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  3. halfcouple

    Vector addition

    got it ! Thanks :-)))
  4. I got stuck with this, maybe someone can help ? I want to create a marionette object that can be mirrored via OIP either on its x-axis, or on a center line parallel to y-axis, or both of them. The first of the two work fine, but I can't get a combination of both to work. The Valve node for mirroring the y-axis kills the x-axis Valve and vice versa. I wonder if Valve nodes are the best choice at all for this task... mirror.vwx
  5. RFM

    Rendering Metal Mesh Curtains

    Is it possible to get a highly reflective, metallic rendering?
  6. Carl Burnett

    Vision Orientation issue

    Hello, Why is this happening? how can I rectify it? So I have GLP X4's I position them correctly in VW when I export to Vision they seem to position themselves randomly as you can see by the attached photos. I tried turning them by 90 degrees in VW you can again see how Vision positions them. VW and Vision are both 2019 SP3 Any ideas please? Thank you
  7. JuanP

    VW2019 - SP3.1? Are there release notes?

    @Kevin McAllister you can ask me ūüėČ...at the end of the release notes for 2019 SP3, you will find 3.1 additional notes HERE Also, leaving them here: Vectorworks gets stuck if a ForceQuit is received and the user waits 10 minutes before clicking on the alert Design Layer Section Viewports Fail to Show Component Fills in SP4 BIM workflow not working anymore because referenced viewports cannot be sectioned anymore Section Viewport trough a referenced Viewport shows no fill components Section Viewport trough a Viewport shows walls without components in SP3/SP4 No Detail Level for Slabs in Section Viewport Section Viewports Fail to Show Objects from Referenced Viewports in SP3 The first 2 spaces created by the tool have the same number Space label is wrong with styles This update resolves an issue with the floating databar for some plug-ins Add cloud-based project sharing support for Dropbox Business and Box Drive
  8. Pat Stanford

    Splitting My drawing worksheet list into 2 parts

    Another way around the problem is to make sure that all of the sheets use the same number of digits. Instead of A-99, A-100, use A-0099, A-0100. Then when you do the sort it will come out in the correct order.
  9. Vectorworks 2019 asked to update itself today to SP3.1. Does anyone know what SP3.1 addresses? Not sure who to ask now that Jim is gone...... Kevin
  10. Yesterday
  11. ericjhberg

    Splitting My drawing worksheet list into 2 parts

    This is because the Sheet Numbers read as text and not as numbers, which is essential to include your prefix. I have run into this issue myself and I have a workaround... Open the Titleblock Manager (File > Titleblock Manager) Go to the Sheet Data Section Click on Manage Sheet Data Add a record field...Drawing List as a text style format This record will likely never be shown in the titleblock visually, but can serve to help you sort out which titleblocks go where in your worksheets Using a "Master Worksheet" designed to pull in all of your titleblocks, add a column for the Field 'Drawing List' and start to populate each sheet with the corresponding A, B, C... You can then redesign your two drawing list worksheets criteria to look for values that = A, B, C... etc. Hope this helps.
  12. My project drawing list is too long so I want to split it in two. I created two worksheets Drawing List Part A and Drawing List Part B. I then added a criteria field to have sheets less than A-999 in worksheet A and sheets greater than A-1000 on worksheet B. The problem I'm having is that A-100 and A-1000 both show up in the list for Part B. So how do I get the criteria to see A-100 and A-1000 as different numbers? If I set the criteria Sheet Number to >= A-1000 I get all my sheets except for A-100, If I set my criteria to Sheet Number <=A-1000 Below is a simplified version of my drawing list. Even though A-1000, A-2000, A-3000 etc are less than 900 they still show up in my list. How do I resolve this?
  13. Peter Neufeld

    Stage Deck Fill

    Dear Dave, I think the Floor command is the easiest way to create hybrid objects (Spotlight>Architectural>Floor). Less complex than slabs and really useful - and not just for floors they can be used for anything. Unless you need to do a symbol count I use the floor command for the whole stage. Just give it a 'thickness' and an elevation if need be. You can clip or add or reshape at your heart's content and it remains hybrid. Cheers, Peter
  14. Already try it...nothing
  15. Also look at exporting .3ds or .obj out of Sketchup and importing that way.
  16. EAlexander

    Export Lighting Devices to DWG

    This issue also exists when exporting to Cinema 4D. If you export lighting instruments to Cinema you get the correct rotation, but then the Symbol/instance relationship is broken i.e. each light is it's own piece of raw geometry as if using Groups, instead of Symbols. If you Command + K the Lighting instrument back into just symbols - you get the correct symbol/instance parent child relationship you expect (and need) - but rotation is lost. It's maddening! Anything that can be done to improve this - not just for DWG export - would be amazing. Thank you. CC: @Dave Donley
  17. Does your texture include displacement mapping? This is a very resource intensive option within a Renderworks texture. Try rendering without it to see if that makes a difference? Also, presumably this is an image-based texture... check that the image is small in size. It may be that it's far too high resolution and this can cause things to slow down. Try downsampling the image before using it in Vectorworks.
  18. TomWhiteLight

    Vision 2019 lecos have no barrel rotation

    Can you upload a screenshot of what you are trying to achieve jake? either rotating the lens tube would be one option or having independently unlimited movements on shutters like the adb warp fixtures. would be an interesting feature request if you are currently unable to achieve the cuts you want to achieve
  19. Let's give it a try...Can you send me your email to iuri.arqpai@gmail.com?
  20. I don't know of any drivers that would make a difference. If you get desperate send me the skp files and I'll give it a shot.
  21. GloriamLT

    [HELP] Vision pan, tilt

    @klinzey I downloaded, got it. Now I need to move the lights from VW to this console? And how to connect this console to Vision?
  22. klinzey

    [HELP] Vision pan, tilt

    Vision does not include a lighting console, you need to connect Vision via SACN, ARTNET, etc. to your physical lighting console of an offline version of a lighting console. You will program on your lighting console and Vision will mimic the behavior of the lights. If you want a simple software console you can tru QLC+ https://www.qlcplus.org/ It's not something I would use to program a show but it works for simple things.
  23. GloriamLT

    [HELP] Vision pan, tilt

    @klinzey Where I can find this "lighting console" ?
  24. klinzey

    [HELP] Vision pan, tilt

    How is the lighting console you have connected to Vision patched?
  25. Yes, I tried all previous formats. What is strange to me, is that, when I used other computer (with much less capacity) I could manage it to import from sketchup. Since I changed computer with better capacities, it stopped to import...I don't have any explination...that's why I'm guessing maybe I have some drivers that need to be installed?
  26. Pat Stanford

    Dimensioning to grouped items

    Can you upload a file that shows this behavior for you? If we can replicate it we can probably get it fixed. It does not sound like the desired behavior. I think maybe the part I was not testing was the rotation of the viewport.
  27. GloriamLT

    [HELP] Vision pan, tilt

    @klinzey Yes, it's logic. So now I need to change address and universe? For example:
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