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  2. Is there any chance of this being available 'on demand'? Unfortunately, I'm working all day on the 23rd.
  3. gettinalllandscapey

    Circles in Circle

    Thanks Marissa, much appreciated!
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  5. Mike Lamb

    Pad Modifiers disappearing

    Hi Phileas, any chance you could attach your file here, and post a short screen capture video of your workflow? You're on 2018, right?
  6. anarablehill

    Assign an object values

    Thanks for your reply! I created 2D symbols. With your help I was able to do the following: I made a record I can apply to symbols that can automatically assign it to new inserted symbols. Now I'd like to create one sheet to show more than one record. I'd also like to only show the total for the sheet and not each item. (2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc) Do I need to show zero values? I added them so there would be a column whether there is an ingredient value or not since more symbols will be added later.
  7. Boh


    I posted it on a similar thread on Tues 21 (maybe 20th for you).
  8. michaelk

    Cutting in to a Solid Subtraction

    Nope. The 2018 vwx won't open on the professional version either. The .dwf imports as nothing but lines in 3D space.
  9. eary157

    Cutting in to a Solid Subtraction

  10. eary157

    Cutting in to a Solid Subtraction

    Hope this work better Torch v2018.vwx
  11. lgoodkind


    Boh, Could you please send your worksheet? I'd like to know how to get callout content in a worksheet. Thanks
  12. ASagatovVW

    Render Texture not showing when in symbol

    @Ben Wingrove Any chance I could get a copy of the example file shown in the screenshots? I believe I have created a similar setup on my end, but I am not getting this result. For what its worth, at least in our default Render Style White Model, I don't see textures at all (even if its just on an extrude). I have a feeling that in order to replicate this, I will need a specific texture / render settings.
  13. Mark Aceto

    new macbook pro Hardware advice

    I think it's still sinking in for a lot of users that buying the base GPU, and then adding an eGPU is the 2019 version of modular upgradability. They've just moved the guts to the exterior (like it's on life support because it basically is at this point). It feels wrong to buy the cheapest (discreet) GPU in a disposable machine but... That was also the promise of TB3. Cloud storage is another workaround to overpriced SSD upgrades that aren't modular / can't be upgraded.
  14. JuanP

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD thanks I will reach out to you via PM.
  15. Mark Aceto

    new macbook pro Hardware advice

    Mojave is trash (in general not just VW). You can add an eGPU to the 13" for the best of both worlds (and have modular upgradability in the future). Plus, if you're running HS, you can use a NVIDIA GPU if you prefer.
  16. zeroInf

    Bridle Diagram > Leg Numbering

    Hi guys ! I have a simply question probably with a simply response : How can i get Number of Leg of bridle inside diagram ? Thank You
  17. Ben Wingrove

    Render Texture not showing when in symbol

    Im using VW2019!
  18. ASagatovVW

    Render Texture not showing when in symbol

    @Ben Wingrove To confirm, are you still using VW2016 in this case? I tested this going back to 2017 with my own geometry/textures and it seems to work; however, my current machine won't run 2016 and older. I believe the "Artistic White Model" mode was replaced in 2017 with "Render Style White Model". Any chance you could upload the example document you are showing the screenshots of so I can dig a bit further into this?
  19. jrad

    Saved View Navigation

    How do I make a Plugin Command?
  20. Cadplan Architecture

    window sill and glazing bar glitches

    I've tried using a wall style from Vectorworks Wes but the result is the same- the sill is floating in mid air. Would you post your sill settings please?
  21. Cadplan Architecture

    window sill and glazing bar glitches

    Yes that all works fine also!
  22. Cadplan Architecture

    window sill and glazing bar glitches

    That works great, thanks!
  23. until
    Description: As a landscape design professional, you know what it’s like to utilize software that isn’t engineered and designed to work for you. In this webinar, you’ll discover the practical value of industry-specific software that includes tools and features engineered for the landscape design professional. Join Robert Anderson, PLA, ASLA, principal of ROBERT ANDERSON | landscape architect, as he not only discusses best practices for collaborating between Vectorworks Landmark software and AutoCAD, but also illustrates time-saving tips and tricks you need to elevate your business. Attendees will walk away with immersive knowledge on how to employ layers and classes, import and reference files, and much more. Learning Objectives: Observe best practices for importing and referencing DWG files, with an emphasis on similarities to “Xref”s and the use of layers and classes for greater exchange flexibility. Understanding efficiencies found when using saved views for rotating plans, automating plant labels and managing file origins and updates to the referenced file. Explore polygons and polylines, and discuss best practices for using hatches, fills, and images to best represent your designs to clients. Analyze how to successfully integrate blocks, symbols, and hybrid objects into common design processes. Register
  24. administrator

    Efficient Project Sharing Methods

    Description: Join ourwebinar with Diana Kesselschmidt, lighting designer and technical director, tolearn about the Project Sharing feature in Vectorworks Spotlight. See how you canset up project sharing files to improve your workflows and help keep your teammore organized. Learning Objectives: · Findout about the Project Sharing feature in Vectorworks Spotlight · Learnhow to determine when to best use the Project Sharing feature. · Seehow to set up and use a project sharing file. · Receivebest practices for working with others and troubleshooting. Register
  25. All the above is glorious. Thanks to all who contributed. Anyone exploring TwinMotion for Stage/Event-type cueing, changing lighting states, etc?
  26. jeff prince

    Twinmotion - Epic & Free (Until November)

    Thanks for mentioning this. I found a little time today to try it out 😉
  27. JRA-Vectorworks-CAD

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    @Zeno Nice Work for 30 mins! Check out my you Tube Channel " Innovative Vectorworks BIM" for lots of tutorial on Vectorworks and Twinmotion.
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