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  2. This feels like a gimme - but why why why is the Transom checkbox and half of the transom settings in the "General" section and not in "Transom" section?
  3. Hmm. For some reason, "Options" doesn't show in my list of available items, thus I have no way to select "Delete" Perhaps it's something to do with my access "level" on the VW support forums?
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  5. I have no idea where all these constraints are coming from, but we are getting bombarded with Constraint Not Valid alerts. The biggest problem is that if we group something - which somehow makes a bunch of constraints not valid - you are given an alert to each one. There is no other answer than OK - you can not even cancel the command - so you are invaliding these suckers no matter what. And since each warning does nothing to tell you what constraint is invalid - there is NO point in telling me this 13 times in a row. Just do the opperation and have one warning that X number of constraints are not valid....
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  7. The Opportunity: CommuniLux Productions in Dallas is looking for a Vector Works savvy detailer/drafter (https://www.communilux.com/2019/03/26/now-hiring/) to work in our scenic fabrication shop in support of our Technical Directors. CommuniLux is part of InProduction, a nation-wide event solutions company. If you are a go-getter who wants responsibility come work in a high energy environment where your contributions are recognized every day. Great pay, excellent benefits, over-time in a collaborative team environment. Contact us: Bick Jones bjones@communilux.com
  8. @JustinVH Thanks for the prompt response. What's the timeline that users can expect on this functionality being a reality and working as advertised? This was voiced as an issue when 2020 was first released. We're at SP2 and it's still a huge pain. We appreciate all the hard work you guys do but, frankly, most of the avid users of the software are getting tired of releases featuring functionalities that only sorta work. While the workaround that you provided does in fact allow the hinge to "act" as a horizontal hinge, it forces all truss you connect to it to roll 90º to mach the gusset plates. This means that the orientation of the truss is incorrect. If you try to connect the rotated vertical hinge to an existing run of truss it snaps back to vertical. If you try to roll the hinge as you suggested, its offset 6" to align the insertion points. Moving the hinge 6" to eliminate the offset yields the connection to be broken altogether. I don't see this a being very practical. Thanks.
  9. @rseybert Sorry to hear your frustrations. At this point in time with the current coding that particular hinge does not function with Braceworks or Auto Connect and that is why the Truss Record has been removed and it is just a 2D/3D symbol. Currently, book hinges can only function if the hinge pivot is at the bottom of the symbol in Top/Plan view and center hinges can only function if the hinge pivot is through the Y-axis of the symbol in Top/Plan view; this results in the pivot actually being in the center of the hinge when viewed from a front view in 3D. Any hinge that has the Truss Hinge Record attached is a non functioning hinge and will not work with Auto Connect or the hinge code. The record is there so show the weight and model number so if there was a need to use it a point load could be added if desired. The reason the hinges that don't support the functionality were left in the software was so that users could still use them as manual symbols as some rental houses keep them in inventory. There is a workaround though. You should be able to use the TC1212 AVB symbol from the same Tomcat library and after inserting into your drawing, rotate the hinge from a side view by 90°. This will remove the 2D geometry and place the rotation point through the Z-axis as you desire from the TC1212 AHB model. From this point the hinge degrees will work and you will be able to choose an angle. The only thing visually you will notice is that the bolt plates will be 90° different between the hinge and truss. If you have any more questions feel free to DM me and I will assist if I can. Justin
  10. I'm becoming more and more frustrated with these hinge blocks that came with the 2020 release of VW Spotlight. The only ones that seem to work out of the box are the Eurotruss models that they used in the marketing content. If I try to use a Tomcat hinge, it prompts me to input all of the data. After I find the associated data from another TC1212 truss object or try to replicate the data from one that works, the geometry completely disappears. The only way I can select it is to marquee over the area its in. I've attached a file for reference as well as a screenshot. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Its really frustrating that cornerblocks have been a request for years and now that we finally have them, they don't work. Screen Recording 2019-12-09 at 1.55.35 PM.mov Tomcat Hinge.vwx
  11. If you want to see it, build it...EAP (Extrude Along Path) is probably the quickest. Any repeats can be made into symbols. Have fun! Wes
  12. I don't think so because I know that when I have a collection of objects selected, I want to be able to tell what I'm about to de-select. Especially important when they're overlapping and have similar profiles. I can also see how having no-preselection highlighting would create uncertainty about the selectability of objects that are visible but aren't selectable when Layer or Class Options are set to any option other than Show/Snap/Modify.
