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  2. @Neil Barman Can you please shoot me a file with some Stories set up in it so I don't have to make a test file. Thanks.
  3. @MWilson101010 The Vision console will only control the attributes of a conventional fixture that are not controlled via DMX.
  4. I'm having an issue with all the marionette objects I've been building lately where moving a 2D control point resets all other OIP parameters to the default settings. This happens to me program wide and isn't limited to any single file or script. Is this a bug or a 'feature' that I'm just not understanding? Is there a way to prevent this?
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  6. Is there a marionette node that better pulls the true length, width, and reference point of a rotated rectangle? The basic one basically pull the bounding box dimensions of a rotated rectangle and not true length, width, or point of reference.
  7. Hey! I'm pretty new to CC.. loving most of it so far 🙂 I have a few obstacles I'm running into, so as I do, I'll try to post here to see if people have solutions I'm not aware of.. Currently, I can't see to find a way to change the font size in 2D rack gear. And the name of the device covers the device type (attached picture). I tried to look in settings, and in the plugin folder, but couldn't find anywhere to change this. Any ideas? Thank you! Ido.
  8. To follow up, the option to 'Edit Position Geometry' is also greyed out in the Object Info Palette?
  9. I am trying to edit a truss that has been converted to a hanging position. When I double click the truss, it puts me in the 'Profile' but doesn't highlight the truss or anything else, it's just a greyed out thing that I can't select. I've attempted this with all classes and layers visible and still can't figure out what could be going on. Any thoughts?
  10. It works in the original script without a redraw. It falls down in my test script. Another mystery 🙂
  11. LOL... Busted! Yes, the end goal would be to view/print said Report so that a small-and-very-smart team could look at all the Storeys, and their associated heights, and building height limits and such, and plan the project (height-wise) well, before even drawing and objects.
  12. Ah, scope creep. 😉 You didn't mention that you wanted them sorted. But I think we can do that also. Let me see when I can get to this.
  13. Redraw required? Or can you use a ResetObject at the end of the script? When you confirm which call the docs are backwards on, let me know and I will file a documentation bug on it.
  14. Because NURBS curves can intersect at from zero to an infinite number of points, I don’t think VectorScript is equipped to automate this.
  15. Right now we can use a single texture for things like glow textures, across multiple items, and the glow texture uses the object colour. If we could do that with transparencies, you could have one glass texture and use it across multiple items and have the object colour affect the glass transparency colour. Seems like a useful option.
  16. @Pat Stanford, I think you're right. It looks like the arguments on SetCLOpacityN are actually backwards to the documentation. It's also not taking effect until the object is forced to redraw. hmmmmmmmmmm
  17. Nice catch, @TD-Ben. I'll see if I can figure this out. I took a quick look at it and I agree with @Pat Stanford. It looks like it should be correct. But scripts always look to me like they should be correct, even when they don't work. 🤓
  18. Hi There is not much to be done, as most of it should be handled by the default implementation. I use a custom class (VWStyledParametricObj) to help with this which I attached (had to zip it as the file extensions weren't allowed). This class also holds some comments on what each action is for. This is an example of how I implemented it: EObjectEvent ElectricalDevice_EventSink::OnEditPluginStyle(MCObjectHandle symDefHandle) { return VWStyledParametricObj::OnEditPluginStyle_Default(symDefHandle); } EObjectEvent ElectricalDevice_EventSink::OnCreatePluginStyle(MCObjectHandle symDefHandle) { return VWStyledParametricObj::OnCreatePluginStyle_Default(symDefHandle); } EObjectEvent ElectricalDevice_EventSink::OnUpdateStyledObject(MCObjectHandle symDefHandle) { // Copy over the saved references... EPluginStyleParameter ParameterStyle = gSDK->GetPluginStyleParameterType(fhObject, "__ManageOperatingAreas"); if(ParameterStyle == kPluginStyleParameter_ByStyle) { VWSymbolDefObj symDef(symDefHandle); MCObjectHandle hObject = symDef.GetFirstMemberObject(); if(hObject && VWDeviceObj::GetDeviceType(hObject) != eDeviceType::kUnkownDevice) { sOperatingAreaArray Areas; OperatingArea::Get(hObject, Areas); OperatingArea::Save(fhObject, Areas); } } return VWStyledParametricObj::OnUpdateStyledObject_Default(symDefHandle); } EObjectEvent ElectricalDevice_EventSink::OnFinalizeCreatePluginStyle(MCObjectHandle symDefHandle) { /*EObjectEvent Result =*/ VWStyledParametricObj::OnFinalizeCreatePluginStyle(symDefHandle, VWDeviceObj::GetStyleMap()); return VWStyledParametricObj::OnFinalizeCreatePluginStyle_Default(symDefHandle); } EObjectEvent ElectricalDevice_EventSink::OnFinalizeUpdateStyledObject(MCObjectHandle symDefHandle) { return VWStyledParametricObj::OnFinalizeUpdateStyledObject_Default(symDefHandle); } StyledPlugins.zip
  19. Check the symbol in the Resource Manager. It probably has a 3 next to it, indicating that it is a 3D symbol. If so, then the 2D elements are being treated as 3D. Edit the 3D part of the symbol. You will see the 2D objects laying on the "floor". Select them. In the OIP change the plane from whatever it is to "Screen". When you exit the symbol you will get a warning that you are changing it from a 3D to a hybrid. Say OK. In the Resource Manager the 3 next to the symbol will be gone, indicating that it is a hybrid symbol.
  20. Hi Dmitry I have a feeling that you are using a layer scale that is not 1:1 which might account for the strange text sizes. It's best when starting out to begin from the ConnectCAD template and then branch out from there as you get more familiar. At the moment ConnectCAD schematics should be drawn at 1:1 scale. Essentially schematics are Not To Scale drawings so it shouldn't be a problem to have them at 1:1. Supporting other scales is in our future plans but the truth is that the benefit is quite smal in the end for the amount of work. Ok, so I digressed a bit... Now to answer your question. No you can't move the cable number, it's part of the Circuit object and the orientation is determined by the Circuit path. Hope that helps. Conrad
  21. I am experiencing a VERY frustrating and odd issue that all pages added to a publish appear in the opposite order to the expected and desired. I either have to add all pages one by one in reverse order, or reorder the pages after export. Do I have a strange setting on? I still do not know why the pages are not published via stack order, but now they are going in reverse numerical order by sheet number. Is anybody else seeing this?
  22. Hi Everyone, I'm working on a groundplan for the architecture of a theatre. I made the 3d components then when I drew the 2d geometry in top/plan view I made a hybrid symbol but the only thing that's showing up is the 3D geometry in plan view. Any thoughts?
  23. I'm pretty sure that this happens when the symbol is scaled prior to converting to an instrument. Before you convert it, look in the OIP. There will be a pulldown for Scaling that is either None, Symmetric, or Assymetric. If there is any scaling, there will be one or 3 Factor fields. I'm pretty sure that when you convert to an instrument it resets the scaling to none (or the factors to 1). So make sure the symbol isn't scaled before you convert it.
  24. I'm not able to recreate it. Can you send me a file with just the sweep?
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