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  3. On top of my main Floor Object, I created a 1/16" thick Floor Object for a bathroom and added a floor tile texture to it. Nothing. I edited the Floor Object (which is necessary to get Floor Objects and even Roof Faces to display their textures (VWIS078)) but, still, nothing. Finally, when I zoomed out, the texture became visible. When I zoomed back in again... it disappeared. I seems that the more one zooms out, the greater the difference between the top surfaces of floor objects needs to be in order for their textures to display... VWIS169
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  5. MaltbyDesign

    Textures on Site Model

    Hi Wes, Adjusting the 3D Fill didn't seem to work, nor did adjusting the 3D Triangles. I then decided to try deleting the dark grass texture from the resource manager for this model and the drawing updated to show the lighter grass texture. I got the result I was after but not sure how! Thanks for your help!
  6. genie

    VW2020 Detail Levels

    @Matt Panzer Has this replaced the "Show Plan Detail" option in both Doors & Windows plug-in objects? I can't seem to find that option anymore in 2020.
  7. Just had the same problem again (not for the first time since upgrading to VW 2020) - This is just a simple 2D site development layout, no renderings or complex 3D model - Really not good enough. 500GB SSD Hard drive - There should be more than enough juice in my mac to cope with this.
  8. This is where I am going to have to disagree. What you are producing needs to be fit-for-purpose, not BIM for the sake of BIM. And what part of BIM, are you referring to? Information, or the model? After all, the model is just another form of data. That is why there are LOD definitions for modelling, because modelling every extruded profile, screw and rivet brings most BIM packages to their knees (although maybe not ArchiCAD, and Vw 2020 is much better with large models). Why explain with extensive modelling what a spreadsheet can do more simply? And regarding detailing, how do you convey flashings and elements that are so thin that they are lost in a model? (Maybe there might be UI improvements to be able to display this within an exploded model view - but once again, why model the whole building when one detail would do) You need to understand each data medium (model, 2D drawing, schedule, spreadsheet, and so on) and what each does well to suit each purpose. Architecture is hard. There is rarely one size fits all (unless your work is extremely repetitive - and then maybe Revit would be more appropriate.) Vectorworks is mostly a design-BIM tool, that can also document. Revit’s strength is as a documentation tool. Hope that wasn’t too rambling.
  9. lenny

    Materials Worksheet

    Hello I'm trying to find out the best way to export a list of materials used in walls, slabs and the roof. I'd need the material, size, volume etc. I'm not sure how to create this worksheet. Nor do i know how to look it up anywhere. Has anyone done this? Im' assuming I'd have to make record formats and add information on each walls data tab. Thank you Len
  10. laurakukulski

    VW wont get behind other applications

    Normally I would think this was an operating system problem but it is only happening with VW so I am hoping someone else has encountered this and knows howto fix it. When using Vectorworks I can not use bring any other application to the front. Using Alt-Tab does not work and neither does clicking on another application either from the the dock or clicking on a bit of the app I can see behind VW. using VW 2019 on a PC running Window 10 Pro
  11. bbudzon

    Codec for Render Movie

    If you are talking about creating a rendered movie from Vision via a DMX Recording, we always write our videos out as MPEG-1. We've recently discovered this is what is causing a crash when rendering at a resolution of 4096x2160 as MPEG-1 only supports up to 4095x4095 (ie; our height was one pixel too tall for the codec). We're going to remove this option for now, but would like to investigate other export formats. If you have any suggestions/insights that would be great! If you are talking about reading a video file off of disk for playback in Vision, the generally consensus has been "If the OS can play it, we can play it." I'm not very familiar with the code that handles this as it was written well before my time. But if we need to support better codecs here, it would be good to know that customers would like it investigated!
  12. Hello everyone, I have noticed a couple of strange things while using VWX2020 on Windows. 1. When in Top/Plan view - I click & drag to move Pipe & Drape object, or group of them, the Z axis changes for the drape? I have never experienced this before. 2. When in Top/Plan view - I move a truss on one layer, and it then moves a pipe & drape section on a different layer? I have never experienced this before either? Any input on how to NOT associate items to a truss, and to not changing Z axis while moving along the X Y planes would be greatly appreciated... Sincerely, db System: Custom built PC i9-9900k, 64g RAM, 2TB SSD, AMD Vega Frontier edition.
  13. nicolas06

    Rotation issue

    ok, I grouped the base and the clamps together and then attaches the record format with base ticked. All good . Thanx for the answers.
  14. Amorphous - Julian

    Counter Top Options for Custom Cabinet

    @Tom Klaber totally agree with all the above. As it is, none of the cabinet tools give us visually how cabinets should show in plan. So the 2D-3D workflow is not smooth. Take this laundry with base cabinet, overhead cabinet, and two full-height cabinet on either sides. I look at this drawing and think to myself: this doesn't communicate anything remotely like what it should. I can't control: - door swing to show - overhead cabinet to show dotted - full height cabinets to show sides and back (in thicker lines) - base cabinet to dot in carcass - in 3D, the basin doesn't cut into the cabinet or countertop - I cant show one continuous counter to cover the joints in base unit. Would love to see this tool improved
  15. Wes Gardner

