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  2. designosaur

    Site-Protection Server

    Our institution has installed new Vectorworks 2019 software on our Macs, we have entered license details, but the software will not run. A dialogue box is asking for 'primary server' details. Our TS team say this is looking for a 'Site-Protection Server', which has yet to be set up on our network to allow these software to run. We have requested this to be set up. According to Launching the Vectorworks Site Protection Server info, 'The Vectorworks Site Protection Server machine requires a protection key (dongle)' I assume this is a dongle for Vectorworks software specifically?: Where are these dongles obtained? Is this dongle set up on a networked remote PC (that does not run Vectorworks) or a machine running Vectorworks (local Mac)? Where can I find detailed instructions to set this system up to run Vectorworks 2019? Thanks !
  3. A huge workflow efficiency would be the ability to reference specific layers and class visibilities as saved in a view. File A may contain multiple layers. File B references File A, and in order to replicate a specific set of layers and classes seen in File A, we currently have to do this manually. Being able to reference a Saved View would be a huge time-saver. I am currently playing catch-up with a model. Design Team produce ever changing 2D sketches. I reference their sketch files and have to maintain the background data to make sure I haven't missed anything. Referencing a set of layers associated to a saved view and have the referenced background update when the saved view changes would be extremely useful. As with all things 'Workgroup Reference' related we need the ability to do this irrespective of choice of reference methodology. FYI Microstation can do this.
  4. jcogdell

    Export Lighting Devices to DWG

    Vectorworks as a founding memeber of the GDTF Group, is currently working on establishing a new set of file and data transfer standards and protocols for the entertainment industry. Similar to how IFC and BIM have been established for the Architectural and Engineering industries. GDTF is a universal file type and protocol for the control of lighting fixtures and any other dmx controllable device that will function for any participating Lighting console, Previs application or CAD package. Effectively it is hoped that this will replace the need for each individual console type, CAD package or PreVis application to use a separate unique personality file or symbol. MVR is designed as a universal standard and file type for 2 way communications between CAD software, Lighting consoles and PreVis packages. It will establish a base standard/protocol for how each participating application stores and references data. This in turn will mean that any participating application will be able to correctly import from and export to any other participating application. An example of the potential of this is exporting an MVR from Spotlight that will automatically patch your lighting console and include all relevant fixture personality files needed by the console (in the form of GDTF's). You can then make a change to the patch in the console and export an MVR back to Spotlight with the changes to keep everything up to date. This can be repeated as many times as needed to finish your design! For more info about both GDTF and MVR, check out the GDTF share website https://gdtf-share.com/ On the website you can find a list of companies that are involved. If you use software from a company not yet involved, I recommend getting in contact with the developers and making the case that you would like to see them take part. The more users such as yourselves that get involved and use the new standards the quicker we can establish GDTF and MVR as the standards for our industry.
  5. Huwcyn

    VW 2008; Windows 10

    Sorry for the delay in replying and thanking you for your response Jim.
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  7. Kohli

    Japanese Font Issue VW 2019 Mac Version

    @Pat Stanford Thanks for the reply Pat. I'm not very familiar with the encoding of fonts and how it works, but if I understand you correctly, the font shouldn't print (or pdf) but on the contrary, I can make a pdf of the single sheet using print command; but it doesn't work for the publishing. Is there a way to define which font should it replace for only unsupported characters, but keep using the same for supported characters. I can, of course, use a different font but that's not what we want to do.
  8. Phileas

    Pad Modifiers disappearing

    @Mike Lamb yeah right I'm on VW2018 Here's the screen recording showing exactly what I explained. I've already redrawn a few of the modifiers, like the one I show in the beginning that shows the adjustment handles. Problem.mov And here's the file: EXE CR59.vwx
  9. I have a worksheet with a column which has some colored cells (contents are calculated from other areas of worksheet if relevant). Is there a way to use say an IF to test if a cell is a given color and add it to a total? There don't seem to be any functions dealing with accessing worksheets. VW 2012 SP4, Win64
  10. Pat Stanford

