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  2. mike m oz

    Until Next Time

    Jim, your presence on the techboard and audio voice overs in many of the feature and training videos will be missed. For many of us you have been the public face of Vectorworks for years and you leave big shoes to fill.
  3. line-weight

    Interior elevations - how to do ceramic tiles

    I'm actually going to draw up a tiled bathroom quite soon. I might do some experimentation with drawing the tiles in 3d and report back!
  4. Today
  5. Phileas

    Joining 3 walls with different styles

    @zoomer reading about your wished improvement point "non-view UnDo": If you mean that un-doing something shouldn't change back your view: you can set that in the VW preferences, in the "session" window (It's a drop-down menu).
  6. Yes, we need both elevations and 3D views, so annotation is not an option. Annotation layer would also require "cutting" out stuff in front of the tiles, I think. True. There are some circumstances though where the run of the tiles is important, eg. placement of taps, mirrors etc. It goes both ways actually, since the tiles are usually set so that the extra is divided into two at the opposite ends of the wall, this determines the run of the tiles and therefore the placement of taps and other equipment.
  7. Peter Neufeld

    People/Band Symbols

    They are spectacular Scott. Cheers, Peter
  8. After I lock something how can I not see it highlighted? When my mouse goes over it, it still kind of highlights it even though I locked it in place.
  9. It would be good if the rotate and scale options actually did work the way they seem they should tho. It's tedious creating H(horizontal) and V(vertical) versions for each texture... I keep feeling like there's some checkbox buried somewhere I can click to make it work...?
  10. Acip79

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    Hi, Can i add a custom data in my space label because i need to include a simple room ventilation type ie: A/C, M/V, N/V ? I tried to use Additional Info in the additional data space settings but it is not editable. Is there any other way to do it or there is a correct way to do it? Thanks,
  11. theatre4jc

    Braceworks Frustration

    This is extremely frustrating right here. We are trying to make our industry safer and work easier and a major manufacturer is unwilling to work with others. Yeah I'm trying to find out the weight of a Tyler Truss 12x18x96" stick and that's frustrating.
  12. Jim Smith

    Title block madness

    Like you I carry a sketch book & a pen with me at all times, you never know when inspiration will strike or when one needs to communicate with a sketch. I need to work lots of ideas out on paper before committing to VW. This reminds me of an article I read years ago about Auto Pilot systems were designed backwards; ie the Pilots were often doing the boring repetitive stuff & the Nav system was doing the fun flying part that humans were good at.
  13. Yesterday
  14. These lines are appearing in my openGL renders at certain zoom distances from the drawing. I'll be zooming in and then all of a sudden they'll appear, then they'll go away. "well why don't you just zoom until the lines go away?" While that is a workaround, the lines appear while the camera is "sitting" in a seat in the back row of the theatre.
  15. In the interests of office awesomeness we're trying to keep our VW Workgroup on the VW Cloud (so everyone shares it). It seems that the folders with - in the name do not sync. These folder names are default from VW. This is a problem.
  16. dtheory

    Until Next Time

    Just chiming in with a massive THANK YOU to Jim for his responsiveness (and humor).
  17. Mark Eli

    [HELP] Vision pan, tilt

    Hi @GloriamLT I'm going to jump in real quick and try to get you pointed in the right direction. In the real world, a console is how you control lights. There's a bunch out there, so take your pick. I can't teach you how to use any of them, because they're all different and, that's why we have youtube. So the console and the lights need to be patched, this will be covered in most console tutorials. The important part is that the console and light need to have matching patch information. Beyond that, you're going to need to do some research on how all these things work together in the real world. As for using Vision, you'll build your scene in Vectorworks, and then export it to Vision, assuming you have a license. In your case, since you're using the demo, you can still use the scene you've made but, you'll be limited to 5 lights. Vision acts the same as a real light. So you'll need a console to control the lights in Vision, the same as you would in the real world. Also, just like the real world, the patch information that's in vision for each light needs to match what's in the console. I can see from your picture of the patch window that your patch information isn't exporting correctly. That's why there's a bunch of lines highlighted in red. What you'll need to do to correct that is go into Vectorworks then go to File>Document Settings>Spotlight Preferences and a new window will pop up. Click on the Lighting Device tab if it isn't already selected, and then click the bottom right button labeled, Edit Visualizer Data Mapping. This will give you a new dialog box with a bunch of options. The only ones you really need to worry about are the ones labeled Universe and Channel. This is how you tell Vectorworks and Vision where to find the patch information in Vectorworks. As a guess, judging from the picture of the OIP you posted, you'll want to set Universe to Universe, and Channel to Address. Then send your file to Vision again, which should give the lights the correct patch information. As for getting the patch information from Vectorworks into the console. In the case of QLC, and most others, there's no way to do that. Patching is usually a manual process. So, once again, google some videos, there's lots. Also, here's a link to our getting started guide, which may give you some additional insight into how vision works. https://www.vectorworks.net/training/2019/getting-started-guides/vision/what-is-vision
  18. SMannVW

    Existing vs Demolition vs New Construction

    This often depends on the scope of work, project budget, and level of detail needed for submittals, consultant coordination, and construction documents. I normally create an as-built model from surveys and/or measurements. I'll save that model for reference and create a copy of it to build a demo model with a set of demo classes that can be turned on and off. Finally, I'll create a new construction model and reference the demo model into the new construction file.
  19. CraigC

    Slabs & Door Visibility in Plan

    So if the 1-slab layer is turned on, how come I can't see the slabs in the 1-Floor Layout view? And if the walls now reside on a different layer, you have to draw poly lines to create a slab?
  20. Hans-Olav

    Slabs & Door Visibility in Plan

    @CraigC We usually have slabs on a separate layer below the floorplan ( in stacking order )
  21. What is the VW workflow for handling existing, demolition, and new construction? Does VW utilize phases? Do you actually model the existing, then demolish the elements being removed, then model the new construction and then somehow it is all retained and displayed by visibility controls in various viewports? Or is this all done with simple 2-D line work?
  22. Robert Anderson

    Slabs & Door Visibility in Plan

    Top/Plan view is a drafted view of the 3D objects. It allows you to have some graphical control. You can create viewports in Top/Plan (drafted view) or Horizontal Section (strict spatial view.)
  23. CraigC

    Slabs & Door Visibility in Plan

    Thanks Robert. Interesting… so this 2-D view is not necessarily showing me the 2-D representation of three dimensional objects!?
  24. Sebastiaan

    Export Lighting Devices to DWG

    Thank you, it works in your file indeed! This is a great start. I'm not an expert either, but maybe someone on this forum could help us out and alter the script so the output will be 3d symbols in stead of just groups? And then if we get ready, maybe someone could make it work for other POI too? Like trusses for instance?
  25. Robert Anderson

    Slabs & Door Visibility in Plan

    This is a drawing order issue. Select the slabs and Send to Back.
  26. Robert Janiak

    Export Lighting Devices to DWG

    @Sebastiaan I am not expert. Did you change language to Python? Here is my test file. DWG rotation.vwx
  27. I'm doing my first VW project using the architectural template. Why do floor slabs obscure the doors and their swings in plan? Both were created on 1-Floor Layout. If I delete the floors, then I can see the doors. Thx.
  28. Sebastiaan

    Export Lighting Devices to DWG

    Thank you so much! I tried your script, but I get the following error: File "<String>", Line 2 ^ Syntax Error: Invalid character in identifier Do you have an idea what this might be? I would love to try this script!
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