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  2. Given we can reference DWG, and now IFC, and we can reference a PDF or a JPG, would it not make sense to add Point Cloud to that list? Have the usual task of providing evidence for a planning application to show the proximity of tree to my clients proposed building. Would be far easier to reference the point cloud in, like a PDF can be referenced, than have to import and then reference.
  3. ericjhberg

    Fix Bugs in Floor Objects

    @Amorphous - Julian My intent was not to discourage you, although I get that way myself from time to time. We were just having these discussions the other day, and because we are landscape architects, we came to the conclusion that while VW is not perfect (for reasons stated here and in other various posts), it is still one if the best products for our profession and our workflow. It does allow us to do significantly more (efficiency may be in question) than tradition AutoCAD 2D drafting would. That said, I cannot speak to the architectural side of things as much. I know that there is more BIM competition in the architecture spectrum that may be worth investigating, but perhaps VW is still a path forward.
  4. Tonight I discovered that my 3D Label legends were not appearing on my elevations. I attempted to select the data I wanted to appear in the Label Legend Manager, but after clicking done and exiting out of the LL Manager my data was still not showing up. I would then re-enter the LL Manager, I would select the data I wanted to"Use in 3D", and then edit the layout. However, each time the data would not appear on a Design layer or Sheet Layer after I exit the editing mode. Is anyone else having this problem?
  5. Amorphous - Julian

    Fix Bugs in Floor Objects

    @ericjhberg Sadly, the more we try to forge ahead with a Vectorworks BIM process, the less attractive it seems as an alternative to AutoCAD + BIM process. The lack of a good Hybrid object for 2D-3D, is just one of the many examples. And I’ll sure you discovered this the hard way (wasting hours of your time), like we had. Perhaps I’m just deflated with the whole thing at the moment. But it truly feels all the time I’ve invested into Vectorworks has been futile. I fee quite ready and prepared to just go back to doing everything in 2D. I can no longer think that things may improve in another two years.
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  7. Daniel B. Chapman

    Feature Request: NDI Support

    @Charlie Winter I'm running QLab and some proprietary stuff for most of my designs and Syphon is a way to share a texture between applications on Mac. I output Syphon rather than a video surface and then use programs to stream that over the network or share with another program. Spout is the Windows equivalent. You might want to look into Open Broadcast Studio (https://obsproject.com/). They have a good NDI plugin where you can stream arbitrary content. For a small video wall it should work fine, but for larger surfaces you need some serious processing power and very fast networks to make it work. I generally use NDI for the previsualization side of things as I'm running at half or even quarter resolution.
  8. ericjhberg

    Fix Bugs in Floor Objects

    @Amorphous - Julian I have noticed the same problems and I have been ringing the alarm bells about FLOORS in VW2019 now for awhile and to no avail...in fact I got a less than ideal answer from inside VW regarding their use. Before receiving this response I had been told on many occasions that VW was phasing out floors as archaic, so I guess this is their way of doing that...making them unusable. My whole take on this is one of extreme disappointment. For us there are no good, simple hybrid objects any more that we can use for easy hybrid 3D modeling, particularly for exterior paving improvements. Every other option comes with significant downsides, which is why we were still using floors. The unfortunate answer...don't use FLOORS any more.
  9. inikolova

    Vectorworks Cloud Services Update V8 - Proxy not working

    Hi @Sittingducks, I am glad to hear that all is well now. I entered your suggestion into our project tracking tool. We will consider it as we plan for future improvements. Thank you! Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  10. Rob Books

    macOS Catalina (10.15) Compatibility

    Unfortunately you will either need to upgrade to 2019 or 2020, or roll back your OS to Mojave. 2018 is not guaranteed to work in Catalina, and will more than likely not have a patch coming out.
  11. josue Corona

    learning script

    Creating Hybrid Object? The script made the object , do you mean like put a command that tells my object is a hybrid?
  12. I am intersted in immediate purchase of either VW2019 Architect or VW2016 Designer, if these are still available? Thank you
  13. ericjhberg

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    I find myself constantly switching between the different Display settings options to circumnavigate different operational issues I may be experiencing at any given time. It is strange that no option seems to be the best option.
  14. Alvar

    macOS Catalina (10.15) Compatibility

    Hello, I'm new to the Forum. Just wanted to report that I have just downloaded Catalina and it has made Vectorworks 2018 pretty much unusable. The main problem is that drawn information is not visible in the design layer on most drawings I open, although it is visible in the sheet layers. Occasionally when opening an existing drawing no information appears at all - not even the editing window. I'm using a 2019 iMac, 3.6 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 with 128mb of Ram. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  15. Kevin McAllister

