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  2. antonf26

    Scale Bar

    Is there a way then to have a set viewport ready? Like a template one or a style? The same way you would have a title block style where you can still edit it?
  3. Robert Anderson

    Scale Bar

    Yes. It kind of makes sense, since you can mix-and-match viewports (drawings) of different scales on a sheet. I usually put mine just below the drawing label.
  4. jblock

    Vectorworks 2008

    @JonP Yes, please contact us directly with uor serial number so we can get you up and running. You can reach us at tech@vectorworks.net
  5. antonf26

    Scale Bar

    Would I have to put a scale on every viewport that I produce?
  6. RonanR

    sketchup v vw for 3d modelling

    Hi all, I'm reading this thread with interest. Having taken the plunge with VW after many years of exclusive SU use (since v4!), I am now using both side by side, and gradually coming to terms with the (awesome) vastness of VW... For event production, VW clearly is the way forward for us. I do have one question though: currently I get my 3D models made by an architectural technician who exclusively uses SU. I get clean, low poly models back of the event spaces I need, and I then add all the event-specific elements (seating, furniture, lighting, audio-visual element, draping, set element etc.) to prepare all our technical diagrams and client presentations. What, in your view, are the best settings for importing SU models into VW? By best I mean the settings that will allow me maximum flexibility further down the line in VW in terms of - modifying geometry - changing textures - re-texturing Is there anything that should be done in SU prior to export? Many thanks in advance for any pointers.
  7. Robert Anderson

    Scale Bar

    The title block exists on the sheet, which has a 1:1 scale. (The viewports on the sheet each have their own scale property.) If you don't want to put the scale bar in the Design Layer, you can put it in the notation of the viewport, where it will display correct scale.
  8. antonf26

    Scale Bar

    Is it possible for the scale bar to change automatically without having to put the scale bar in every single time? For example, having it set as a title block style.
  9. JuanP

    Vision 2020 download

    @Robert Janiak absolutely, here you go: Vision: Win: http://release.vectorworks.net/latest/Vision/2020-NNA-eng-win Mac http://release.vectorworks.net/latest/Vision/2020-NNA-eng-mac
  10. Cilusse

    Truss connects at wrong angle

    Hi Thanks for your answer. I'd like to share the file with you but it keeps failing when processing it after upload. Here's the link to another drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m6uEKiuZZiW34URrP0YOwzMqF2mBsgOf/view?usp=sharing Thank you
  11. Tony Kostreski

    Site model texture pixelated

    Hi @drelARCH, This tends to happen when you create a site model far away from the Internal Origin (not to be confused with the User Origin which dictates the x and y coordinates). Go to Tools>Origin>Locate Internal Origin to see if you are far. To fix the blurred/pixelated textures, you would need to work closer to the Internal Origin. To adjust a textures scale, mapping, or rotation on a surface you can use Attribute Mapping found in the Basic Tool palette. To understand origins a little better fast forward to 15:37 in this webinar recently posted Enhance Site File Collaboration with Georeferencing. Hope this helps! Tony
  12. Robert Anderson

    Scale Bar

    Hi antonf26, Do you mean you want the text size of the scale bar to change? The scale bar itself, of course, is necessarily drawn at world scale. The actual disstances and markings on the bar ought not to change!
  13. ASagatovVW

    Model disalignment

    @andreas Ø It doesn't look like the attachment was attached successfully. Can you possibly repost the attachment? If it won't attach, can you send it to me directly?
  14. antonf26

    Scale Bar

    For the scale the text automatically changes to the scale Im using in the design layer using the link value, sheet data.scale. Is there a way for the scale bar to automatically change with the scale from the design layer? (like the scale text link)
  15. ASagatovVW

    Framing Members are Placed in Class of Previous Symbol

    @willofmaine I am able to replicate this as well and it has been submitted for review (Reference Number: VB-165310). For what its worth: I am getting the same results in 2019, so it doesn't appear to be 2020 specific. I also get these results with the Batt Insulation Tool.
  16. JuanP

