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  2. Are you using a 4K monitor? This looks like an issue that arose in VW 2017 (which I see you're using). I'm not sure if it is related to the OS version but I believe it does have to do with using a 4K monitor.
  3. Another possibility would be to use Stacked Viewports. Create your first viewport and set it to Mono (Black and White Only). Duplicate the viewport. Put colored Annotations for the dimensions you need to be in color in the Annotations group of the top viewport. Set every layer of the top viewport to Invisible. This will change the size (unless you have a Crop object) to only surround the annotations, but should still display the annotations. Change the top viewport to not be Black and White Only. This should give you color annotation showing above a Black and White viewport.
  4. Hi @Richard1 You need to use an object that actually uses symbol inside Vectorworks. A good example is the Truss Tool.
  5. I don't think there is a way to display an image in a worksheet that is not already placed in the drawing as all of the Image functions effectively work based on Handles. There is a new Worksheet Script function that will put an Image (specified by a handle) into a worksheet cell. You could theoretically import an image, place it in the drawing and link it. The issue would be how to not import if you already had the image. But there may be a way around that also. What are you actually trying to do? Take a look at this thread for a little more information;
  6. Thanks Pat, I was just researching how to pass my Vectorscript variables into the python code. I will take a look, thanks for the heads up on it having to be a DynArray!
  7. Hello! I have been trying to use the Geolocate tool to add a Geoimage to a couple of projects I have located in Monterrey Mexico. I keep getting back a "Error when downloading the image" message, and can't seem to understand which server to use to actually get the images. I've browsed through the available servers, but can't seem to find one that will show the information for the locations I have for my projects, is this an issue with other countries as well? Can anyone let me know if there is actually a server I could use to get these images? Or if there's a way to use maybe Google maps or any other open sourced map server? Thanks!
  8. It is a very big dialog box, so if you are using a low screen resolution (1024 x 768 or similar) yes it will not show. The OK button is the default, so as long as you are not in a text field if you hit Return it should activate the OK button and save. Command-period (or possibly Escape) should activate the Cancel button.
  9. Check out the VS.GetVSVar function https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:GetVSVar This will bring a Vectorscript Variable into Python Variable. I filed a bug in November. If you pass a String variable through this function it loses the first character. If you pass a DynArray of Char it works properly. It is supposed to be fixed in SP3 whenever that is released. Apparently the bug also impact the reverse function VS.SetVSVar.
  10. Thanks Jens Believe me I would be happy to extend the customisation capabilities of sockets, but I don't want to lead you to places that in the future may not be supported. So please bear with me on this. Regarding device labels check this thread Best Conrad
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  12. It is crazy. I don't know what's wrong on my work, but I have not the same result as you... Top/plan and Wireframe Top view (3d) and wireframe Best solution (for the moment): Top view (3d) and "only visible lines" If someone can explain to me why my top/plan is different than Mark's one, I buy you a bottle of champagne :)! Regards, Charlot
  13. It would be nice (especially for presentation purposes) to be able to use multi-finger touch to activate the Flyover tool, the pan tool, and the zoom tool. VW runs fine on my surface book with the screen detached. Clients love seeing their project on the big tablet, but I have to select the navigation tool by clicking on the menu buttons. Not as 'cool' as full screen and seamless pinch zoom would be! It would be nice if Flyover could be two finger contact, pan three finger, and zoom the typical pinch-zoom. Even the ability to set pen buttons would be nice.
  14. No problem, Doug! It does sound like "Replace Drainage Settings" was not checked was the culprit. ūüôā
  15. Dear developers, I'm trying to implement a listbrowser that supports Direct Editing. However, I can't get the "check state" cells working correctly. When building the list, I call Boolean set_ok = gSDK->SetListBrowserItemCheckState(dialog, item, line, column, (myBooleanVariable) ? CGSMultiStateValueChange::eStateValueOn : CGSMultiStateValueChange::eStateValueOff); with myBooleanVariable == true and set_ok also returns true, but the cell remains empty. I had also supposed that you have to provide the cell value in the LB's DirectEditHandler, but the direct edit handler is never called unless I click on the list. Could this be the problem? I also tried RefreshListBrowser, but no effect. Cell interaction type is kListBrowserItemInteractionEditCheckState of course, direct editing is enabled for both LB and cell. ListBrowserControlType is kListBrowserControlNone, ListBrowserItemDisplayType is kListBrowserDisplayTextOnly Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong? To me this looks like a bug. Thanks for any help, Stefan Bender
  16. Hi Matt, thanks for your response. In the short term I had sorted a work around, where I pasted in a slab from a colleagues V2020 file which was not showing the drainage information and then used that as a base to create new slabs and it worked. Though now I cannot recreate the problem I was having in my original file. But I think you may have hit on the solution to both my problems in your second answer - I was not ticking the replace drainage settings box. If I have the problem again I will make sure to tick the box and see if that helps. Thanks again
  17. Yes, we usually lock the thread for visibility and updating purposes and provide a different discussion place. Same way as we have done in the past for new Mac OS releases. We have been answering questions related to M1's and Big Sur in this thread, and I will add a link to this thread in the M1. I'm currently working with our R&D team to gather the latest info about the transition to support the new Apple Silicon M1 natively and keep you updated. I will create a new thread to open up for discussion soon after.
  18. Thanks Pat, that works great. One question, is there a way to make the file path contain variables? I get an error when I try. here is my method for finding the filepath to insure it exist before populating the dialog: fileName:=Concat('C:\Users\Eric\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2014\Stud Patterns\',FileCode,Ext,'.txt'); GetFileInfo(fileName, fullReadPath, fullWritePath, readFileExists, writeFileExists, locked, hasReadPermission, hasWritePermission, hasFolderPermission);
  19. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov thank you. It only crashes in this one file. File is 350mb - what is the best way to send it to you? I'm also Service Select if there is a better option that way.
  20. It even crashes with a rectangle formed with the rectangle tool. This works as expected, tracing the shape with the polygon mode also works fine. The only thing that seems to crash is is 'convert objects to shapes' and only the 'landscape area' mode - not hardscape or site modifier etc...
  21. I cannot reproduce this. When I turn off the class that the 'drain notes', 'elevations', 'slope arrows' and 'slope values' are set to, they all turn off as expected for me (on Vectorworks 2020 SP5). Do you have a simple file you can attached that demonstrates this? In the Slab Replacement dialog, are you selecting the "Replace Drainage Settings" option? Note: The "Default Slope" and "Minimum Slope" settings will not change anything in the slab object's geometry. The Default Slope is for newly placed drains and the Minimum Slope only determines when to trigger the error alert icons.
  22. Unlike the Window Setting dialogue box with the OK button at the bottom, the Door Setting dialogue box doesn't show it. It takes up the whole depth of the screen so it can't be moved up to show more. It doesn't re-size. So all the door editing can't be saved.
  23. Boom! That worked, thank you!
  24. The Simple Stair when ungrouped is an Extrude
  25. Ciao Francesco, go to File>Export>Export Picture... and in the up popping window you can select on the right side the file type (tiff, jpeg, psd etc)..
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