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    This makes me chuckle a bit. Over the last two versions, downgrading this option has been the workaround suggested by Tech Support for bugs in the VGM. Now that workaround has become an issue..... Kevin
  16. Dave Donley

    OpenGL died

    Hello Mik: Since this started with a Windows update, you should maybe go to the NVIDIA site and make sure your video drivers are the latest ones from NVIDIA. Oftentimes strange video problems that are machine-specific happen because the video drivers are the default old ones with an OS release and not the latest ones from the video card manufacturer.
  17. Frank Schnater

    (section)viewports not rendering 2d items

    Hello Matt, Thank you for the effort. I also got response from Design Express with more or less the same information. A serious disappointment: we have set up a lot of drawings in VW2017/2018 with this method so now we can not move away from VW2018. This means we miss out on improvements. We will also get more computer issues, as VW2018 seems not to be 100% compatible with OS X Catalina (standard install on our new workstations). I already noticed that when I open multiple VW2018 files at once some of the windows remain empty; I have to close the window and open it again to continue. This should not happen with professional software. Regards, Frank
  18. I will try to reproduce. I guess I would prefer the tags to act more like Room Tags then the section/elevation tags. It could take hours if you have 5 floors / 10 rooms per floor/ 4 elevations per room / 2 locations per tag = 400 "on switches" that you would have to switch to get the visibility right - then you would have to go to each viewport and adjust the location of the tag anyway. So the same way that a room tag finds the space - the interior elevation tag could find its polygon.(Which could also be a space! - When you create a space - you then could select the edges of the space that you want to use to create the elevations.) - That way you simply place the tage where you want it.
  19. The tag should move independent from the section lines. Can you show me a reproducible case where this does not happen? Yes, it certainly should not be tied to a design layer. Don't you think their visibility should work more like Section Lines where you can choose which viewports to display them in? We also do need per view viewport control over the location and look of these object (like the Data Tag). Interesting idea!
  20. milezee

    Reshape Tool with Rectangles

    @mac@stairworks yeh it's ok for some things, 👍
  21. Not sure it's everything Would be interesting to hear what people's experience on this is. You cannot rotate a video screen object for instance.
  22. To anyone who happens to stumble upon this post looking for the same answer, I haven't found a setting to disable the automatic-math that's happening, but I have found a workaround: File > Import > Worksheet Select all cells (or at least the cells that exhibit the problem) Format > Cells... > Number tab (default tab) > Select the "Text" radio button > OK Select cell A1 only, then reimport the same worksheet the same way I'm not certain exactly how it works, but it appears that importing a worksheet while a worksheet is open overwrites the worksheet from the selected cell. Unfortunately, you can't overwrite a database worksheet this way, as that would completely solve another problem I'm having.
  23. Wrecktorworks

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    Dear Vectorworks users, I've seen a lot of complains lately (myself included) about the speed that Vectorworks 2018/2019 is operating. Today I had contact with the service select office in Gouda from The Netherlands. My Vectorworks was fixed problem by this simple trick and I hope this works for you guys aswel. If you experience lag/loading time/crashes etc. Please follow the following instructions: Note: I had to translate the option names from Dutch to English they might be called different in the English version. Step 1: Open Vectorworks 2018/2019 Step 2: Go to the tab 'Extra' Step 3: Go to 'Settings' this should be second last option. Step 4: Select 'Vectorworks Preferences or Preferences Vectorworks' Step 5: Go to the second tab 'Display' Step 6: Go to the bottom and click on the bar that says: 'Display during navigation' Step 7: Select the 'best performance' option. (NEVER put it on the second option) Restart Vectorworks. This helped me to get rid of the following problems: - Lag in 2D drawing like, windows, ploy lines, etc. - Lag in Sheet Layers. - Lag in 3D OpenGL views. - Hidden Line renders take ages to create in Sheet Layers. If you experience any trouble feel free to contact me!
  24. Repost of a very old wish...
  25. Thomas Wagensommerer

    Better User Interface for Levels

    Still on the wishlist....
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