    2020 crashing using Mojave on MacBook Pro

    @Stan Beanland could you please contact our UKtech@vectorworworks.net they might be able to assist you with this issue.
  17. Robert Janiak

    Vision 2020 download

    @JuanP @JuanP hi, can i get link for Vision? I have VSS but I have no link to Vision in Poland.
  18. JuanP

    2020 Another Year Of Broken Release

    @sbarnett I have submitted this issue and I'm asking the team to check on this asap. However, is this happening in any other file or just this? Any chance you can DM the file for our testing? thanks,
  19. JustinVH

    Truss connects at wrong angle

    What version of Vectorworks are you using? It does not look like 2020 as I still see vertical truss symbols. If possible, are you able to attach the file so that I may take a look. Triangle truss are the most difficult to get to setup and I would like to have a look so see if the symbol is setup correctly.
  20. Today
  21. JuanP

    Student License Extension Request

    @EIUTheatreProf your extension has been approved. You must be good now. have a great week!!!
  22. @shodkin Take a look at "Additional default records" https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FSetup%2FSpotlight_preferences_Lighting_devices_Parameters_pane.htm If you create a record with filed names matching a parameter of the lighting device (i.e. User Filed 1) and attach the record to the symbol, the lighting will copy these values into the lighting device when inserted.
  23. C. Andrew Dunning

    Power distro symbols

    Lec...no "war," perceived, at-all. Just adding to the conversation...
  24. Lec

    Power distro symbols

    Interesting indeed to see the direction this thread has headed - many thanks for all the posts and to be clear, all I was asking for in the first place was a usable Power Distro symbol - I'm really not trying to start a war on 3rd party plugins, I have them, I use them, but I still don't have a symbol for a PD - that's all.
  25. C. Andrew Dunning

    Power distro symbols

    Interesting to see the direction this thread headed... A few comments regarding the "3rd-Party" part of the conversation: 1) I well understand Lec's concern about an apprarent need (to him) that is not being met by the stock VW packages. I've been there so many times that I've lost count. 2) Sam is quite right about the breadth of disciplines VW covers. VW leadership has to make daily decisions about where to apply resources and about which features (or, approaches to implenenting features) fit or don't fit defined conventions. Along w. that, it CAN be quite frsutrating to see another industry getting love when one's own is seemingly getting ignored. The evidence is that, using Spotlight as an example, users from that area aren't really "poorer stepchildren" when one considers all of the specific effort that has been applied, there, recently. The catch is that, within the microcosm of Spotlight, the decisions I just mentioned have to be taken... 3) Echoing Sam, this is where the beauty of having 3 different options for developing proprietary or 3rd-Party solutions lies: · Very focused or customised commands and tools can be created. · Potential needs can be explored in a way that could be difficult under the corporate umbrella. · Likewise, other approaches/conventions can be explored in a way that could be challenging under the corporate umbrella. · Intimate interraction with developers is more possible for more users. · Many developers are creating solutions that they need in their own day-to-day "other" jobs - using approaches and conventions that "think" like they do...that fill sometimes difficult-to-articulate needs...approaches and needs that can be incredibly hard to understand if one is not really immersed in a given discipline. · Faster turn-around on enhancements and fixes is often possible. · Commands and tools are seldom tied to a specific VW package. 4) While this might sound self-serving for me to say, I'm with Sam in being quite surprised at the hesitation of a lot of users to take advantage of 3rd-Party commands and tools - some at little to no cost. Yes, there is risk involved. Is there any actual support? Will the command or tool be available in a month? Does the command or tool follow official conventions? I've found so much value in 3rd-Party offerings that those risks are more than acceptable. And, the more I invest in other developers, the more incentive they have to continue their work...
  26. mkue

    Spotlight - Draw Beam not executed

    Thank you Pascal, this was exactly what i was looking for...i tried to modify the node already but i did not know i had to remove the first line to be able to do so! Thanks again for your detailed help! Michael
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