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  2. markdd

    Offset input number quick access?

    The other way is to use the “offset by point” mode and use the tab key to fill the distance in that way.
  3. Jack B

    Offset input number quick access?

    @jblock Thanks!
  4. Bas Vellekoop

    Final renders

    For me the ideal workflow would be: import the furniture item into a fresh file (so my working file does not get 'dirty' of all the imported symbols, textures, geometry, etc) able to force all symbols and geometry to a specific class of my working file (even geometry/symbols in nested symbols), in my case 'aankleding'. able to force all geometry to a specific texture that is not linked to a class (even nested geometry) (I do not want to maintain 40 different classes for all the different furniture items/colors/fabrics I imported, they should be a in generic class, like 'seating', 'kitchen' or 'furniture') exploded al nested symbols in the 'master'/top-symbol so my working file doesnt get twenty new symbols. if needed change some texture through editing the symbol. if needed clean up some geometry. import the clean symbol in my working file. Step 2 / 3 / 4 are as far as I know not possible.
  5. Chris Burton

    Mac & PC on two machines (same license)?

    Thanks very much Nicolas!
  6. Update: I should have checked this earlier - the problem is Vectorworks 2019 will not install using the local system account. When you try to deploy it with SCCM it hangs then eventually times out. The install works via the software center as this is in a user context.
  7. jblock

    Silent Install VW 2019 on Mac

    @Guy Edelstyn Thanks for your input. I revised the article to fix the link for the 2019 Offline Updater instructions. Thanks!
  8. line-weight

    Final renders

    This is the part of making models/renders I find the most painful too... also because many imported furniture items come in in way too much detail, and then you either have to spend time simplifying them, or find ways to stop them making your model become completely unmanageable and slow.
  9. Bas Vellekoop

    Final renders

    @Markvl Dankjewel! 😉 @cberg Attached a zip-file with al the settings. Because image effects are not recourses (as far is I know) I attached a 'print screen' in the file. lighting setup 2019.zip
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  11. jblock

    Offset input number quick access?

    @Jack B Yes, you can use the keyboard keys "U", "I", "O", and "P" to cycle through the different tool modes in the tool bar. For this specifically, I think the "P" key will get you into that field. Thanks!
  12. Mihail Rizov

    IFC, GUID and timestamp in Vectorworks

    Hi Zeno, Of course, Vw supports unique IDs for each object (GUID) and even at the level of components (like for the walls). The other concept is not exactly just a timestamp. It is IFCOWNERHISTORY - it contains not only the timestamp for creation and modification of the object, but also last user and application, type of modification, state and access of the object. It is possible in IFC to attach this to every object in the model, but I've never seen an application to support it at the level of objects - it is supported at the level of the project, so there is just one instance of the owner history and it is used from all of the objects in the model. There was a proposal to all IFC implementers (members of buildingSMART ISG) to make this support, but the main reason to not make it is, that this will make files a lot bigger and will slow down all the applications, along with the implementation costs. Regards, Mihail Rizov
  13. cberg

    Final renders

    Those are great images! What settings did you use to achieve those results?
  14. It depends on the serial number. The 3rd letter of your serial number must be X to be able to do that. See this article from Jim Wilson:
  15. Asemblance

    Mojave 2019 SP3.1 Text Editing Very Slow

    Pier - Thanks for your suggestion. What gives you the impression it would be corrupted preferences? Is this an issue you suffered from before?
  16. LX1

    Raked Hanging Position Truss

    Thanks Scottmoore I had worked out the focus points and after a little patients during rendering I have the DLVP rendering scenes. 👍🏻
  17. When using the offset tool, move, fillet, etc... is there a command for accessing the numbers input panel in the top left, without moving my mouse to click on it?
  18. Markvl

    Final renders

    I'll use a dutch word to describe what I see. Mooi. @Bas Vellekoop The renders give a nice sketchy render feel. Light and not too specific.
  19. Hello, I ask for an indormation if someone can help me, I should buy a used license of Vw 2010, currently used on MAC, I ask if it is possible to convert it for windows!? Thanks to those who can answer me!
  20. Guy Edelstyn

