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  2. Notes Manager - thank you for this. it is very fast when updating the notes. Door and Window updates. I'm still playing with the automatic level of detail bit that looks useful.
  3. KIvanov

    Data Tags

    Hello Tui, I will send you a simple script how this can be done. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  4. So far I have not noticed an improvement in speed. In fact my speed has dropped significantly as I am having to wast time trying to find these new icons! There is a long thread elsewhere criticising the new icons. So I would say 2020 is worse than 2019! I am considering a refund!
  5. @markdd Yes you are correct. Upon further checking- if I didn't begin with a clip cube before I enter into auto hybrid editing, then I can see the object. I will change the topic to ask for this operation to improve.
  6. michael john williams

    Photoshop to Vectorworks

    Import the image rather than copy and paste
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  8. mike m oz

    Force move command?

    You can use the U key to toggle between the three cursor selection modes. Set it to the first mode. The first time this dialog box appears checkmark it before hitting the YES button so it doesn't come up every time you get to the first mode. The U, I, O and P keys toggle between the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th modes of tools on the tool bar respectively. These keyboard shortcuts work with all tools that have multiple modes and choices.
  9. You should be able to Double-Cllich the Auto-Hybrid object and you will be taken to the 3D Geometry. It looks to me from your photo that you are using the clip-cube. That will make the internal geometry of the hybrid object invisible I'm afraid.
  10. [*UPDATE*] As pointed out by post below. When entered a auto-hybrid object via a clip cube, the auto-hybrid object does not appear in edit view. Please change it so that Auto-Hybrid objects can be accessed for editing whether it is form a clip-cube or not. ________________________________________________ Currently (in 2019), we can create Auto Hybrid Objects of complex shapes for 2D display. But once the object is turned into an Auto Hybrid Object, there isn't a way to edit it. Would be great if Auto-Hybrid Objects can be edited, and the 2D display reflects the changes. If this is something already available in 2020, do let me know.
  11. michaelk

    Force move command?

    The answer to your question is "not that I know of" But this might help. There are actually 4 curser shapes involved with moving and resizing objects. 1. Black arrow. Used to select objects. 2. Hollow arrow with no stem. used to move objects, but not by grabbing a vertex, midpoint, etc. 3. Tire iron. Used to move an object by a vertex, midpoint, etc without resizing. 4. Diagonal arrows down left and up right. Used to resize an object but not move it. You can turn off the resize cursor by switching to the 3rd mode of the selection tool. There will be a warning you have to agree to and all the blue handles will go away. This often makes it easier to grab a vertex. You can also control the sensitivity of the cursor. Go to Preferences > Interactive. There is a slider for the size of the selection area of the cursor and the snapping size. It also helps to have all the snapping options turned on (except for snap to grid and possibly snap to tangent) and the options for those snap settings with reasonable things turned on. Double click on any button in the snapping palette to get the options. HTH PS. ESPECIALLY make sure you have Snap to Grid turned off. I don't know what the current default right out of the box is these days, but it used to be 1/8". That means that with Snap to Grid on and a 1/8" grid snap your cursor is just as happy to snap to a point 1/8" away from what you want as well as snap to nothing points every 1/8" as you move the cursor.
  12. RecentlyImported

    Force move command?

    Hello all, I'm a newer Vectorworks user but have some background in CAD. When moving an object, having selected the pointer (x), I will select it, then hover the cursor near, but not on a corner, and it will usually change to a move icon, where I can then grab the object and, using snap, align it to another object (corner of a square to another square). Sometimes its a struggle to get the cursor to change into a move icon. Ill float around a selected targets corners, but the move key wont pop up. Is there a key I can press to force the cursor into a move mode? That would save time on hovering around to get where I want. Thanks!
  13. Note: Changed the Title of this question from 'Checking 'This Titleblock is Active' to NOT take 30+ seconds' to better reflect the conversation topic
  14. DMcD

