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  2. mike m oz

    Structural Member Tool

    The Framing Member tool has the capability to use a custom profile.
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  4. Benson Shaw

    Viewport overrides and 3d objects

    I think those hatches on 3d objects we see elsewhere are only applied via renderworks textures built in hatch. I'm not sure ALL textures can have an added hatch, but the texture edit/create dialog includes an Edit Hatch button where a hatch can be (usually?) added. There may be some limits on which views can display the hatch (Plan only?). I didn't test just now. Maybe later. -B
  5. 1. Expand the Fastener Tool functions in the Fastener Tool Set to include additional common configs: A. Drive config selection: phillips, square, Torx, hex, hex pin, etc for all the included head types. B. Head type selection: bugle (drywall), others . . . C. Screw body selection: Threaded rod 2. Fastener Tool modes (3d & 2d) Nut, Washer, Lock Washer, Shoulder Screw, Set Screw Enhance these with OIP Replace or Config function similar to Replace function of standard vwx Symbols. eg to make a threaded rod with a nut: create a set screw, orient as needed, Duplicate, Replace the duplicate with Nut. 3. VWX includes other fasteners in the Details tool set - Wood Screw, Sheet Metal Screw. A. Either fold these into a massive Fastener Tool, or move them from the Details tool set into the Fastener tool set. B. Enhance to include additional common head and drive configurations. Forum - Please expand this or comment about faults and problems therein. -B
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  7. Yes, annoying if you have one or two but workable. Painfully if you have lots.
  8. Benson Shaw

    Phillips Head Fasteners ?

    Fastener Tool and other options in the Fasteners tool set seem to avoid the phillips head or cross slot options. I've often wondered about this and think it's an oversight - overlooked for many versions. Should be corrected! Let's make a wish! The Detail tool set includes "cross slot" 3d Wood Screws and 3d Sheet Metal Screws. Also, why are these fasteners in the Details rather than the Fasteners tool set? Seems legacy rather than logical They can be moved/added to the Fastener Tool Set via the workspace editor - if it's worth it. One could make a Symbol combining a screw head and a set screw and some washers (not shown). @cberg Messed a bit with your file. Sorry 'bout that. -B Nutty Screw2.vwx
  9. JHEarcht

    Backup file lost

    Previous phases of the current project have backed-up to the general project folder. The current drawing is set to backup to the same VW Backup folder every 15 minutes, and to save 2 copies. The "backup complete" notice in the lower right corner of the screen displays from time to time. But when I screwed something up and wanted to open the backup, I could find the older ones, but not the most recent version of the current drawing. So, I have lost some work. And I'm clueless where it was backing up to. A general search found only the general backup folder with older files. Just to test, I put a "custom" backup folder on the desktop, and the saved files were there when I looked. I can't seem to make the drawing save into the default backup folder. Any ideas?
  10. My escape key is not reliably canceling drafting operations. The only way I can, for example, cancel drafting a polyline is to switch to another tool and then back to the polyline tool to begin drafting again. This is significantly impacting the speed at which I can draft. I am unable to replicate this issue in 2018 and seem to be only a 2019 issue. VW 2019 SP4 Build 490894 MacBook Pro Sierra 10.12.6
  11. They're ok, lots of janky elements to each, but they're not made for presentation, more like made for client comment and direction-pointing. Remember that VWX's render package is a subset of C4D, which means it's CPU-bound, not so much with the GPU rendering. Lots of info / opinion about that on this site.
  12. Josh Schulman

    Structural Member Tool

    I'm working with a drawing of a convention center and the beams that all the rigging comers off of are not of a type listed in the structural member tool. They are 68DLH18. Is there a way to make beams like this using this tool?
  13. Yes, confirming that it only crashes on this file. New files created from my template seem to be ok. Thanks for your input Wes.
  14. Nashalyn

