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  2. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    Project Issue History - issue order problem

    @_James You could import the worksheets used for Project Issue/Revision History located in the default content - "Libraries\Defaults\Reports_Schedules\Title Block Records.vwx" and edit them. IMPORTANT - you should not edit any of the cells with formulas in them and if you change their position you will have to change this in the TBManager too in the respective fields. Anyway, you could change the static texts and add new rows/columns. After that, when creating the reports from the TBManager, the worksheet from the file would be used with your changes included. If this is not what you are expecting, please fill in wishes with your requests. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  3. joey altalef

    Until Next Time

    Thanks Jim for everything good luck
  4. David Bracher

    David Bracher

    Hello, I have an object that has become ghost like , I can not click on it , move it ? It just sits there like a ghost Sny help please
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  6. Hmm. Saving the project file as .vwx brought the handles back...
  7. Hi, We use US version of VW 2019. I'm having difficulty using japanese texts in our file. We were using Osaka font, which comes pre-installed on mac and worked fine. But if we use any other ttf japanse font, it works okay for print command but once we publish pdfs, all japanese characters become boxes. Any way to fix it? Thanks!
  8. anarablehill

    Assign an object values

    You have to be so picky about what words you use to search I'm not sure what to google. If you could help me find the right words that would be appreciated. To put it as simply as possible. I made some objects. I want to assign them values. In this case it's ingredients and the number of each required per object. I want to feature a self updating worksheet on my plans where I can drop 3 objects in and it totals the ingredients needed. (and lists the individual cost too) Thank you in advance.
  9. JMR

    DWG Import in VW2019

  10. Miguel Barrera

    Updating Record from Excel Spreadsheet

    First you have to make the ODBC connection in your system with an odbc administrator. I have windows so the following step will be different in a Mac. 1. Open odbcad32.exe located in C:\WINDOWS\syswow64. 2. Create a User DSN or System DSN and click Add 3. Select the driver for the database and click finish. There are a select number of MS drivers including excel files that ship with windows. 4. The following dialog will vary depending on the driver chosen. For databases, it will have connection options such as user name and password but for excel files, you just need to select the spreadsheet. Enter the Data Source Name, which is the database name that VW will see, and click OK. In VW 1. Click on the menu Tools->Database-> Manage Databases... 2. In the next dialog, click on Connect 3. Under Use Data Source Name, the system ODBC that was created above should appear in the drop down list. Select the DSN and click OK. The following is a vectorscript snippet that shows how I get the connection. It looks for a connection in VW first and if not available, it will connect directly to the system ODBC. dataName:= kDB_DATANAME; tablName:= kDB_TABLNAME; InitODBC(dataName,tablName,hdrName); shtData.sqlQry:= ''; shtData.sqlQry:= Concat(shtData.sqlQry,'SELECT * FROM ',tablName); shtData.sqlQry:= Concat(shtData.sqlQry,' WHERE '); shtData.sqlQry:= Concat(shtData.sqlQry,hdrName.primarySt,' LIKE ''%',shtData.st1Lt,'%'''); shtData.sqlQry:= Concat(shtData.sqlQry,' OR '); shtData.sqlQry:= Concat(shtData.sqlQry,hdrName.secondStr,' LIKE ''%',shtData.st1Lt,'%'''); WriteLn(shtData.sqlQry); foundDB:= FALSE; IF DBDocGetDB(dbConnList) THEN BEGIN IF DBSQLExecute(dataName,shtData.sqlQry,colTot,resSetInst) THEN BEGIN ProcessRecs; foundDB:= TRUE; END ELSE IF DBSQLExecuteError(errMsg,errState,errCode,intDesc) THEN WriteLn(errMsg,', Code = ',errCode); END ELSE IF DBSQLExecuteDSN(dataName,kDB_USERNAME,kDB_PASSWORD,shtData.sqlQry,colTot,resSetInst) THEN BEGIN ProcessRecs; foundDB:= TRUE; END ELSE IF DBSQLExecuteError(errMsg,errState,errCode,intDesc) THEN WriteLn(errMsg,', Code = ',errCode);
  11. Alan Woodwell

    3D trouble shooting

    Hi, Make sure all your classes are set to use at creation
  12. Peter Neufeld

    People/Band Symbols

    Dear Scott, I've bought them and look forward to playing with them. Thanks for such great symbols. Cheers, Peter
  13. twk

    Updating Record from Excel Spreadsheet

    I've never been able to get this to work, do you have a short step-by-step description of how you've gotthen the ODBC to work? -- edit -- BTW, I use to the openpyxl python module to talk between vectorworks and excel. If only there were better documentation on the external databases connection process for VW Cheers, Tui
  14. JHLD