    macOS Catalina (10.15) Compatibility

    HA, First up, the 2020 install I did was a full install on a high spec 2018 MBP running the latest Mojave. I had three or four crashes a day. That's enough for me. In comparison on the same computer, 2019 is very stable and hardly ever bombs (now). 2020 did not have much in the way of speed improvement over 2019 when rotating complex 3D shapes although the compressed save files are nice. The Mac Pro is still a current computer. Yes is old but was high end and at the time of writing, the replacement is not on sale. Comparing the performance of iMacs and the MBP, I'm happy that the Mac Pro outperforms them, especially with 2 x 30" monitors running VW 2019. It's VW2020 which plays up on the same Mac Pro. We develop software and there's no doubt that Mojave was a nightmare for developers and we have been very cross with Apple over this year. However, our software runs on Catalina without any changes. That being said, have no intention of upgrading to Catalina for anything other than testing our software for end users who update by mistake. It's fine to say reformat but… if VW was the only software I used, then this would be easy. But it's not the only software on the computer and re-downloading a host of Adobe stuff, X-Code, FCP, and all the rest would take close to a week at our internet speeds. Doing a migration of an old OS back to a new install seems to be the worst solution. BR D
  15. Yes, I can send one of them to you. I just tested again. The file opens just fine, but I tried to zoom with the mouse scroll and it immediately froze, the screens then went black. They came back to the desktop with VW completely white. I had to force close. Hopefully, you can see if it is something with the file itself. If it doesn't mess up on your end then maybe it has to do with some local APPdata or ProgramData files?
  16. Yesterday
  17. Paul Chapman

    Site Model Display Units

    Where has the option to select the display units on the site model contour label gone? It was a fantastic addition for a while, but I cant seem to find it anymore. Is it buried in the settings somewhere? The work around of changing the document units to Meters updating the model and Never updating again is clumsy. Design Chaps Ltd Warkworth NZ VW 2019 SP5.2
  18. Aaron Cananzi

    spanset symbols / plugins

    I've been using vectorworks at a very basic level for a while now and I'm just beginning to delve into what it's capable of. How would you suggest I go about creating these?
  19. Hi Kevin Thank you for your feedback. I can see that we have a support case open regarding the slowness problems you are experiencing, so the team will continue to work with you through that channel to attempt to resolve that. Meanwhile, you asked for a full list of features, which you can find here: New Features Listed in Help System 2020 Additional Features I did want to touch on some of the points you raise in the meantime: GIS Improvements. You don't need to invest in ArcGIS to make use of the services offered with this tool. It enables the easy combination of CAD and GIS data within the same geographic coordinate system. List Browser Direct Editing - no, there is no way to turn this off. Widget Groups - This should not affect your interaction with the software at all. The Widget groups should be open by default, and if you don't close them, everything will still be available to you without extra clicks. You mention that you have been forced to use a hierarchical display for classes since 2019. This is something that you can control within Vectorworks Preferences. Open the Session tab and uncheck Display classes in pop-up menus hierarchically. The team will continue to work with you regarding the slowness you are experiencing.
  20. scottmoore

    spanset symbols / plugins

    They are not particularly difficult to make. I have mine set up for various size trusses rugged high, low and inverted.
  21. ASagatovVW

