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  2. Mine still problematic after latest VW2019 update. Help~
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  4. cberg

    Roof help: parapets and shed

    You need to work with 3d solids for this to work. It looks like you have made the actual shape of the wall you want to build. You need to extrude the inverse of that shape as your 3D bounding object. Put the extruded object or generic solid into the vertical position that you need and make sure it is on another layer. Then select both the wall and the object to fit the wall to, and select fit to objects in the AEC menu. Fit walls to object.vwx
  5. Chris Burton

    getting started...

    I've watched the 'inserting truss' tutorial, but am wondering if there is something similar for attaching lighting instruments to trusses. I'm currently trying to figure out the best way to take a lighting plot, that is sent to me with straight truss, and replace that truss with a particular type of truss (insert truss) while having all of the lighting instruments attached to the new truss. Adding the truss and hoists is easy, but I don't know where to go from there so far as getting everything attached so that I can calc the rig. thanks, Chris
  6. creatrix

    Roof help: parapets and shed

    Thanks cberg and I have to. This is how walls are built when they are either adobe blocks or mimicking them. So I have made my poly and tried to fit walls to it but the resulting box doesn't allow me to do anything? I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but no clue what so any more help is greatly appreciated!
  7. Boh


    @DomC, @Hans-Olav This looks like a really great tool. A couple of things though: I have noticed the first space in the list is not created by the marionette script despite having the correct start line no. input. (See screen shot). Also can this be converted easily into a marionette command and then brought into a workspace? (I am new to marionette...)
  8. Yesterday
  9. Is there a way to prevent the site model from automatically updating? I a site model and a couple snapshots in a file. I accidentally changed the site model class and it took 10 min. to update. Then if i want to change it to show existing only 2d another update and 3d existing only, another update. If I could disable automatic updates I could roll all changes into a single update!
  10. I know that one license allows you to install the software on two different machines, but can those machines run different operating systems? I ask because I currently have a Macbook and am thinking about buying a MS Surface Book 2. At least for a little while, I'd like the ability to run the software on both machines. if it matters, I am in the U.S. thanks, Chris
  11. BillV

    3D plants - how to get more

    Dave, there appears to be an issue importing Sketchup these days. It used to work well but it appears the necessary translators have not been updated for some time in Vectorworks. I ran a test on Vectorworks 2019 on Mac OS 10.14 and was unable to import version 2019, 2018 and 2017 Sketchup files The 2019 had been produced with Sketchup Pro. It was only when I got back to a very much earlier Sketchup model that the import worked. Given how many of our Architects use Sketchup this could become a real issue. I have attached a Schneider wall socket file for test. 4025XA_SOCKET_OUTLET_10A_TWIN_WITH_EXTRA_SWITCH_Horizon_Silver 2019.skp
  12. This problem has arisen again. Wrong grain direction, and I can't seem to adjust it. The front face of this wall should have a vertical grain to match the sides, but no matter what I do, it stays horizontal. Why?
  13. milezee

    Nomad App PDF android issue

    @inikolova file size is tiny, 2.5mb, using LGV30 android device, it crashes instantly after the viewer has found a surface and I tap the screen to place ūü§®
  14. @inikolova I tried one simple file, inserted one of the office desk symbols from the library, file size 2.5mb, very small indeed (file attached). Using an LGV30 android device. Nomad Test 1.vwx
  15. I can, but... In the past, a bug uncovered here on the forums would be picked up and submitted by JimW. Is there no-one at VW who will take over this function from now on? Doing a bug submit requires me to fill out a tedious form. The issue is explained by reading this thread so I don't feel hugely inclined to spend more of my time duplicating information that's already available.
  16. How big is your original file. I work in iOS, but I gather everything is the same. I've had minimal issues with the AR and the Panorama, and my issues were operator errors.
  17. Pat Stanford

    vs. AddSurface in this situation??

    Like I said, someone else will have to help with Python syntax ūüėČ
  18. the vs.AddSurface result is either a handle if surfaces overlap, or None/0 if the added surfaces don't overlap. I provided error checking on line: if add not in [0, None]:
  19. inikolova

    Nomad App PDF android issue

    Hi @milezee, I am sorry to hear that you are having troubles using the AR viewer. Can you please provide more details? What device and OS you are running on? Is Nomad crashing as soon as you enter the viewer, or is it crashing at the point when it is trying to load your model? If it crashes when it is trying to load the model, you can try reducing the size/complexity of the model. I posted some tips on how to do that here:
  20. Thanks for your feedback! We are looking into the possible ways we can make Nomad handle large files. In the meantime, I'd like to offer some tips that you can use to reduce the file size of your models, so they can be handled by Nomad. - Try decreasing the polygon count. Round stair handrails and guardrails have high poly counts. - Use the Simplify mesh command - Export less objects to the .vgx file by making layers and classes invisible. - Use the clip cube to control which parts of the model are exported. - Use lower export quality setting in the Export Web View dialog - affects curved surfaces and quality of textures.
  21. Kevin Allen

    Model of a hospital bed with gear

    Thanks, I searched hospital not medical, still not what I necessarily need.
  22. JustinVH

    Model of a hospital bed with gear

    There is a library in Service Select with some medical supplies and a hospital bed and some other equipment. Not sure if this is what you are looking for but I thought I would share. It is in Objects - Building Equip_Appliances>_Accessories and Equipment Medical.
  23. I know I can go to 3D Warehouse, but I'm always suspicious. Anyone have a 3D model of a hospital bed, ideally with some medical gear as well?
  24. Neil Barman

    Shortcut issues in VW2019 after upgrade from 2016

    To export a .txt file of your customized workspace: Go to Tools > Workspaces > Workspaces... (which opens the Workspace dialog box) Select the Workspace from which you would like to generate the list of menu commands and tools. Press the "Export" button in the right sidebar. Determine the destination of the .txt file and save it. I hope this is what you are looking for.
  25. You are correct that it does not seem to work when using Multi-view. Can you click on the Bug Submit link at the bottom of the page and report it?
  26. I use VW just about everyday. Have a project due this week so I went to open it and it wont load past "loading user preferences". Deinstalled and reinstalled VW. Same issues. Thoughts or Suggestions?
  27. josue Corona

    Data Tag Line tool

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