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  2. jblock

    Vectorworks Operating System Compatibility List

    Last updated on June 24, 2019.
  3. Here's a simple model....the first floor walls are in a symbol. If you go into the Class structure and adjust the Wall-Component-Int Finish 1 class, you can change the line weight and color from the very thick red, back to something a bit more normal. Is this what you mean? Are your wall styles set up to provide changing stuff "by Class"? Wall Symbol test.vwx
  4. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    Publish to print messes up the order

    @_James Thanks for the files. 🙂 I will have to spend some time investigating this. I will let you know here if I have any progress.
  5. A.D.K.

    Default 3D Legend View

    Appreciate the help. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
  6. sbarrett

    Get z at xy for NURBS curve?

    Unfortunately, the Get Z at XY probably won't work because a NURBS curve likely doesn't have an actual thickness. I created a work around that might work - I created a loft based on the curve, used the Get Z at XY node and then deleted the loft. Battle dots marionette create loft.vwx
  7. Wes Gardner

    Slab not below walls

    @creatrix, Zoomer is correct...you may want to take a moment and look at the thread "No Stories, No Problem". I talk you through setting up a model that does NOT use stories. If you'd then like to try stories, you can have a look at the thread "Model Set Up". Alot of issues are related to not having your wall and slab styles consistent with your model set-up scheme (either layer bound or level bound) Wes
  8. zoomer

    Slab not below walls

    You use a Slab Style which uses a Story Level, which does not exist, as a Z Reference. Either you set Stories and suitable Story Levels or you choose a different (absolute) Z Reference (Like Layer Height + a Z-offset or something similar)
  9. Today
  10. Pvz11

    Extrude Along Path Control

    Thank you both, ive managed to get the hang of it, now just figuring out the asset. Ive followed Alan's file for now, but will look into the move command for the extrude along path. This was great to learn. Thank you again. See attached progress. Office Desk.vwx
  11. markdd

    Default 3D Legend View

    If you omit the first line, then yes, I would expect so. The "Set 3D orientation" step just toggles the check mark in the OIP. The Additional records function of the Spotlight Preferences is much overlooked but is invaluable for just this kind of thing. It's worth saying that you should never edit the Light Info record as it will cause all sorts of annoyance down the line.
  12. TomWhiteLight

    Default 3D Legend View

    Thanks Mark, This is great, I might also try to add it as a feature in the label legend manager dialogue.
  13. A.D.K.

    Default 3D Legend View

    Thanks Mark, this is great. If I omit the first line, it will default to active, correct? Also what does the "set 3D orientation step do? Thanks.
  14. Marissa Farrell

    Extrude Along Path Control

    @Pvz11 You can move your Extrude Along Path upward using the Move node, or you can extrude legs below the EAP. Once converted to a Marionette Object, it can move around freely. The Marionette Object has its own coordinate system that you will use to move/place your individual parts.
  15. Ali_Landcape

    Hardscaping on a slope

    Thanks Josh, I have used a texture bed but unfortunately I cannot see how to give it depth (for a section). Do you know?
  16. markdd

    Default 3D Legend View

    This is possible, but requires you to make a new record format. If you make one with the criteria filled in thus: Attach that to your lighting instrument symbol/s. You can edit the criteria for each symbol if you like. Then go to Spotlight preferences and open Additional Default Records Attach your 3D label legend record. Then save and close your file. You may need to restart VWX as well. Then, when you insert the Instrument with the new record attached you will see the specified label legend and all the other criteria preset and ready to go.
  17. JBenghiat

    Vectorworks and ConnectCAD

    The SDK still uses the modular/plug-in approach, but offers performance improvements (c++ is a pre-compiled language) as well as capabilities that aren’t possible with scripting, particularly regarding user interaction. From what I understand, ConnectCAD already has some functionality built on the SDK.
  18. Bruce Kieffer

    Why is a push/pulled NURBS surface a tapered extrude?

