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  2. Matster

    Find Text

    Thanks for getting back to me, at least i'm not hunting forever! but it does seem very limiting, if it only finds one of the instances. If this doesn't work, then as far as i can see, there is't way to search and find all text boxes with a specific piece of text in, which is pretty much a feature in every program ever written 😂 Although maybe there is a way... 1 - put the text in a record.. 2 - create a report... 3 - export the report... 4 - open it in Excel... 5 - find the text you want... 6 - cross-reference the row number back to the Vectorworks worksheet 7 - then select it from the worksheet A simple 7 stages! 😂🤣
  3. Today
  4. Hi @Sally yang...yes, unfortunately our experience is that the database, which should be a centrally managed resource capable of supporting multi-user environments, CANNOT be accessed by more than one user at a time. If you try, the second user attempting to open will likely be encountered with an error and potentially a crash. It can be stored and accessed by each user in the workgroup folder, which is what we do, but currently you have to coordinate its usage since it cannot be accessed by multiple users at the same time. We have an annoying standard in our office...whenever someone needs the plant database they should ask around the office to make sure no one else is using it. Not exactly the intent of true multi-user tools.
  5. Matt Overton

    Needing Section perspective to be at eye height

    From memory In the Section, advanced settings set the height extent of the section so the middle point is the desired eyeline. Not the most intuitive setting will take a couple of attempts to get right.
  6. _c_

    No Stories, No Problem

    Ciao Zeno, do you use a common Z for all buildings or every building has its own project zero? Accordingly, how do you set up the Reference Elevation in the Export IFC Project settings?
  7. Hi guys I need my section perspective to be at eye height level. Is there any simple way to adjust the height of the vanishing point?
  8. If this is going to happen sometime.... It would be great if there was an option to auto group all layers with a storey association together.
  9. DMcD

    macOS Catalina (10.15) Compatibility

    I'm not sure if this should be a Catalina post or a Mojave post… It's both really. I spend the weekend with the new VW 2020 working in Mojave on a 12 month old touchbar 15" MacBook Pro. The tiny screen isn't ideal so I changed to a Mac Pro with two 30" Apple monitors also running 2020 and set the MBP to upgrade to Catalina (on an external SSD.) What I found was the normal hatful of rain. VW2020 crashes more than VW2019 on Mojave on either computer. Too much to be acceptable and I'm too busy to bother to bug search for another company who ought to do their own bug fixes before release with a 12 month old OS. VW2020 doesn't work at all well with the Mac Pro and 30" monitors. The screen graphics are woeful but more importantly, there are huge problems with screen refreshes. For example, you can double click on an object to edit it… for example to edit an extrude… and the screen shows the original image with stray handles all over the place so you can't tell if you are in edit mode or not. Heaps of problems along these lines forcing a Z key refresh every time you do a command to make sure you're seeing the right things. Objects appear to hyperspace, disappearing off-screen and requiring recentring all the time and groups won't ungroup etc. On the same computer, VW 2019 works fine or probably will until I get to work to be told I have used up my registrations and have to send a stamped addressed postcard to VW to de-register an installation. Catalina took all night to install… about 24 hours between connecting an external USB 3 SSD, cloning the original HDD and then updating. The installer sat for hours on 11 minutes remaining. Once that had finished, I found that a handful of key apps… including Aperture (not news there) and all the CS6 Adobe programs wouldn't run, so I disconnected the drive and went back to Mojave and VW2019. I honestly don't understand why VW releases happen like this. Why not release as a beta version for the first 9 months? I think it was May to June before 2019 was stable enough to really use. And for me, not being an architect, there's little reason to use the update anyway and the 3D history 'feature' doesn't appear anywhere, in spite of reading some very vague documentation in the help pages. Not entirely happy! I wonder if my 'service select' (no idea what that actually means in English) program can be delayed by 12 months? D
  10. Yes, I mean we didn't do it at the same time. One person right click the figure, edit style, then get plant data, then the plant database can be accessible. Then if this person leave the plantdata base open, the second person try to do the same thing then the error message will come out. Does that mean the first person who opened the planting database needs to close it first?
  11. Jeremy Best

    Resetting Vectorworks Preferences

    Hi Ben, I provide Tech Support for Vectorworks users in New Zealand. Based on what you've said above it seems you're migrating your settings etc from Vectorworks 2017. I believe your Vectorworks 2017 Workspaces are either corrupt or the migration process bringing them into your Vectorworks 2018 is corrupting them. Try the following: Quit Vectorworks 2018 Delete or relocate the 'Workspaces' folder in your Vectorworks 2018 User Folder (Macintosh HD/Users/[your_username]/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2018) Reopen Vectorworks and test. This should address the remaining symptoms. If not, please contact your local distributor for further assistance. Third-party plug-ins could be responsible for your issues too. They need to be updated by the developer to ensure compatibility with every new version of Vectorworks. If you have these you could just delete or relocate the entire Vectorworks 2018 User Folder instead of just the Workspaces folder and test that result.
  12. So if you are both pointing to the correct location, and you each "get plant Data" in the plant preferences> plant style dialog box. Either can access the info? Ensure you are using Edit Plant Style and then Get Plant data.
  13. James H.

    Spot spot spot spot...

