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  2. bcd

    Solar Access

    You can demonstrate it by running a Solar Animation from the Helidon object. Place the Heidon with the correct geographical location & rotation with respect to the model. Be sure you've modeled all the obstructions. View>Rendering>Open GL Options>Use Shadows View your model in 3d so you can see the relevant elevation of the apartment Select the Helidon, in the OIP run Solar Animation You can outupt a movie file and take clips from this to demonstrate
  3. Phileas

    Cutain Wall Tool

    I'm trying to create this type of basement separation walls for a model: I thought that this was a job for the curtain wall tool, so I tried to create a wall style for this, but I have a problem I can't solve: either the horizontal or the vertical wooden planks aren't continuous. they always get interrupted by the ones going in the opposite direction. Is there a fix for this? I can't find the option for it. Do I have to make two separate curtain walls?
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  5. designosaur

    Site-Protection Server

    JuanP - Yes! I am now and running with 2019. Thanks so much. The Site protection server is running on my machine, but we have some other users who will be installing and running VectorWorks on a site license. How does this work with other users, do they each install this software on their macs?
  6. Ewaryst

    Imported DWG files very slow in vw

    Those elements that you talk about are classes (interior architecture design) that are above the 2d symbol which is the building construction: that's how they look when I turn off the 2d symbol: And when I open the edit symbol window, the drawing gets bigger:
  7. Tim Harland

    Fixed Data Fields in Record Formats

    Hi Pat, How do you make records invisible? That could work although still has the issue that the data cant be updated in a central library. I have used the data attached to an object inside the smbol as a worksaround before, it works well for scheduling, it is just that the new data tag tool, (which is great and had so many uses BTW) then can't access this data as far as I can tell? I have tested out ifc too - when you change ifc data for a symbol in the resource manager it updates all instances of the symbol in the file where the symbol is located, unfortunately it doesn't push that across to symbols in referenced files as far as I can tell.
  8. SVA Architects

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Just a reminder (to me included) that this thread is about Mojave compatibility....
  9. A full version of Twinmotion is now free to download (and keep forever). Vectorworks should definitely have a plugin/livesync for Twinmotion. A plugin is already available for Lumion, but Lumion Pro set you back 3300 $ or 1600 $ for the standard edition which includes far less content than Twinmotion. https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/twinmotion
  10. Phileas

    Pad Modifiers disappearing

    @Mike Lamb - Glad to hear you've improved the site modeling in VW 2019. However, I don't have the possibility to upgrade (despite really wanting to), because this is the computer of the Office I'm currently working in, and my boss refuses to get the upgrade. Guess I'll have to redraw all the modifiers by hand 😞 Or, did you manage to "repair" them by opening the file in VW2019? If that's the case, could you share the repaire file so I can try and see if I can get them back?
  11. BenG

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Jeremy, You are right. I have done the same thing - made the same mistakes. So, I try to keep that in mind as I draw. For example, I start with small fillets and if they take, I increase them up to what I want. But when one side will take fillets and the other identical side won’t, I don’t know what the cause is. When Push/Pull won't work, but will when I simply change the view, there is something screwy going on. Many times joined edges are not flush when they were drawn flush. I guess an accuracy problem. PP may or may not fix it, but I have been able to use PP to pull the surface way out, and then it will properly make them flush. However, I have used PP to pull a surface out, then it quits working - wont go in or out. Over the years I have learned a number of work arounds and things to try, but it is still very frustrating to waste hours on things that should work.
  12. Dean Barker

    Custom projectors

    Thank you, Andy. That helped. I just wasn't doing the "attach record" at the right part of the sequence. This opens a whole new world for me.
  13. Matt Overton

    Navigating Layers

    Yes please. Also would be useful have an option to navigate visible layers only.
  14. Jeremy Best

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Hi @Ben G, Back in 2013 I did a lot of 3D modelling using Vectorworks and encountered many instances where fillet edge and other 3D modelling commands seemed to fail without reason, but what I learned was that there are a lot of geometrical constraints that aren't easily communicated to the eye; physical realities that make what is being asked impossible and that it takes some analysis to realise why. Sometimes the reason was that I'd drawn relying too much on mouse-precision which would result in surfaces that looked like they were 5mm wide, then they were 4.998 mm wide making a 5mm fillet/chamfer etc impossible. Sometimes the sequence of operations were critical to the outcome and sometimes the methods I'd used to construct objects created edges that didn't quite connect tangentially. And so on with many other types of unappreciated constraints with other commands and operations.
  15. According to the registration page there are 2 other sessions currently scheduled June 7th and June 27th. Though I'm not sure if those will be discounted like the first one.
  16. NickDLA