    Hum, can anyone answer this for me?
  19. Hello, Would love to be able to assign a default 3D Legend View, either by designating it active (as you do with a Label Legend), or more likely by associating it with a Legend so the 2D and 3D defaults become active at the same time. It appears this is not currently possible based on the response in this thread: Thanks!
  20. A.D.K.

    Default 3D Legend View

    Thanks Jesse and Tom. I had managed to figure out what you outlined above, Jesse. Tom has articulated my problem exactly. Tom: I've actually updated our template/reference files to include this. We've got an insertable symbol with all our fixtures (so our classes survive purges with less clicking), and I've added the 3d Legend View settings for copy/pasting as you suggested. It would still be nice to be able to associate it with a symbol, so I'm off to feature requests. Thanks again!
  21. I have just used the tool for the first time and feel really disappointed - again 😥. I can't understand that there had to be maths behind rotating them posts, but apparently they [VW] can't update the tool to give the user the flexibility and choice. Similarly, I found the post positioning tool extremely unintuitive. Seems that I will have to model that from scratch. I second that. Tried to create a bin store with metal frame inside the enclosure. I couldn't find a way to offset the timber slats from the frame. Now I can understand why - there is no such option. It seems that there should be separate tabs for panelling and frame. Then once could specify the number etc. of horizontal or otherwise frame bars and separately what is attached to them. I haven't even got there yet, but I wonder what I will come across when trying to specify the gates 😱
  22. _James

    Publish to print messes up the order

    @Nikolay Zhelyazkov I've sent them via message - thanks for your help.
  23. Robin Malinowski

    Auto Updating Issue Sheets

    Hello All, We're looking to create an issue sheet which comes straight from VWX (We are using a separate excel spreadsheet). This is just to save us time rather than having to manually update our excel sheet every time we issue a drawing, and when you have a large amount it takes time to update all the sheets and revision number ect... We have set up a worksheet containing all the relevant information which links correctly to the corresponding title block, however when it comes to the revision number we are having problems. The issue we're facing is that we would like the worksheet to automatically update the current revision number- however we cannot set the record field on the worksheet as 'current revision number', as all the previous revisions on the sheet will update with. Its almost like we need to the previous ones to freeze however we do not know how. See attached the layout of our worksheet issue sheet. Any suggestions? Many thanks.
  24. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    Publish to print messes up the order

    @_James, a copy of the files would be nice. If I am not able to reproduce this I can only assume what is going wrong.
  25. TomWhiteLight

    Default 3D Legend View

    3d Legends are applied like Jesse says above, however I cannot see a way to make sure all of your fixtures display a 3d legend view to front or right by default. I have tried editing the light info record defaults through the spotlight preferences menu but it seems to be locked out. I tend to put a default fixture on a position with al of these options pre set, then I duplicate that fixture and replace with symbol as appropriate, this saves having to select multiple instruments and selecting 3d view. Unless anyone can find a way of pre-setting this I will make a feature request via Jira. Thanks Tom
  26. _c_

    What mouse do you recommend?

    @Wesley Burrowstry a Wacom Intuos. I had carpal pains so strong, that once I had to go to the hospital. The Wacom healed it fully. Now I can also use a mouse again.
  27. 99% of the time I work in rotated plan, placing plants directly on the design layer (I know it's possible to place them on sheet layers and avoid rotation-based issues, but I explicitly don't want to do this). Problems are 2: 1) Plants disappear when placed. They can (usually) be brought back by toggling "unified view", though weirdly it doesn't matter whether it's toggled to off or to on. Presumably this has to do with the working plane in rotated plan, but I can't figure out what the problem is or how to fix it. 2) The rotation of the plants themselves (in the OIP) are at the plan rotation, not 0, which creates havoc with the plant tags. Screenshot shows "disappeared" Osmanthus symbol. If I toggle Unified View OFF it reappears!!! I can deal with the second problem by realigning tags and leaders (somewhat arduous), but the first problem is now close to intolerable. Plant tool has _always_ been a nightmare, but I've now realised how ridiculous it is that with big jobs it's actually now quicker to work by hand, which shouldn't be the case. Can anybody help? -------------------- Windows 10 VW2016
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