. 2) Select the Change Vertex Mode (1st group), and the Fillet (Circular Arc) Point Mode (2nd group). 3) Click on the vertex to modify. In your example, it's the lower left vertex. (Ignore my units, it's just an example. Use your rafter width instead.) Pat's right, there are other ways, but easier is a judgement call. Pick one you like and keep going. HTH, Raymond
  9. Yesterday
  10. Pat Stanford

    Draw Negative of Arc?

    If this is 2D (and maybe even 3D), you can use the Fillet tool. Alternatively, do a 2-step process to make a "cutting shape". Since the positive arc is much easier to draw, Draw a slightly bigger than needed square or rectangle and draw the arc on top. Select both and Clip Surface. This will give you the "negative" shape you are looking for. Place this shape over your rafter and Clip Surface again (if you have more than one, you probably want to duplicate your "cutting shape" first so you don't have to recreate it). If you are in 3D, you can do basically the same thing, but after you make the negative shape, extrude it. You can make it way over length so it is easier to align with your 3D rafter. Then select the 3D cutting shape and the rafter and Subtract Solids. And there are probably several other easier ways that I am not thinking of right now. Ask again if these are not clear enough.
  11. CraigC

    Draw Negative of Arc?

    I need to cut the end of this rafter so that it has the rounded profile as shown. How is this done?
  12. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    Best way to create site model without VW Landscape?

    You can use 3D locus to generate a site model, but you need at least have the Architect module installed.
  13. I have a condition where there is a roof height change as shown in the attached image. In order for the wall at the taller roof to L-join with the wall at the roof peak, I had to trim the wall into two parts (at tall roof and at lower roof). That's all fine, except that in 2D plan, after turning off the class for the wall the roof peak, I'm getting a break in the wall that should have been continuous on a 2D plan (as shown in the second attached image). All the walls are on the same layer. Is there a better way of modeling this type of condition? Thanks in advance!
  14. I need to create numerous trellises at various heights. Would you simply create these on the 1-floor layout design layer at their varying heights, or would you create different design layers for each trellis height?
  15. EAlexander

    Weird horizontal lines in OpenGL render.

    Usually this indicates overlapping geometry. Check if you have intersecting objects or doubled up objects. When two solids occupy the same x, y, z space, VW struggles to know which to show, so you get that look in open GL.
  16. Projx_CA

    Truss Frames (screen box)

    Is there a workaround to get braceworks to calculate a vertical truss box? I have no trouble building the box, connecting all objects and rotating to vertical. Braceworks believes there are FEM forces on a strictly vertical load. This is using Christie Lites B-Type. Screen Frame Test.vwx
  17. One thing I've occasionally found when importing SketchUp objects is that a single SketchUp texture might import into Vectorworks as hundreds or thousands of separate textures, one of for each polygon in the model... depending on how it was originally mapped in SketchUp. This has severely slowed otherwise simple imports. This may or may not be related to the issue at hand.
  18. frozenwaffles

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    Hi, have you done a rebuild of your computer? What are you running? Mac or PC? if windows, what version?
  19. GloriamLT

    [HELP] Vision pan, tilt

    @Mark Eli Thank you! I'll try!
  20. zoomer

    Weird horizontal lines in OpenGL render.

    You have Lines Option on and nearly perpedicular view to the View ? You could try background OpenGL and Hidden Line on top in a SL Viewport. But as far as I know HL has also problems with "1 Point Perspectives" (called Central Perspective ?) I assume the wired Lines would go away as soon as you start to rotate your view a bit sideways, so that it will be a true 2-3 point perspective. May not help you anyway ...
  21. Hmmh, for my Revit Imports it was mainly just dashed and dotted lines that were exploded into 3D Polygons. Beside that lots of separate 3D Faces, that VW also does not like that much and unnecessary usage of Symbols for single objects.
  22. Pat Stanford

    Looking for a good VW Podcast

    Sorry to toot my own horn, but.... I don't know of anything recent. A long time ago (2008-2009) Dan Jansenson and I did "The Podcad Podcast - News, Hints, and Opinion from the world of Vectorworks" We had interviews with a number of the notable members of the VW community including Dave Donley, Julian Carr, Francois Levy, Sam Jones, Robert Anderson, and a number of others. Some of the information is dated, some is still useful. Downloadable from http://podcad.tv/Home.html
  23. zoomer

    Joining 3 walls with different styles

    Yes, I have set it to "never" since 2014 - it just doesn't work 🙂
  24. I add that I would wish to find+replace anywhere, in Layers, Classes, Stories, Levels, .....
  25. Michael Schroeder

    Worksheet Image Crop Issue

    All of a sudden my worksheet images are being cropped. Settings for Image are custom scale 1:48, Top/Plan Anyone know how to fix this?
  26. View this posting on our website ARCHITECTURAL TECHNICIAN Residential Designer – Intermediate level The successful candidate will be a team player that is experienced with residential design & construction, producing permit drawings and navigating the road to permitted new custom homes, major renovations, infills & laneways. The role requires the candidate to be highly organized, collaborative, detail oriented and willing to take on multiple projects with diligence and consistency. We are looking for a high level of professionalism, a proactive attitude, strong work ethic, the ability to prioritize and keep production moving while maintaining a high standard of drawing product. Only those with a portfolio and the necessary understanding of building technology, experience with permit submissions & CAD skill set need apply. Our ideal candidate would be looking for a place to grow their knowledge base, collaborate and contribute to excellence within the residential design-build industry. Requirements: • A technical Diploma or relevant University Degree • 3-5 years related professional CAD experience at a minimum • Specific experience with residential design & construction in BC • Exceptional english written and oral communication skills • Recognized analytical and research skills • The ability to handle a heavy workload, multitask and prioritize • A strong work ethic with an attention to detail Only applicants with a digital portfolio as part of application will be considered – please provide attachments or link to web-portfolio when applying Ideal Applicant may also have: • Vectorworks specific experience considered a strong asset • Specific experience with City of Vancouver Building Bylaws considered a strong asset • 3D CAD experience considered an asset • landscaping experience considered an asset Responsibilities will include: •Production of permit and construction drawings in Vectorworks •Problem solving the building science within •Navigating Part 9 building code •Contributing to the design and estimating of projects •Responding to requests for information through the build •Coordinating with subconsultants and authorities having jurisdiction Remuneration: A competitive salary based on experience and a shared benefits package after probationary period will be offered to the successful candidate who will be welcomed into a valued and motivated team of design and construction professionals. To apply to any of the postings above, please send your cover letter, resume and portfolio to careers[at]novelldesignbuild[dot]com. We would like thank all those who show interest in working with us, however, only selected candidates will be contacted directly. Our office is by appointment only – and so please no drop-ins. Novell Design Build is committed to employment equity and encourages applications from all qualified candidates.

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    I'm still having this issue in VW 2019 Service Pack 3!
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