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  2. Can you attach a sample file with an instance of the Tekla Bolt with the IFC record attached? Or tell me a simple way to create a file with this object type so I can see what is happening?
  3. Edgar en Mike, thank you for your replies. @mikeheacox I should have mentioned that I did that but I get the rounded up number in my worksheet followed by 2 zeros (in this example : 39,00) @Edgar RAMEL I think that might be the solution to my problem. How do I get that "Editer format de base de données" window ? Valérie
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  5. The icons people are admiring are all on a white background. ie. 'light mode'. The current icon problem only exists because some users wanted a 'dark mode' and getting a single set of icons that works well for both appears to have been nigh on impossible. A better option may have been to have two complete sets of icons. The 2019 ones for 'light mode' and new ones for the 'dark mode' that a few wanted.
  6. Hello @livespace josha, This is working as designed. The Data Tag contents flip according to the direction, in order to avoid overlapping geometry. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  7. Hello @MultipleWays, Tabbing is still possible on Win. For Mac there is a bug that multiline text fields break tabbing. One way to fix that is to turn on tabbing for all controls in your Mac settings and the other is to have the multiline fields to be single line, which is possible from VW 2020. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  8. Hi all, I'm getting this error message at opening a VW 2019 SP 5.3 file. Is there a way to find these "some objects"? Other than finding them manually, by chance.
  9. Iconpacks are not a solution but a gimmick. Anyone remembering Kaleidoscope from the old days? This was a control panel on the Mac (pre OSX) where you could change the overall look of fonts & icons. If we all like the icons from the marketing promos that much, why not have them make the one set for R&D we all seem to favor over this early try on the new GUI?
  10. Hi, After installing VW2020 in silent mode (Demo Version), i missed Vectorworks2020.exe in ProgramFiles. Can someone tell me the reason?
  11. Yeah, this whole tool needs a rethink. Its really difficult to use. As it seams will never get a UV edit option, I'd like to see the Attribute mapping tool work without forcing Plane, Cylinder or spherical wrapping, as well.
  12. Guess this was not really clear, in the end the question is, wether there is a Marionette Node or a script that allows me to open external programs out of VW.
  13. "Insert Column" inserts a column to the left of the referenced column. I would like to see "Add Column" to add a column to the right of the last column. At the moment, adding a column after the A - J range would add a new J and rename J to K. Then I will have to copy all the K formulas back to J and clear K.
  14. Can we know what your end result might be? Why are you needing this? It gives a direction to work in. Do you want the original to grow, or do you want a duplicate each time it grows?
  15. I'm having a similar problem with the plant tool. I had to set the user origin to 0, 0 to get the plants to show up where I clicked.
  16. Ok, I see now. Have you tried data tags? In vw2020 the tags themselves can be listed in worksheets.
  17. Hey Tom, thanks. So, sounds like you're relating a VWX shift in direction for these tools, looking ahead?
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  19. G'day, Any update on this patch as yet?
  20. @Barry Keesey Hey if this position is still available please let me know!
  21. Hello is there script I can make that I can stretch a rectangle in increments ? it can be 2D rectangle. As for the size of the rectangle I could just type it in the object info palette? The increments would be a one way stretch. Thank you
  22. Hope fix will be out this week, I do really need it now!
  23. Before the title block was revamped a couple years ago, one used to be able to tab through entry fields. It seems that is not possible anymore. Am I missing something? Is there a way to quickly get through fields without having to navigate the mouse each time? If not, I would like to request that tab'ing' be reinstated.
  24. I am having an issue saving customizations to the built in Plug Ins in VW Spotlight 2020. Specifically, I am trying to add cable options to the cable tools. Have done this in the past (on VW2019) without issue, only 2020 seems to be giving me problems. Once I close the plug in manager, nothing seems to save. Any thoughts?
  25. Sure the issues with creating hanging positions can cause a few problems. 1. has always felt like an unnecessary step 2. makes working with and customising the geometry of the position further tricky and isn’t particularly user friendly. 3. making connections with other rigging objects can be more straightforward when the rigging objects are not hanging positions. 4. existing truss symbols when raked at an angle and made into a hanging position (symbol) can have their 2d top/plan elements disappear. There are a few workarounds but these points illustrate the issues with hanging positions. Just to confirm, there may always be rigging objects that lend themselves to becoming hanging positions such as identical truss spans which you can make into symbols to reduce the amount of geometry that is being generated at a given time. Also more complex combinations of rigging items such as a system of truss which is being constantly reconfigured or objects with complex requirements in terms of illustrating 2d geometry (such as ladders). these are all issues which we are working to resolve and find solutions for. I cannot disclose exactly what’s to come. But moving forward I think that keeping more complex truss designs and certain as rigging objects such as ladders would be more advantageous. There is a bug filed for the ladder issues. best wishes Tom W You can attach
  26. LJ is correct. Since MA makes the driver, we have no control over what it does, or when it gets updated. I forget exactly what the MA driver is doing that's outdated but, I think it was a registry entry and maybe one of the DMX provider files on the Vision side. At one point we did have the driver installer bundled with Vision, but we removed it because it's a third party's property. That is correct, the MA requires the use of a dongle instead of the normal serial number, to be able to use the driver. Your sales rep should be able to help you get set up with a dongle.
  27. Hi @Boh I downloaded the VWX file you posted (thank you) and I tried working with/editing your worksheet and it didn't work well for my purposes. To clarify: I've created symbols with records that I populate manually to accommodate different jobs/uses. I then create a worksheet which compiles all the record data in a client facing format. Then there are other text boxes on a different layer which use some of this same info and could benefit from a direct link to a cell.
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