    Buying New Laptop...Need Recommendations

    Just thought I would throw in my two cents. This is my personal experience/preference, not an “Official Vectorworks” answer. Similar to @RussU, I would recommend custom building when possible. So many options and a lot of fun if you get into it! That being said, there are times when going with a specific brand of prebuilt desktops or laptops are the way to go. I built a number of custom desktops, but a few years ago, I was at a point where I wasn’t in one specific spot on a regular basis. As a result, I started reluctantly looking into “gaming” laptops for the first time. I hate LED covered, “gaming” branded stuff. This was one of the areas that made laptop shopping so hard for me. Everything that had the hardware I wanted was ugly to me. After months of research and talking myself in and out of different options, I decided to go with a Razer Blade 14”. The 14” line isn’t around anymore, but they now have 13”, 15”, and 17” options. I can honestly say that I don't regret my purchase at all. It’s been four or so years now, and the laptop still looks almost new (Granted, I take very close care of it). The hardware is still pretty great (intel i7 4720HQ, 16GB RAM, Nvidia 970M 3GB, and a 4K display). I am personally a huge fan of the keyboard, trackpad, and my unexpected love for the touch screen. It handles my games without a problem. It handles the professional/CAD work I’ve put on it without issues as well. The metal casing and basic look is exactly what I wanted. The thin and light weight of it is always great when I am carrying it around. The laptop definitely gets toasty and when the fans crank on, it is pretty loud. Definitely a laptop I wouldn’t want to use on my lap; however, I’ve also never used a cooling pad or anything with it. It handles the heat properly. I've had day long gaming sessions without problems, but its toasty to the touch in certain locations. The fan noise is definitely my biggest pet peeve, but I normally have headphones in, so I rarely notice. Also, fan noise is pretty common complaint for high end hardware laptops. My model also only has green backlighting… new models offer full RGB, so you can go with a solid white/gray backlight which is what I would really want. My model also doesn’t include an ethernet port. Every machine comes with its pros and cons. If I were in the market for a new laptop, I would look at the Razer Blade line again. Definitely search around for reviews.
  22. Simon Allan

    VW2020 Hidden Line - Speedy Speed

    Interesting to read you got better results with HLR in VW2020. I was curious so did a test on a simple drawing (5 viewports on one sheet, all HLR) that I am currently working on in VW2019. Here are the results. VW2019 (SP5.3)=345 seconds VW2020 (SP1)=373 seconds Like usual...disappointing.
  23. Matt Panzer

    (section)viewports not rendering 2d items

    You're welcome, Frank. Feel free to send a VW 2018 file. This will allow me to see what you already have in 2018 and how it changes in 2019. -Matt
  24. Frank Schnater

    (section)viewports not rendering 2d items

    Hello Matt, Thanks for the tip; I didn't know these functions yet. Unfortunately the result is exactly the same. Or maybe I should say 'luckily' as it would even confuse me more if two methods that I would expect to do the same would give different results! I'm using a drawing that was set up in VW2018 as a test file (as we have drawings for 900 dwellings set up in VW2018 that we would like to keep using), but I'll set-up a test- file in VW2020 to see if I get the same results tomorrow. Frank
  25. GGC

    Viewport "Styles"

    Until Viewport Styles will become a reality here are the steps with which such a workflow is possible for edit once for X Sheets For class or layer visibility only select all the target viewports in the organization menu → edit to turn on or off the target class or layer For graphic attributes and visibility 1st define the needed graphic attributes in the Data Visualization dialog Next Select all the target viewports in the organization menu → edit → turn on the target class or layer and select the Data Visualization setting previously defined (see OIP screen capture) Note that the Data Visualization tool is only available when a design layer is active Update: The Data Visualization setting will remain set when switching to saved view design layer(s) environment → need to switch to Data Visualization setting to none, or find the preference or VS script to add to each saved view to switch the Data Visualization setting to none. To expand on the Data Visualization viewport option either as a wish or bug: As long as Data Visualization is an option for specific Viewports it does not make sense for the Data Visualization setting for specific viewports to remain visible in the design layer(s) environment.
  26. Appreciate the response @KIvanov.. will file enhancement request for second point. Cheers
  27. Boh

    Find Text

    You can use data base worksheets to locate items if you right click in the row header and click "select item". (It has to be a single item - i.e. not summed or summarised). Yes keynotes can only be on one keynote legend. You can choose which legend the callout keynote appears but it can only appear on one legend. Here's another thread discussing getting keynotes the same across multiple sheets and keynote legends. Cheers
  28. K: These days 4gb vram is barely enough. I'm running 16 but 8 should do it. I'm also running 32GB of RAM in an effort to future proof the hardware a little. 2020 like others before it, won't be stable until SP2 (and sometimes 3). As functionality goes, unfortunately 2020 is mostly window dressing. There are numerous features and user requests that got ignored. I've stuck with 2019 for now simply because I don't trust 2020. Too many time-sucking issues to overcome... Sorry I don't really have anything concrete to offer, but you have my sympathies.
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