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  2. dixonator810

    VW 2020 Download-License issue

    Hello, I am having an issues downloading VW 2020 on my laptop. The download starts and then quits after 5 minutes showing no progress. When double clicked, I receive an error that the file is not a recognizable disk image. I am using Mac OS 10.14.6. I have an E License and it is already installed on my desktop. I feel like it is an authorization of the license issue. Can you please help.
  3. ericjhberg

    Buying New Laptop...Need Recommendations

    Most definitely, either directly through VW or others. We’re using Lumion in the office which I know won’t work on the Mac, so maybe Twinmotion or another competitive product. How does the Mac Radeon graphics card offering stack up against the NVidia options on PCs? Thanks for letting me know. I have a subscription so I should be good then? My current machine has performed so well that I am hoping to get another 8-year turnaround in my investment. I’m afraid that’s wishful thinking though?
  4. rDesign

    Buying New Laptop...Need Recommendations

    Outside of Vw & Catalina issues — you might already be aware of this, but since you mentioned using ‘Adobe Suite’, know that the Adobe Creative Suite does not work on MacOS Catalina. You’ll have to upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud (subscription only) if you want to use MacOS Catalina.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Jonathan Pickup

    Buying New Laptop...Need Recommendations

    are you going to be rendering?
  7. grant_PD

    3d Tiling please!

    I won't use a hatch in VW because it's so difficult to modify/create one. I love tiles but they are just a 2d trick. I would love a "flooring" or "wall tile" tool that you can easily create a pattern with, show up in 2d/3d, and be able to extract some kind of information from (sq footage, item count etc).
  8. I consider myself to be a software geek, but when it comes to hardware...I am a complete novice. I am in the market for a new laptop and I need recommendations. I have been a Macbook Pro guy for years and am currently squeaking by with my mid-2010 model. Honestly it has been a great machine, but it's time has finally come. My quandry is that the new Macbook Pro's just don't seem to offer as much bang for the buck as the earlier models...especially when compared to the rise of other competitors. Apple doesn't seem to care as much about this line as they once did and I am not very impressed with the current lineup. I feel like I have been waiting for years for "the one" to be released and for Apple to get back on the ball, but I'm not sure if that day has come. That said, I have invested into the Apple ecosystem for years, and I don't know if the sacrifice in power, quality, etc. is completely worth entertaining a new PC. My usage is varied. I would love to support Vectorworks as efficiently as possible, but I also do a lot with the Adobe Suite, video editing, and audio editing. If I go Apple, what are the problems with Vectorworks and the Catalina OS release? Curious if anyone has any recommendations/suggestions? I would love to hear.
  9. michaelk

    convert vwx to dwg

    Sorry, that file sets of the piracy alarm and won't open. It's been a long time since one of these has come through. If I'm reading the file header correctly (big if 😁) it looks like it was a very old pirated version. You'll have to go back to whoever supplied that drawing and see if they can help.
  10. Eric Mousse

    2020 Windows in top/plan vue : Bug ?

    It works perfectly now. Thanks for your help !
  11. Antonio Landsberger

    3d Tiling please!

    @Amorphous - Julian Hi Julian, thank you for your feedback. Being responsible for the Marionette tool "Tiles", I will take your suggestions into consideration going forward. Please send me a message with all necessary information of your setup, so I can try and replicate the behavior you are experiencing. I did a quick test just now on my laptop using a square of 20 * 20 meters and the pattern "English Bond". It took about 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  12. Callum Stafford

    convert vwx to dwg

    Hi I am having massive difficulty opening a file i have been sent over the internet but can access it from anywhere, i need it transferring into a dwg file can anyone help. Would be very appreciated.
  13. Hello all, We are stille using VW 2018 because VW2019 did not render 2d items properly in section-viewports: text, arrowheads, dimensionlisne etc are not rendered. I installed VW 2020 last week only to disciver that this 'known bug' is still not solved. Are we the only office that uses 2d items in sections viewport that we would like to see rendered? I discussed this at lenght with our distributor when e first encountered the problem in VW 2019 and they were expecting the problem to be solved in VW 2020. As we have 200+ drawings set us this way we wil have to stick with VW 2018 for another year. That is, if it will be solved in a next upgrade/update otherwise VW 2018 may be our last VW version... Regards, Frank Schnater
  14. @Kevin McAllister @Andy Broomell @Wes Gardner Not sure about you guys, but I'm still scratching my head why Vectorworks 2020 still doesn't have a Gumball style widget for some basic move, rescale, rotate, resize options , such a simple thing that aids efficient workflow massively in any CAD software, am I/we just hoping for something that is not even on the radar ?? Links below to other discussions and one from another software developer who are really utilising this tool (just a basic Gumball in VW would be a start) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/60427-gumball-style-manipulation/&tab=comments#comment-301963
  15. There is a Rhino (.3dm files) import & export option in Vectorworks, it's more the import option I have a problem with. It only imports Rhino V5 files. Rhino V6 has been available for around 2 years now. It wasn't working in VW 2019, and now the new VW 2020 still doesn't import Rhino V6 files. Surely needs addressing ??? Link below to forum discussion from last year. Please can we get this sorted, cheers https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/60072-import-rhino-v6-3dm-file-fails/&tab=comments#comment-299885
  16. ComputerWorks

