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  2. Crashes when switching between 2D and 3D (or vice-versa) are often due to GPU problems. Have you set your system explicitly so that VW uses the good graphic card of your computer (and not the onboard GPU)?
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  4. Hello, @LiamSayer, You could check the VW help site - https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FSetup%2FTitle_block_border_settings.htm%23XREF_64162_Title_Block_Border&rhsearch=title block border&rhsyns= For a shorter help: - Issue and Revision data could be added from the Title Block Manage or Title Block Border Settings dialogs. It is recommended to use the Manager for editing of multiple TBBs at once and the Settings for single TBB editing. It is important to know that Issue Data is document wide, which means that if 2 TBBs have the same issue, editing it from one of the TBBs changes it in the other too. Revision data is not document wide, so it is individual for each TBB. Displaying Issue/Revision data in the TBB Layout is done by creating a text block objects and linking it from the bottom of its OIP to Issue/Revision data field. Let me know if you need any additional information. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  5. The install file wants to do a complete VW reinstall, it seems. I Don't dare to do that now in the middle of a deadline. The updater still says VW is up to date, SP 5.3 US version here as well.
  6. Woah, the Dutch versions looks amazing! The Australian version has WinDoor by OzCAD (maybe that's standard?), which has lots of options but is becoming quite arduous to use. As it has developed, it's become maze-like and overloaded with lists inside lists inside lists. It can take a while to navigate a pathway through these to make a WinDoor object do what you want it to do. I find WinDoor a bit temperamental, too: - You can't seem to select all your windows and edit their settings (eg: classes) all together, but have to do it window at a time, or else go via the rather cumbersome "copy and apply" dialogue box. - They're not very stable (for me), but give themselves new classes rather a lot, and other new settings such as id symbols sometimes, which makes for tedious reassigning of these. - If I edit or delete an unwanted WD class, the redundant class seems to keep reappearing and popping up in random WinDoor objects. Some features I really appreciate are: - Level of of class control - good 2D and 3D representation - editing some schedule info from inside Schedule Worksheet This aside, some of my WinDoor design wishlist items are: - EDIT WINDOOR ID FROM ANNOTATION (numbers, position) from inside a viewport annotation (like section markers) so I can see how they sit in relation to my notes and dimensions. - EDIT WINDOOR ID NUMBER AND CLASSES FROM OBJECT INFO, instead of going into Settings. - COMBINE FORM AND SETTINGS dialogue boxes (the distinction is not obvious, and it slows the flow to have to click in and out of each one) - ALLOW ASYMETRICAL HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL FORM so it's more like a window joiner's schedule - eg: a door and sidelight with one highlight window over the lot (ie X windows above Y windows) instead of having to have two over two or 3 over 3 etc (X windows over X windows). The only way workaround I have found, whilst exploring the WinDoor maze is have separate windows for these, which can make my schedules a bit confusing, plus necessitate mucking around with sill settings for the uppermost window. But maybe I've missed something? - EDIT ALL SCHEDULE INFO FROM INSIDE WINDOW SCHEDULE WORKSHEET, not just User 1, User 2 etc settings. And then have it magically update all your windows! - VECTOR REPRESENTATION IN WINDOW SCHEDULE WORKSHEET, ideally dimesionable, instead of having an "image" - the resolution of the images is pretty bad. I'm not sure how this is possible, but it would be cool.
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  8. There is lots of info in this thread. The main thing I've learned is that schematic view will not work if you have converted your ladder/pipe to a hang position. It needs to be a standard rigging object, do not convert to a hang position.
  9. I have some scripts that place data into Lighting Device Parameter Fields. WIth VW2020 SP2.1, the changes do not seem to be written into the .XML for export into Lightwright. I have to do a complete export for the updated information to be sent to LW. I did not notice this behavior in VW2019. Is there a function that I need to call now for VW to register the changed data for inclusion in the .XML?
  10. If this is more that the number of Undo steps you have then you will need to look at external backups. If you have enough recent backups set in Vectorworks Preferences:Autosave, you might be able to use one of them. If not, then it will depend on your external backup system. If you are on Mac and running Time Machine you might be able to get it there. Dropbox might be able to have an older copy. Otherwise you are out of luck. Good Luck.
  11. yes, won't work for me either
  12. I scaled an entire portion of a floor plan smaller by mistake, how can I back the file up by at least 24 hours??
  13. There’s a topic on the forum where this issue was talked about also. This is not working in schematic views at the moment. can’t wait for SP3.