    Silent Install VW 2019 on Mac

    Not to worry, used --help to get all the required arguments /Volumes/Vectorworks2019-SP0-452523-SeriesBEG-installer3-osx/Vectorworks\ 2019\ Installer.app/Contents/Resources/installer/Install\ Vectorworks2019.app/Contents/MacOS/installbuilder.sh --help Vectorworks 2019 Installer 24.0.0 Usage: --help Display the list of valid options --version Display product information --unattendedmodeui <unattendedmodeui> Unattended Mode UI Default: none Allowed: none minimal minimalWithDialogs --optionfile <optionfile> Installation option file Default: --debuglevel <debuglevel> Debug information level of verbosity Default: 2 Allowed: 0 1 2 3 4 --mode <mode> Installation mode Default: qt Allowed: qt osx text unattended --debugtrace <debugtrace> Debug filename Default: --installer-language <installer-language> Language selection Default: en Allowed: en --SerialOrDemo <SerialOrDemo> Default: 1 Allowed: 1 0 --Serial <Serial> Serial Number: Default: --UserName <UserName> Name: Default: --CompName <CompName> Company: Default: --SerialUpdater <SerialUpdater> Serial Number: Default: --installdir <installdir> Default: /Applications/Vectorworks 2019
  21. Guy Edelstyn

    Silent Install VW 2019 on Mac

    Hi, I found the article https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/articles.html/articles/how-to/installation/silent-installation-of-vectorworks-2018-r750/ which explains how to install VW 2018 on Mac, at the end of the article it has a line that says "Click here for the 2019 article" but has no link behind it. I have had a look around and cant seem to find it online. Would someone be able to point me in the right direction? Also - for the switch argument -username, is this the computer user to install the app to, or is this just for product registration purposes? Appreciate any help! G
  22. Nicolas Goutte

    Mac & PC on two machines (same license)?

    Yes, you can do that. Activation will work too. You can just not run both Vectorworks exactly at the same time, but just alternatively. (To be sure check that the 3rd letter of your serial number is X. However as far as I know, platform-depedant serial numbers have not been issued for years. see this article from Jim Wilson: )
  23. Hi, Am I missing something to fix unwanted text order flip...in data tag layout? This happens when leader/shoulder is on right side... See attached printscreen and vw file. Thanks for help. Pavol datatag text layout.vwx
  24. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    Data Tag Line tool

    @josue Corona, The video cannot be played. Could you try to upload it somewhere else and send me a shareable link?
  25. LarryO

    drawing a cupboard

    See if this works for you. Procedure kast; VAR a,v,l:REAL; teller:REAL; verdeling:boolean; tk:string; BEGIN a:=pdiepte; v:=pv; l:=Plinelength; verdeling:=pverdeling; tk:=ptk; IF tk ='lage kast'THEN BEGIN rect(0,0,l,a); FillBack(0); FillFore(257); FillPat(2); {change made here} PenSize(4); PenBack(256); PenFore(257); PenPatN(2); DSelectAll; IF verdeling THEN BEGIN PenSize(1);PenBack(256);PenFore(257);PenPatN(-499); teller:=1; line(0,a); MoveObjs(v,0,FALSE,FALSE); REPEAT Duplicate(v,0); teller:=teller+1; UNTIL ((v*teller)>l-v); end ELSE IF tk ='hoge kast'THEN BEGIN rect(0,0,l,a); FillBack(1238); {I did not check to see if this value is in range} FillFore(257); FillPat(2); {change made here} PenSize(4); PenBack(256); PenFore(257); PenPatN(2); DSelectAll; IF verdeling THEN BEGIN PenSize(1);PenBack(256);PenFore(257);PenPatN(-499); teller:=1; line(0,a); MoveObjs(v,0,FALSE,FALSE); REPEAT Duplicate(v,0); teller:=teller+1; UNTIL ((v*teller)>l-v); end END; end; end; Run (kast);
  26. Mine still problematic after latest VW2019 update. Help~
  27. cberg

    Roof help: parapets and shed

    You need to work with 3d solids for this to work. It looks like you have made the actual shape of the wall you want to build. You need to extrude the inverse of that shape as your 3D bounding object. Put the extruded object or generic solid into the vertical position that you need and make sure it is on another layer. Then select both the wall and the object to fit the wall to, and select fit to objects in the AEC menu. Fit walls to object.vwx
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