    Get Sublist Length

    "Any" nodes were used in the example to save space. Nested lists can be done with either standard nodes pulling them together and using the chunk node or you can make your own node that outputs nested lists. nested-lists-example.vwx
  17. Phil hunt

    ceiling grid tool

    anyone can help....inserting a ceiling grid no problem into a room....but can't seem to manipulate the tiles to start in a different origin in the video it looks easy thanks
  18. Benson Shaw

    unfold unusable

    Some stoopid workarounds: Thru cut text or holes in corners, or edge notches to identify and orient the flattened elements. Use Extract tool to capture the flatten each surface individually. This unfold command is long overdue for update -B
  19. Last week
  20. Is there a way to draw doors with sidelights based upon an overall (say, rough opening) width? It would be nice to set an overall width and then the width of the door with the rest left for the sidelight. As it stands now, I can set my door width but setting the sidelight width appears to be based on the glazed portion of the delight. So, to get the whole thing to fit within an overall width, you need to go by trial and error or do a bunch of calculation based on jamb and stile widths, etc. This is a pain in the neck when you want to experiment with different stile widths. It would be nice to just set a door width and overall unit width. Is this possible? Thank kindly!
  21. Hi Folks, for an interior producer i have to make such a parametric modul and it has to be place like i can do it with the wall . The Module includes app. 50-100 different subassemblies (Glas, LED, all the woodworking stuff particle boards, steel parts, fittings, refrigeration etc.). Is there a good video in the video library of vectorworks how to make those "intelligent objects" and how to use these plugins i found in the menu? I found the marionette tool, its very good and works well. Think i have to combine it with the plug in stuff. Today i defined such a plugin, made an icon 26*20 size , but all i can do is enter python code, if i interpreted the menues right. In which menu bar it will be appear? I cant "open" the plugin to place some elements, symbols or else. AND it must be possible to change parameters and so some subassemblies has to be replaced with others. This function i did not found yet, and i hope there is such a possibility. The logic of what parts, fittings etc is totally clear, the logic functions for this are in my head. But where to start and how? I made it once before with TopSolidWood (parasolid kernel + total associative Construction 3D-CAD made of the TopSolid_6 Metal Version) and it worked very well. i made complete counters (with app. 80 changeable parameters +50 fix parameters) of 15 m in app. 2 hours with all functions for production and rendering, part lists and drawings of the glass with all drillings etc. fully automatic. But now it has to be done with vector works. BR KC
  22. bhorowitz

    Vision not seeing Hog3PC

    Problem solved. We had to go into device manager on the PC running Vision and disable the physical Wi-FI adapter. There must have been a driver change or a system file change in one of the Windows recent updates because I've never had to do this before.
  23. I've been using Vision 2019 and 2020 on a PC driven by Hog3 PC on a mac laptop using Bootcamp, Windows 10, for quite a while. I haven't used it for a few months. Both computers ping back and forth with no problem. Firewalls are off on both machines. When I try to connect Hog3PC to vision, the hog connectivity box pops up as expected. Initially, it says 'Wholehog network found' and 'installing network OK'. The moment the DP loads on Hog3PC, this changes to 'connecting'..'No Server'..'Scanning for show Port 6600'. DMX monitor shows no input in vision, Hog3PC shows DMX output. I have tried reloading software on both machines, changing the order I launch the apps, verifying that the firewalls are inactive, disabling all other network connections, etc.Issue is the same on Vision 2019 and 2020. I think that I even tried it with Hog4 PC with the same result. I don't know if it's an issue with Hog3PC or Vision. I'm completely stumped, as is my son with a BS in Computer Science. I just picked up an actual Hog 3 Full Boar. If that has the same issue, I'll be even more stumped. Any ideas?
  24. Benson Shaw

    Mac OS Catalina

    Asking community for advice or experience. I'm on High Sierra & v2019. Everything quite stable now, but will upgrade in next week or so to v2020. Equipment stays same for now, but new laptop purchase expected sometime in next year (hoping for that rumored 16" laptop). Soooo Upgrade the OS? Mojave? - fully developed at both apple and vwx or Catalina? - barely out of beta, vwx still adjusting any comment welcome. Thanks! -B
  25. Benson Shaw

    Extrude from DTM

    That all looks good, addressing a long standing problem of transitions. I have not yet upgraded to 2020, because travel and working to end of a project in v2019. So, not sure if/how this feature set applies to wish for easier projection of an area of the site model. Will try to investigate when time allows. -B
  26. Tamsin Slatter

    2019 keeps crashing

    Good evening. I am sorry to hear of the frustration. It sounds like maybe the laptop does not have a dedicated graphics card, with dedicated graphics memory, which is essential for the software to run. You can see the system requirements to run Vectorworks 2019 here: https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq?version=2019 If the computer DOES have the required graphics card, it may be that the driver for the card needs to be updated, or have its configuration set so that it is always on when Vectorworks is running. You can find more information about graphics drivers here: And here: You may be able to improve performance by reducing the software's dependence on the graphics card, as follows: Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences. Click the Display tab. Change Navigation Graphics to Good Performance and Compatibility, or even Best Compatibility. This will reduce the smoothness of zooms, but may reduce the crashing. Good luck!
  27. Yes, I think the term "embedded" better describes how it works. Although, one of my students recently asked "So it's like the camera gets sucked into the viewport if it's selected?" I said "Absolutely," and now might start describing it that way to begin with 🤣
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