    People/Band Symbols

  15. Miguel Barrera

    Updating Record from Excel Spreadsheet

    You can link an excel file to vectorworks with ODBC. I use the connection to fill-in fields with vectorscript in a form based on a user selection. However, the primary function of the ODBC connection is to link the database (excel file in this case) to Vectorwork objects with a common key field and it seems that is exactly what you are trying to do.
  16. Squirrely7

    Change font size on dim tools

    First post was spot on. Thanks!
  17. Yesterday
  18. There seems to be a constant request for decent quality musical instrument symbols on this site. To the end I’ve made my library available for purchase. You can find it at: edgelightrgb.com These symbols are 2D/3D hybrids, all direct modeled in VW on the none class so there will be no unexpected classes inserted in your drawings. The symbols are designed with as few surfaces as possible to be efficient in their rendering times. Since they are hybrids, they are very useful for creating detailed stage plots. Enjoy.
  19. Modify>Convert to NURBS applied to a 2d curve (polyline, etc) produces a NURBS curve consisting of Control Vertices (similar to 2d Bezier points). Seems that earlier vwx versions of that command produced NURBS Curves with Interpolation Vertices (points on the curve, similar to 2d Cubic Spline)? Even if that is incorrect memory, is anyone aware of a way to convert a NURBS Curve or any vertex from Control to Interpolation? The Reshape Tool includes a Change mode, but it toggles to Corner Vertex and back. OIP does not have vertex type control. -B
  20. Benson Shaw

    Change font size on dim tools

    Or, if I misunderstood (you don't want giant text), and you instead want the dimension label to indicate 2' rather than 2'-0": Click File menu>Document Settings>Units and change the values in several fields as desired. See attached screenshot for example. -B
  21. Benson Shaw

    Change font size on dim tools

    Some things to move toward your goal: Text size for any individual dimension object can be changed via the Text menu: • Select the dimension object. • Click the Text menu to open • Click the Size sub menu and choose Set Size • Pick the Page Inches option and adjust to 24 or other as desired. • Note that height of a 24 page inch text character will depend on the specific font conventions - The height may be shorter than 24" because the font measures height from extents of characters with ascenders and descenders. Different fonts will have different heights even though assigned same size. One way to change dimension text size of a drawing full of dimensions is to select them all, eg with the magic wand tool or a custom selection, and adjust their size via the Text menu as described above. All the selected dimensions will acquire the new text size. Creation of new dimensions which automatically acquire this large text size requires 2 mods to the drawing 1) Create a new text style with font and size as desired: ...........Resource Manager>New Resource>New Text Style 2) Alter the Dimension Class definition to use the new text style: ...........Navigation or Organization Palette>Class Tab>Select the Dimension class>Edit>Change the Text Style to your newly created 24" style. ...........Be sure to check the Use at Creation option. These two steps will alter the definition of the Dimension class in this drawing file but will not affect other drawings. New dimensions created in this drawing will be 24" tall (+/- font characteristics) OK, post back with success or if other process needed. -B
  22. scottmoore

    People/Band Symbols

    Hey guys. Sorry for the delay. The backline symbols are now available for purchase. edgelightrgb.com Navigate to the VWX tab and you can download from versions 2015 through 2019. Let me know if you have any questions.
  23. Like the title says. How do I change the font size on my dim tools? I'm drawing 1:1 and need my font in feet. Ex: 2' font size
  24. Robert Janiak


    I have problem with sACN. Some universes do not works. Problem is strange. The same universe changed to ArtNet does works.
  25. CipesDesign

    Bot Z of symbol?

    Why fight this kind of uphill battle? Just edit your symbol so that your desired Z=0 is aligned with the zero mark (locus) in front or side view and get on with it. See attached.
  26. JMR

    Ceiling grid to IFC

    Agree with the above posts. The current ceiling grid tool is good for 2D drafting only. I see there are ready-made systems for some manufacturers in BIM object, albeit only for Revit and Archicad: https://www.ecophon.com/uk/about-ecophon/e-tools/ecophon-bim-objects/bim-portal/ Including fasteners etc. Are any of you people using these with VW? I guess that would be via Revit files then. A proper ceiling grid tool would allow for defining both the panels and the suspension system. In regards to BIM, it's rather important for the HVAC engineer to know where and how the suspended ceilings are fastened to the slab above. Therefore a simple slab with thickness "1" is not enough...we would have to be able to define the size of the plates, the profiles of the structural systems and the fasteners and their runs to the slab, and then produce these the same we we produce the ceiling grid now.
  27. cberg

    3D trouble shooting

    Maybe post a version of your file for others to look at.
  28. scottmoore

    Using LED striplights in Plot & Model View

    Actually both. I set my template file up with ten pre-made design layers specifically for DLVPs. Each design layer already has a viewport created on the primary design layer and classed accordingly. All I do is draw the structure, lights and what have you in the appropriate design layer, go back to my primary design layer, turn on the class and rotate into position. I often create additional VPs for sheet layers to accommodate printing. The goal is to always have a clean plan view print for the shop.
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