  14. seems a perfect solution, thanks a lot. i've missed this button in the first place 🙂
  15. Hello, I am interested in your VW Architect 2019 ? I am italian, can you sell me your license outside UK ? It is possible ? Thanks. Best Regards
  16. Hello, I am interested in your Vectorworks 2018 Architect licence. Can you tell me actually your price ? Thanks Best Regards
  17. Hey gang, My version of 2020 seems to crash semi-consistently when I am in an RW camera and want to switch back to a top/plan view. Anyone else noticed this?
  18. I am having difficulty getting the fixture labels to display correctly in schematic view. In 3D / Front view they display correctly: However, in Top/Plan view they don't: Am I missing something simple, or is this a bug? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi all, was wondering if anyone could provide some help on how revisions and issues work with VW2020. I've got all of the text boxes etc in the title block and been looking through the title block manager but struggling to see how to actually input the data and create a revision. I have found the worksheet but again unsure how this works. Any help would the greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  20. Google 3D Warehouse perhaps ? https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/search/?q=plants
  21. in my opinion they are pretty much similar but I would say VW has easier or more various options when it comes to 2D artistic expressions/presentations and ease of doing line drawings if thats show one would woks... but when it comes to BIM integration, you can't really beat Archicad... and personally, I have used Archicad and VW equally over the past 15 years or so (but with VW of recent times) and would have wanted to go down the path of Archicad but was down to cost of owning and running your own studio with teams! they do add up at the end!
  22. Fingers crossed! If you have some time to enumerate, what are the advantages of VW over ArchiCAD?
  23. Did you manage to solve this issue? As I am having the same problem.
  24. I have been on VW2019 (with the latest updates) and it is working fine on Catalina. Not a single issue - which is a blessing none the less. Had that not worked for us, I would have had to bite the bullet and go with Archicad as I know it works fine and has no issues. Only couple of major things have stopped us from doing that - already invested time and money for the system and for our projects and the actual cost of Archicad compared to VW.... However, don't get me wrong - VW has fair few advantages also and hence we are trying to work this out! Heres to hope that they will issue a fix shortly for all so that we can enjoy 2020!
  25. Good to hear that 2019 and Catalina are compatible. I've been too scared to lose time troubleshooting to give Catalina a go.
  26. Hello So I am finally going to try and sort out my display setup and could do with some advice. Current set up : MacBook Pro 16" with LG 5k and LG 4k displays. Blackmagic eGPU (Radeon 580) I get a lot of crashes in VWX when working on the 5K display and a heavy file with lots of geometry. I suspect the card / Vectorworks just can't handle the resolution. It doesn't seem as bad when just using the internal display and no 5k monitor connected.. I may be wrong - but I need to do something to fix this. I have seen other people on the forum ( @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD @RonMan in particular have had success with non Blackmagic eGPUs) Added to this - the Blackmagic eGPU does not output enough power to charge my MacBook Pro. Apple recommend attaching the 96W power supply as well as the eGPU. I have also seen benchmarks showing that the Radeon 580 in the Blackmagic is far outperformed by other cards that are cheaper. I would rather keep my two LG monitors - but as they are both Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C - it limits me massively on which eGPU I can use. So I thinking of ditching it all and buying : - Razor Chroma eGPU (this supplies 100W to the MacBook Pro) - Either Radeon RX Vega or Radeon WX 7100 - Then a 4k matt monitor - (why are glossy monitors so common?!). I assume the best would be displayport? Keen to get any recommendations on which GPU card is best or is it much of a muchness? Big problem I have us that when I search for either Radeon RX Vega or Radeon WX 7100 I seem to get a long long list of cards - all at different prices, and with what seems to be a minor difference in specification. Not to mention how I install a webcam / microphone / speakers - which I use a lot for video conferencing. So confused! Any help much appreciated - can't keep working with these crashes. Andrew
  27. Redshift AMD support arrives as soon as the new Metal based version arrives, which should be in the next couple of months. Macs have been all AMD for years. It sounds as if they are looking to support as widely as possible, but Vega minimum was mentioned as a possibility on the Redshift forums. PS Apple still has bad blood towards Nvidia over a bad batch of GPUs they supplied years ago. Additionally Apple has a similar approach to GPUs as Nvidia does - they both want to add value by getting down to the ‘metal’ – hence CUDA and Apple’s Metal APIs. And that is why Maxon is so excited about the new Mac Pros that link up to 4 GPUs with 128GB of VRAM. PPS If you want to run Nvidia you need to use older OS versions.
  28. I am at a point where we could not rely on VW2020 anymore and have downgraded all files back to VW2019 and using that instead as that is at the least, is stable on macOS Catalina. It really is a joke to some degree when you pay a lot of money for annual subscriptions and you can't actually make the use of the facility as it will hang or have this memory leak problem. So disappointed.
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