    Renderworks Cache Issues

    any recent notice of this issue?
  15. Samuel Derenboim

    Design Detail viewports

    Hi Everyone, Don't know if everyone has this, but detail section viewports, can the layers be greyed out? For me that seems to be an issue as - if i enable the greyed out layers or the full view layers, they all appear the same. Note i have the latest version (2019) and service pack 4. Thanks for your help!
  16. JustinVH

    spacers on truss corner block

    @rajaikhalil I took a look at your file and fixed your corner block. The issue was that when you added the spacers to the left side of the block you did not move all the geometry to make sure that the left side of the truss is centered at (0,0). In order for things to work properly the starting point for any truss symbol needs to be at (0,0) because all of the measurements originate from this point. I simply moved the geometry so that the spacers were now the beginning of the truss and not the corner block. Also, if you wanted to just use your spacer version of the corner as a cross and no top or bottom connections you can set it up as an X-corner which simply uses the width and height measurements instead of the complex custom menu. I have made you two versions of the corrected corner with one setup as a custom and one setup as an X-corner (V2 Corrected in the resource name). Hopefully, if you make more custom symbols in the future you can use these as a reference if you get stuck. An updated file is attached and let me know if you have any further questions. Justin corner block corrected.vwx
  17. rajaikhalil

    spacers on truss corner block

    here is the filecorner block.vwx
  18. Matt Panzer

    Disappearing symbols geometry in HSVP (after SP4 update)

    Thanks Kevin. I'll take a look.
  19. A.D.K.

    Insert Point being weird

    Sorry, I don't understand which numbers I should be comparing. If I click, say, the centre of a circle, and paste in a fixture that has a populated legend, the insert point of that fixture is not where I clicked. Your "bounding box" theory sounds correct. But why on earth would they apply that to lighting fixtures and their label legends?? EDIT: I reread and I think I understand what you were saying. I explained myself poorly: I don't mean that the insertion point of the fixture changes relative to the rest of the fixture symbol, I mean that it pastes based on some point other than the insertion point of the fixture. Does that make sense?
  20. @mjm Those look great. I've been video card shopping for another build, and this reinforces that no matter how many times I read that Tom's Hardware article, I do not understand video card nomenclature. Cheers and thanks!
  21. klinzey

    Insert Point being weird

    This is strange. The insertion point of the lighting device should not change. Many tools use the bounding box center of the entire object. Pasting an object is probably going to use the bounding box center rather then the object's insertion point if you are pasting the object at a location. If you look at the location reported in the OIP of the lighting device it should match the insertion point in the drawing.
  22. markdd

    Human Figures?

    This account in 3D warehouse has some good human figures which I used the other day. The import really well into Vectorworks. Heres a render I did the other day...... https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/user/ued9c3d4f-0dfe-4ea9-af4b-3fc48f8e426d/YOGA-BINHAR
  23. Yup, I do some in 3d, which I have found to be an effective communication tool. Because most of my clients are NFPs, there generally isn't $$ for me to generate a complete set of 3D docs for any given event, however, the renders of the type shown are incredibly useful in terms of delivering intent and checking client interest.
  24. Does Vectorworks have Phillips head fasteners, in 3d? I've been looking for them and couldn't find... Nutty Screw.vwx
  25. A.D.K.

    Saving to PDF

    @Bob Keenan I don't know if you use WYSIWYG at all, but I've found the Cast-Soft PDF printer much more usable for Vectorworks than the Microsoft Print to PDF. Don't know if you can get your hands on it without a licensed WYG install, but if you already have it it might be worth a try.
  26. Anna Guzman


    @Boh THANK YOU! this sounds very helpful as well! I´ll work with both and see which one better works for us! thanks!
  27. Ethan R.

    Human Figures?

    2019 and I'm still hunting down decent human figures. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks! Ethan
  28. I think I'll be doing a lot more in RM instead of LLM. LLM is awful. Off topic, but are the video card specs in your signature accurate? How's that working for you? Do you do much 3D?
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