  13. @RonMan and @RafaelPernia, Seeing as this PDF hatch-colour issue has occurred before Catalina it's probably not particular to Catalina and the discussion should be moved to it's own thread in the Troubleshooting forum. Given that this issue isn't affecting everyone it's less likely to be a VW bug and more likely to be caused by: Corrupt resources (hatches etc) or Classes brought forward over the years. Something particular to your Vectorworks installations, or [Operating] system setup. The following post might hold the key for your issue, but if not it at least highlights how this kind of result could be caused by something other than Vectorworks: If this matter warrants further collaboration please restart it in the Troubleshooting Forum or submit it to the Vectorworks Tech Support provider for your region or submit a bug report. (See 'BUG SUBMIT' at the bottom of this page).
  14. I like this plugin Gerard. Nice and simple! I'd be interested in this @Matt Overton! Thanks.
  15. I was playing with those, but they seem to create a 2d duplicate which responds to the 3d element - however I can’t see how you can alter the 3d geometry from it? have I got this really wrong? I feel like I’m missing something.
  16. Have you tried changing the Navigation Graphics to something other than "Best Performance"?
  17. On the Mac version at least, the Enter key on the numeric keypad will click the OK button (and - like you said - the Return button inserts a carriage return on the text field). I think that distinction between Return and Enter is fairly universal across VW data. If your keyboard has it you can also use fn-Return instead of Enter to activate the OK button.
  18. Yes there are unfortunately a few bugs with this tool...
  19. convert the poly lines to 3d polys, then set each lines Z value to the desired elevation. I would then select all lines and use simplify polys to reduce the number of vertices. Once this is done, select all 3d polys and create site model.
  20. Thanks for reassurance, @Boh. Thanks for a hint about the 0-width space. I was hoping to delete it, but sometimes you may just want to cheat a bit ;). I actually used the same trick to make the Access Zone along the bottom/ entrance. Re the symbol - this is not a problem. To make it visible in 3D view would require further steps - I suppose I would need to make it hybrid. I am still not happy about the numbering though. I also found the inserting of the object quite perplexing. It seems not to matter whether one draws with the left or right mode - the spaces are always being created on the right hand side from the drawn line. This is contrary to what the icons suggest. Or perhaps this is a bug I experience 🤔. I wish it worked similar to the section mark or walls with regards to alignment. These are logical. This then results in a problem with numbering. I am never able to get this work so that the numbers run from left to right. And then I seem to have a problem with rendering of that cross-hatch. It is reproduced correctly on the Design Layer, but it gets too big on the Viewport. The scales are the same and the hatch is set to world units. I have no clue what is wrong, just yet.
  21. I'm not too worried about rendering times. The machine I have has been handling it well. I usually recreate the venue to the best of my ability to help sell the realism with all of the details. I do renders of events for clients.
  22. First question to as is why you need the trim. If you really need it in 3D because you are concerned about clearances or shadows, they you will have to create it all. However if it is really just going to be background in renderings, I would consider drawing it in 2D export to an image and create a texture for each wall. Probably only slightly less work than doing 3D models, but it will keep you file much lighter and probably improve rendering speeds.
  23. This plugin might help: https://andreafacchinello.wordpress.com/2017/10/13/baseboard-v1-0/
  24. I'm about to start recreating a venue for one of our events. This venue has trim everywhere! All over the walls in every blank space it is filled with a square or rectangle or some other shape of trim. How would you handle adding all of this trim? What is the most efficient way? I have been going through and creating the profile of the trim and then extruding it along a path to create the trim. Which hasn't been a huge deal for ones where there is trim in about 10 placed, but this will be hundreds, meaning I would have to fix every item after extruding along the path as well. Any ideas?
  25. No Apologies needed!@! Very well put and also the struggle I am having trying to get VW to be the standard in my industry, where it is split 50/50. And frankly when it's 50 and I am faster than my AutoCad counterparts, I get hired or I am employed far longer on a project because of my ability to output, clearly, visual, and accuratly with effeciency and speed thanks to Vectorworks. I too am a hot key kinda guy but some things I only use once in a while and it's nice to have the option to use the tool set. While minor overall to some it's major because we all work in a visual medium.
  26. I believe you are looking for what are now called "Schematic Views"
  27. You aren’t doing anything wrong. This is how the tool works. Neither query has an ideal answer... Re number alignment. You could find the accessible symbol in the RM and flip it but it would change all your accessible car parks. For the access zone you could add another accessible car park with 0 width. It would generate an extra number though...
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