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  2. Acip79

    Error on PDF Export

    Hi All, Done a study on this issue. Currently my model is referenced into my sheets file using 'layer import' option (based on suggested way to do it in Best Practice for Workgroup BIM). I tried to use 'design layer viewports' option and the issue on PDF is resolved. But I need any opinion if that is the correct way to do it or it will cause any other issue later on. Thanks,
  3. Mitchell (the other one)

    'Glow Texture' - I'm new to it!

    That cake may be the best rendered model I've seen here . . . . nice work!
  4. If you make a two way data base worksheet with stake objects as the criteria and elevation units listed as a record field then the worksheet shld find all your stake objects and you can globally change the settings for all of them from the worksheet.
  5. Yesterday
  6. jeff prince

    Domestic sloped site. Best Workflow for 3D?

    I wouldn’t adjust the survey, it is indicative of the existing condition. What you do is add proposed countours to the VW site model made from the survey. This then gives you cut and fill. The guides will clarify this. Good luck, it’s easy when you follow the guide.
  7. It looks like Vectorworks 2019 has added an option called "Elevation Units"in the Object Info palette which allows you to have a different unit setting for Stake objects than the unit setting for the overall drawing. However, how would one go about changing all the Stake objects in a drawing universally from one setting to another?
  8. Patrick West


    Hi All, I am experiencing a serious lag when it comes to editing Linear materials. I inquired about it with VW technical support, and they informed me that Linear materials are very intensive objects that should only be used for detailing. Well, I am only using them for detailing now, with my largest linear materials being about 3' long. STILL, I experience unusable lag when editing linear materials that I have formerly created. Is there a setting here that I am missing?! Visibility, graphics, hardware, ect...
  9. EAlexander

    VW 3D Basic 101 Tutorials

    Hi Everyone, I've uploaded some beginner tutorials on my YouTube account. These are for entertainment people just starting to try 3D in Vectorworks from 2D. It's angled from the POV of a Production Designer using solid modeling techniques. I have plans for more intermediate and advanced tutorials in the future, but wanted to start simple with the basics in small digestible chunks. Topics covered are: Extude Extrude along Path Sweep If you've ever taken any of my classes at NYU or through the USA Local 829 Union, these subjects are covered there. Future videos will cover general entertainment workflows and build out of Theaters, Ballrooms and Arena/Stadiums for drafting packages and renderings, as well as more beginner concepts. These first videos are for people just starting to try 3D in their art departments and looking for a general understanding of how basic modeling functions in a VW 3D workflow. Comments and feedback welcome at any time. You can find my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/evanbrooklyn/videos Thanks, e.
  10. Dave Donley

    area or line lights in OpenGL not working

    Hello frv: Area and line lights only render in Renderworks render modes, not in OpenGL.
  11. Dave Donley

    'Glow Texture' - I'm new to it!

    Hello Micel: Note that you can set the glow % above 100% to get more light out of the fixture if you need to.
  12. Marissa Farrell

    Creating Suite Numbers

    I agree with the suggestion of Data Tag, but if you find that it's not a reasonable solution, we can absolutely tackle this with Marionette in one way or another.
  13. Marissa Farrell

    What mouse do you recommend?

    I haven't yet upgraded, but this is great information for me to keep an eye out for. I'm planning to get the beta installed this week and I will keep this in mind!
  14. I like the introduction of the Display detail levels in 2019, but do miss the old 'on/off' switch for wall components to display in a viewport. I'd like to see this returned as a simple control because: 1. Less prone to error/less opaque (If I turn the detail level down to low, what else may turn off in my drawing without me noticing it..?) 2. More customisability. You may want to display a viewport without the wall details, but with other details showing.
  15. Asemblance

    Detail Level and control Wall Component visibility

    I was just wondering along very similar lines myself. Perhaps I missed it, but the change from 2018 - 2019 with 'Display detail levels' kind of seemed to sneak in. I like the detail levels, but would rather have the old toggle 'on/off' for wall details to display in viewports.
  16. TomKen

    Clerestory Window Issue

    I've had this happen as well. I dragged the door out of the wall and back in again and it corrected itself.
  17. richardavatar

    3D Connexion Spacemouse

    for anyone else who looks at this - I discovered that the problem was that the Spacemouse had to be in 'Target Camera Mode' for navigation to work properly. pressing button 1 on the Spacemouse enterprise cycles between modes
  18. Adam Robinson

    RAL colour palette

    For others interested in RAL colour palettes, they are on our wish list.
  19. Currently, the Symbol Options is only available if you select the symbol from the Resource Browser. This option should also be available (as all other symbol options currently are) from the object's right-click menu.
  20. klinzey

    Dialog with n-number of items

    I've done it before and you just need to keep track of things very carefully. Give all the controls that don't change ID's before the ID of your dynamically created controls. (VW doesn't like it when you skip control IDs.) In the case statement make sure you have events for all of the static controls. At the end of the case statement you will need an OTHERWISE Here is where it gets tricky... You have to do some math to figure out which item the user clicked. You need to be sure the ID is greater than the last static control and less than the last control you created. In the simplest case you will probably have a label (item=N) and then the hatch control (item=N+1) You can setup your data structure when you create the dialog so that the dialog item is an index into the structure if you want to keep it simple or with a little more work you can convert the dialog item into an index into a more compact structure. As you are building the controls for the dialog you need to handle the first control placed after your fixed controls separately and then from then on you iteratively add controls once the pattern is established with the first control. Done right it works great but it is a little difficult to debug.
  21. Jakomo

    Get Projekt References in script

    Many thanks to you, with this info I could finish my script.
  22. majamotion

    Plan view of stacked windows/doors

    Setting the clerestory window to "No break" in OIP worked for me. The lower Door/ Window showed correctly in plan and the clerestory showed dashed. 3d also works correctly.
  23. Wesley Burrows

    Creating Suite Numbers

    If I'm not mistaken this is exactly what the Data Tag is for. But it has to attach to an object, such as a "space" or whatnot to obtain the info the tag displays.
  24. RussU

    Creating Suite Numbers

    Although I'm not an expert, I reckon what you're after would suit Marrionette perfectly. @Marissa Farrell would be able to give you much more info than I could
  25. majamotion

    Clerestory Window Issue

    I am also having this issue, Help please. when I insert clerestory window over door, the wall is not cut by either also the window next to the door doesn't cut the wall. When I remove clerestory, lower openings show correctly.
  26. Markvl

    Creating Suite Numbers

    Hmmm...There is the Room Name Simple Tool in the Dims/Notes Tool Set
  27. DeSignature

    Dialog with n-number of items

    We usualy get by with about 6 relevant hatches, so it seems doable to me, especially if we would restrict the number of hatches in the dialog to about twelve items [1..12]. Wouldn't be bad for the drawing hygiene as well... What would be the easiest way to differentiate between the different hatches. I guess I would have to script something like the code mentioned above, but I noticed it is will not be as easy as that. Any basic suggestions about how to aproach this dialog? or how to approach a dialog with n-number of items?
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