    Textures on Site Model

    @MaltbyDesign...mine seems to work OK. In the Graphic Properties dialog, I set "3D Fill" to a Class (in the example it's called "Turf") and then in the class structure, set that class's Texture to something like grass and it seems to "take." Additionally, when that class's texture is changed, the site model reflects that change. This is when I'm using the 3D Extruded Contours option. This kind of resembles that stepped look we used to get in A-school when we built site models from foam core or cardboard. Is this what you're trying to do? Additionally, if I use the 3D Mesh option in order to get smooth terrain, I had to set the 3D Triangles category also to the class called "Turf"." Wes
  16. Amorphous - Julian

    Hidden Line to be 'LIVE' or 'INSTANT', just like in Revit

    A number of forum users have DM'd me on this topic. And I thank everyone for their input and guidance. In the end, it seems everyone's struggle boils down to one question: TO BIM, OR NOT TO BIM? Now, as far as I'm concerned, BIM means BIM. There is no half-way point. A hybrid 2D/3D drafting process, where information of BIM objects cannot be 'called out' in any part of the documentation (because drawings are flattened) IS NOT BIM. A process where 3D modelling doesn't live-update the 2D drawings (including section etc), IS NOT BIM. If I can draw a consensus, it's that we would love to implement FULL BIM, but the inefficiencies of the Vectorworks package in terms of speedy 3D workflow is preventing us from doing so. In recognition of that, our office is going to roll back our implementation of FULL BIM, and revert back to a 2D-drafting process. WE WILL 'BLOW-UP' ALL OF OUR 3D VIEWPORTS But wait- there currently is no efficient way to do this in Vectorworks! While viewports can be converted into 'groups' or 'polygons', they are converted in the wrong scale (on sheet), and are not placed inside the Viewport's Annotation Space for further editing. Fear not! Enter a script that @Julian Carr developed for us to resolve this Problem. Julian's script does the following: (1) - Auto-updates the selected viewport (2) - Makes a copy of the updated geometries, including hatches (3) - Places the geometries, at the correct sale, inside the annotation space of the viewport (4) - Turns off all design layers so there is no overlap (user can choose) [Note this script only works for Sections and Elevations, not Plan] I took the liberty to share this amazing Script here. You can all thank @Julian Carr for it. This script is an absolute time-saver, and right now a life-saver for us. We think the functions contained in this script should be included with Vectorworks as a standard. ...Meanwhile, goodbye to the dream of full BIM in 2019. we are full swing into 2D drafting. Back to 'year 2010' we go.... CopyVPContent2Annotation.vss.zip
  17. Upgrading my trusty old 2009 MacBook Pro to a new-to-me 2015 version has thrown up the issue of my 2010 and 2014 Vectorworks not working on the new machine. If anyone has a copy of 2018 available for sale, that would be a huge help.
  18. I have had a similar experience with worksheets. What worked for my workaround was to import the worksheets that crashed the app in a new blank file.... then open the worksheet make an insignificant change, then save the blank file, then import back the worksheet into the initial drawing file where it failed.
  19. It would be great if the capacity of Custom Cabinets could grow to include countertops, backsplash, and sink modules. Even better, if you could insert sinks into cabinets like you can insert doors in walls.
  20. Zeno

    Parametric Books

    I have some problem to download the 2.2 version. I can't go up to 70 kb/sec
  21. Ultimately - and I could be alone - I prefer to simply place my elevation tag / Section Tag - and link it to a viewport rather than having the exact 1 to 1 relationship - again because sometimes - graphically, we need to adjust that tag - and currently we can not. I am sooo into this new data tag system where the tags are reading information but still are their own objects. I really think that is the best direction to go as far as all annotations.
  22. JetSet86

    How to use the truss tool sets properly?

    @Rob Books Thank you! I did try this with the truss libraries and will now do it for some of the others we need as well.
  23. JetSet86

    How to use the truss tool sets properly?

    @BSeigel Thank you so much for the help! This worked!
  24. grant_PD

    Kickass render machine?

    If it's OpenGL as a rendering style for viewports, you want a great graphics card. Hidden line/dashed hidden is all CPU, and I believe is still single core although I could be wrong there. You can usually tell if your viewports' rendering style is using the CPU because you will see the render being built one chunk at a time, which is how the cores are "bucketing" the render.
  25. jmarchitect

    Vectorworks 2014 not working on my MacBook Pro

    Thank you JuanP.
  26. TomKen

    Kickass render machine?

    In our office we use a hybrid B.I.M. approach to our projects. This means that we are using life building sections, elevations, wall sections and interior elevations. When generating a publish set a lot time is spent updating viewports. Am I correct in thinking that the elevations that use a renderworks style will take advantage of all available cores? Therefore more cores better. What about the live building sections what part of my computer system would I need to improve to have have faster update times for out of date viewports. CPU cores, CPU clock speed, or graphics card.
  27. Pat Stanford

    How to change format of revision date format in title blocks

    Unfortunately I think this uses the Short Date settings from System Preferences:Language & Region:Advanced... So to change it for the revision date, you have to be willing to live with that format as the format for your computer in general. 😞
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