    Squre Tubing Tool length

    @mike m oz have you been told today that your are a champion? With VW skills like these I assume the ladies tell you everyday! Thanks mate.
  17. C. Andrew Dunning

    Custom projectors

    Dean - You might want to give this a watch:
  18. Dean Barker

    Custom projectors

    As an exhibit designer I love the video screen tool in Designer to create modeled throws of projections to check for clearances and interferences. But I hate that all the projector models are these behemoths that don't accurately portray the modern smaller units used in the field. I've tried to create my own models and upload them into the "Projector Models" file in the VectorWorks library folder. I can see them in the Projector pop-up field in the Video Screen Object Info Palette, but when one is chosen it always gives me a window that says, "The Symbol you have chosen is not a valid Projector model. Please select a different one." And then "Height from Floor and Lens to Top and Lens to Bottom and Lens to Back and Lens to Front are not readable dimensions of the chosen Symbol." I've attached the record "_VS-ModData" and filled in what seem to be valid dimensions in those fields but still get rejected. What am I doing wrong? Attached are screen shots, one is one of the "canned" projector symbols and the other is a Panasonic short throw I modeled. Why is mine "not readable"? Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me a hint.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Victor S

    Solar Access

    Hi All, I have to provide evidence of min. 3 hours of sun light on a particular day of the year to an apartment building and I was wondering what would be the best way to do so? I am using VW Architect 2019 and Helidon tool for shadows.
  21. agn93

    Student License Extension Request

    Hi, I also have the same problem, I applied for the extension of a student license last week and as it's already the end of the second one, I'm wondering if I need to wait longer or something went wrong? Firstly there was an information that I got an extension but now there's "waiting status" and redownloaded version is still asking to validate the license. My account is registered on the same e-mail address as this one. Thank you for any help!
  22. Brent.A

    CL - B type link bars

    What is the trick to get all of these to connect? It seems to auto rotate the truss segments, not allowing me to connect while rotated. Is there a sweet spot to overlay the forkend connectors?
  23. scottmoore

    lighting for interior rooms

    Agreed on all the above. The thing about lighting and glow textures is that you simply have to dig in and experiment. Everything impacts everything else. Brightness, color, location, rendering styles, ambient light, number of reflections, camera effects, the texture onto which light is projecting, etc. I used to wonder why, in the credits of an animated movie, that they listed personnel for “lighting”. Typically a lot of personnel. I don’t wonder that anymore.
  24. MaWi

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Hi BenG One of my friends is Inventor and designer and he loves Vectorworks. For him Vectorworks has the perfect mix from 3d functionality and simplicity. Incidentally, Nemetschek has never said that Vectorworks is only developed further for architecture or landscape. And f.ex. it is precisely in Spotlight that Vectorworks is the world leader. Back to your shoe horn: For the back part you need from my point of view less than one minute: - 2 extrudes with different radius - 1 hemisphere - 1 Shell Solid - 1 Chamfer Edge For the front part you have two different objects: - One object as counterpart to the back part (modeling like the back part) - The horn For the horn you can use the CSG Modeling System, NURBS or Subdivision. If you don't have experience with NURBS and Subdivisions your should first watch a webinar or some Youtube-Videos. In my simplified-test I used CSG with a Extrude along Path. Best regards, Marc
  25. dwdavedw

    Position Summary / Minimum Circuits needed

    This doesn't work - the report says "No circuits are needed, are dimmers assigned to your lights?" - I don't want to assign dimmers- Our space is basically dimmer per circuit - I want to M.E. assign dimmers based on how many are needed for each position.
  26. pjjmcc

    FOR SALE - Vectorworks 2015 Architect

    hi HHA, Please email me further details on the address in the attached photo, many thanks. Peter
  27. Sally yang

    Planting figure showing different direction--how to fix

    @Tony Kostreski Thank you! That's very helpful! Good to know the plants can be rotated!
  28. scottmoore

    Musical instrument / backline symbols

    Good catch. I’ll update that.
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