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  2. The way I figured this was to create a Report of all the fields in the Wide Flange - 3D object in a worksheet. I then changed the Series and Sizes and recalculated to see which field gave the data that was desired. Glad to help. :-) And I will take you up on the pint sometime.
  3. fabrica

    Data tag help

    brilliant! virtual pint on the way to you once pubs open again!
  4. Try this: Set up your Data Tag to display the Custom Size Field. Manually edit in the Current Tag Field Definition box and change the #isCustom# to #__Size_4#. There are two underscores in front of size and one after. For me this appears to work for Universal Columns. It appears that at least for the first 10 items in the Series list you can change the suffix on the __Size_ part of the tag with the number that matches the sort order of the Series list. I.E. AISC (Inch) is 1, BSI (Universal Beams) is 3, BSI (Universal Columns) is 4, etc. I don't know of a way to get a single tag to display the correct information for different Series. HTH.
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  6. Try https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Str2Area
  7. @Kevin McAllister well this is bizarre. My document default is OpenGL. I didn't save that example file (of course), but now it's working as expected. I blame the VW gremlins 😈.
  8. Is this in wireframe or OpenGL? 3d objects usually display as unfilled in wireframe.... Kevin
  9. there's a free 2d cad package called libreCAD this does tangents circles to circles very easily, can then be imported to Vectorworks. Vectorworks has never been that good a drawing tangents
  10. Welcome to the club. Ask again the next time you get stuck. We are a pretty friendly bunch here. ;-)
  11. In my script, i return the area of a window in wall via GetRFlield. It returns a string with area units. Trying to convert it in a REAL with ValidNumStr gets no success. converting a length e.g. perimeter - no problem. Any idea. Code snippet: RFld := 0; if ValidNumStr(GetRField(symH, PIOName, Fld), value) then RFld := value;
  12. Hello MullinRJ, Sorry for the late reply, I don't know why but I don't get notified when a reply is posted ... Thanks a lot for your work, I'll try the plugin and will keep you informed of the results. Thanks again! Eric
  13. Seems like plenty of work-arounds. Here's another - and what I ended up doing: Use batch rename to prefix all of my classes in my target document. Copy and paste in place from source document to target document. Batch rename to prefix imported classes and objects. Remove the prefix from my original set of classes. Begin the sorting process.
  14. Of course it works as expected now. Vectorworks relaunch solved it. 😄 / ☹️
  15. Hmmm Vectorworks is up to date. Here's how things function for me currently:
  16. @Pat Stanford you are correct, the object had a line style of none, changed it to solid and it solved it.
  17. The Stakes are independent objects, so will not disappear when you are looking at the proposed model. However, if you have set them to be Existing, this simply means that they contain levels that should set the level for the Existing site. So, any elevation changes will not be included in the cut and fill calculation. You should always enclose site modifiers (Stakes or other) within a Grade Limit. You don't need one for each stake - just draw a single grade limit that encloses the whole site, and set this also to relate to the Existing site. The Grade Limit is a mode of the Site Modifiers tool. All modifiers should be enclosed within a Grade Limit, but they can all be enclosed by the same grade limit. You might find the following free training on Vectorworks University useful. The Site Design course includes a section on Site Modelling.
  18. I have exported a model file as a .rvt file which, although it hung for a while during the process, seems to have worked. However, when I try to re-import it to see what it looks like, Vectorworks, just freezes after about 19%, with the 'not responding' message and I have to force quit... I've attached the file so if someone else could try to see if they have the same issue, or advise what the problem might be.. Cheers 1187 Library Master rev.rvt
  19. fabrica

    Data tag help

    I cannot figure out how to get the size of a steel (wide flange 3D) into a new data tag , looking to make a simple tag with steel size and length ? Can get the length ok but not the size (ie. the 203 x 203 x 46 part)
  20. Haa!! Yep, I'm a muppet... sorted now. Don't know what was going through my head. Jazz
  21. Yeah, no it doesn't... I've just realised what I've done.... I'm a moron!
  22. They probably aren't inserted into the wall. When you have one selected does it say Door in Wall at the top of the Object Info Palette (OIP).
  23. Hi all, I'm working on a theatre model and I've added doors into the walls, where they should be, but for some reason it hasn't 'hollowed' out the wall. The door is there no problem, opens in 3D but alas... so is the wall.... I've not had this issue before so a touch stumped. I've tried playing with settings but totally missing something! Any ideas? Thanks, Jazz
  24. Thanks, Pat. Will tee this one up later today!
  25. Thank you for this - very kind of you! I've set it up (I'm currently on 2018) It works perfectly when I'm within a group - which is great. This will be very useful. When I run it outside of a group though I find that it first changes the projection to perspective, but I have to run it a second time to get it to change to OpenGL. This is not too much of a big deal as it's quite easy to just hit the shortcut button twice. Would it be straightforward to make it change the view as well? If it could also change to, say, left isometric that would be really helpful. I don't atually mind which direction the view is; what's more important is that I can see what's going on in 3d, and I can then easily fly around to the angle I want, if it's different.
  26. Im using the RTX2070 but no bubble pops up. If you are not sure whether Vectorworks uses the right graphics card, you can check this in the Task Manager. There you can easily see if the workload of the graphics card increases when using Vectorworks. You may have to force the graphics card to be used for Vectorworks in the graphics card driver. This works the same way with Quadros as with Geforce graphics cards.When youre not sure if vectorworks uses the correct cpu, you can look in your task-manager
  27. Well a promise is a promise! On a more practical side, here is a consolidated list of suggestions for anyone looking in the future (shout me if I missed any). Selection Tool (X) Double Click Paste in Place Escape (x2) to exit text editing etc. Move by Points Undo / Redo Open GL (and other render mode options) cmd-[ and cmd-] (previous and next layers etc.) Activate class Flyover mode Camera (top down plan, perspectives, etc.) Zoom to Objects / page area Toggle mode (left, right) Duplicate Array Select Similar Find and modify
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