    Saved View Navigation

    Use the PlugIn Editor under the Tools:Plugins menu. Create a new Command. Edit the Script. For the script enter: VRestore('Name of Saved View to Restore'); obviously change the string to be the name of your saved view. Then add that command to your workspace and add a keyboard shortcut using the Workspace editor. Take a look at this thread for more information, and ask again if you need more help.
  11. Jim Smith

    Older versions of VW on older OSX

    Update: I've just read on an Apple Forum that Power PC applications won't work past OS 10.6 & I assume that older Vectorwoks 12 through VW 2008 or 2009 will not run. Is this correct?
  12. Jim Smith

    Older versions of VW on older OSX

    I have a 2010 MacBook Pro that runs OSX 10.6.8 that I've been reluctant to update to a newer OS as I don't know if things like VW 2008 or VW 12 will run with a newer OS. My Question is; how "new" an OS can I install and still run these older versions of the software?
  13. I'm trying to create a report - either in VW2019 or LW6 that lists minimum number of circuits per position. It seemed the "insert position summary" in VW would do this, I managed to do it for a position initially, but now all I get is "a script error occured - and the error output says there's a "right bracket expected" If I can format it in a way to position on the plot, I would do it with position summary - if it were working - or a report, or a LW report. What's the best way to do this? I only have channels assigned - no dimmers - trying to save the M.E. some time by giving him a count for what they need for each position.
  14. Jim Smith


    @lgoodkind Add this to the wish list, so we can vote this up. I've just re-listed a spelling related issue.
  15. The Spell Check File should be able to be imported from one iteration of the programme to another. With each new iteration of the programme, additions to the spell check need to be re-added to the spell check, not just regional issues such as Colour & Centre but common abbreviations like D1, D2 et cetera, et cetera.
  16. When dealing with files imported from others it would be super handy to have and Edit Class option at the top of the list similar to New Class.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm currently doing planting design and found the figure showing different direction. I've attached a screenview. It only started this morning. The same figure was normal yesterday. Could anyone explain what happened and how to fix? Thank you!
  18. Bex000

    Help Needed: Coloured 2D Trees?

    Question.. Can you have colour on mass planted trees, when the original symbol came from the Black and White library? Thanks BEX
  19. This continues to be a problem for me. I have an external monitor, and when I disconnect my MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar from that monitor my workspace layout goes away. The only way to get it back is to manually reset the palette locations and sizes. The way Vectorworks manages workspaces is completely opposite of how every other app does this. I want to be able to create a workspace for my "big" monitor, and one for my "small" monitor. I switch back and forth and they stay as I have set them. There should be a modify workspace command, and a "save changes" command.
  20. Yesterday
  21. I've noticed that if I use a callout and then add multiple leader lines.... but then later decide to change the line thickness, only the original leader line thickness changes. The added ones still have the same thickness as when the additional leader line was created. Has anyone else had this issue or noticed it as a problem? Attached is an example. It's not a huge problem, but it's still annoying to have to delete the additional leader lines and then redraw them.
  22. apStudio149

    Vectorworks 19 Font List

    Thanks for doing that list @KGreenmun nice simple reference, was going to make my own but you saved me the time ūüôā
  23. Is there any chance of this being available 'on demand'? Unfortunately, I'm working all day on the 23rd.
  24. gettinalllandscapey

    Circles in Circle

    Thanks Marissa, much appreciated!
  25. Mike Lamb

    Pad Modifiers disappearing

    Hi Phileas, any chance you could attach your file here, and post a short screen capture video of your workflow? You're on 2018, right?
  26. anarablehill

    Assign an object values

    Thanks for your reply! I created 2D symbols. With your help I was able to do the following: I made a record I can apply to symbols that can automatically assign it to new inserted symbols. Now I'd like to create one sheet to show more than one record. I'd also like to only show the total for the sheet and not each item. (2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc) Do I need to show zero values? I added them so there would be a column whether there is an ingredient value or not since more symbols will be added later.
  27. Boh


    I posted it on a similar thread on Tues 21 (maybe 20th for you).
  28. michaelk

    Cutting in to a Solid Subtraction

    Nope. The 2018 vwx won't open on the professional version either. The .dwf imports as nothing but lines in 3D space.
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