    Thanks @Luis M Ruiz and @Dave Donley!! Appreciate the time and suggestions. @Dave Donley Thanks for the tip on the Portal option for the Glass RW texture. Can you tell me more about what it does? It seems like it should be triggered by default for windows as the window tool brings the glass texture into the file by default... are there cases where a window would not be a Portal? @Luis M Ruiz Thanks for digging into this one. I did some further exploration of the Pendant and Chandelier symbols I'd created and you were correct, the issues was with the Point Light objects being placed inside the cylinders of the pendant (and rings of the chandeliers too for that mater). I swapped the Point Lights out for Spot Lights in the Pendant symbols (and moved them lower in the cylinders). I also Extracted the interior surfaces of the cylinders and rings and re-textured them to a Glow texture (was able to keep the point lights in the Chandeliers without an issue). Solved the case of the mysterious spots well enough that I could add the reflective values back into all my textures without any issues! AND... Voilà: Again, super huge thank you to @Luis M Ruiz and @Dave Donley as well as the Forum community on whole for the helpful tips and for being here as a resource!!!! What a great place to keep learning. 🙏🏻 🎉❗️
  14. Yesterday
  15. it's 'Get Plant Data' this pathway
  16. Question. Are you opening the Plant database on its own or through Vectorworks? Open Plant data. Also Do you have this issue (Plant Database not running with this step) if you "get plant data" within Plants in Vectorworks.
  17. I'm a long-time WYSIWYG PERFORM user, where whatever I want to do is quick and simple! I'm continually frustrated by the constant issues and head-scratchers I'm running into with VW, but as an AVL designer it's become a requirement although I'm kicking and screaming doing it! My latest ticking me off scenario is I have a large square truss I have configured and installed above a stage that I wanted the rear of it to be lower and the front higher. In WYG all I do is grab the rotate tool, manually adjust the angle or type in the amount and BOOM---done! It took me a great deal of time to figure out I have to go into the 3D edit view and do it there, which was simple at that point---but again, it required extra steps. After doing so, now my fixtures attached all stayed "flat" to the original position, none of them rotated with them. Additionally when I'm in overhead plan view, it disappears. But the moment I use the flyover tool to change the view, it shows up just fine. I deleted the truss and created a new one, SAME PROBLEM! The creative team programming VW really needs to go use WYG and learn from them! VW is SO not intuitive! And you can only display (8) lights at a time in OPEN GL mode???? Another issue is I used the EDGE-BLENDED screen option and it's incredibly distorted depending on the viewing angle! When I created my own custom image, there doesn't seem to be FILL SCREEN option like there is in WYG.
  18. This is under the vectorworks plant database folder. In the scenario when the second person trying to open the Vectorworks Plants.exe is not there (sorry I got the name wrong in my last thread)
  19. what is in the Vectorworks Plant database file?
  20. @bgoff The only difference I spot is, if the second person try to open (while the first one has opened the database), the file Plant Database.exe is missing under the Vectorworks Plant folder...The picture I have attached showed the office setting
  21. here is an image of my setup. Then go to choose plant data source and look to the leading folder.
  22. Thanks Bgoff, yes it's been working for a while (about three months) for other files. We share customised planting schedule, hardscape schedule and hatch. Also we have exported some commone plant symbols shared between two stations. We just didn't figure out how to share plant database until this week. What do you think could be the problem?
  23. sounds like the setup might be wrong! First does your workgroup folder work properly for other files other than plant database?
  24. Hi All, I recently set up the plantdatabase in our workgroup folder for our small office (two workstation). I clicked Landmark-Choose database place and located the workgroup folder. The problem now is, our two workstation cannot open the plantdatabase at the same time... If one opens, the second one will meet an error message. I have attached an image. Is this normal? Or did we do something wrong?
  25. bgoff

    workflow for irrigation plant emitters

    If you are snaking the tube then I find it easier to do tube first. It all depends on the plantings. If they are close to each other I prefer to use a branched network instead of one long continuous line. the long line produces to great a pressure for the system to run correctly. A branching network that is tied back to itself will have a more even flow and less pressure.
  26. ComputerWorks


    Version 1.0.0


    Erstellt aus in Vectorworks importierten IFC- Schlitze-/Durchbruchelemente native Vectorworks Schlitze-/Durchbruchobjekte mit allen Eigenschaften und Datenbanken des originalen IFC-Elements. Informationen zur Anwendung entnehmen Sie bitte der Anleitung, die parallel zu dieser Datei als Download zur Verfügung steht. Von: ComputerWorks GmbH. In Teilen basierend auf Marionette-Nodes von DCorpataux. Compatibilität: Vectorworks 2020.
  27. line-weight

    Extrude Along Path - why's my wall leaning over?

    Coming back to this ... have realised, it's important to get the relationship of the profile and path correct in the Z direction when you create the EAP. The reason for this is that going to 'edit profile' lets you accurately orient the profile relative to the path on the X/Y axes but there seems to be no indication in this view of where it is relative to the path in the Z direction. It would be much more useful to have an 'edit' view where both the path and profile were visible (and editable) in 3d at the same time.
  28. bob cleaver

    workflow for irrigation plant emitters

    We wanted simple field installation and future maintenance with a single emitter type and adding multiple emitters for each type of plant. So would you place emitters first and the 'snake' the drip line to each emitter ? OR 'snake' the drip line and then place emitters
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