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    I'm trying to get a report on a viewport. When I put it in there is data missing. Plants, sizes, costs etc. I updated the data on plant styles. What am I missing.
  3. If you click on a keynote marker, it should tell you which legend it is associated with. "Default Legend will typically place the legend on the same sheet / layer. But if you have other legends in the file, it may associate with one on a different sheet / layer instead. I usually place one marker and then option drag it to make copies. Once you change the text of the copies, it will register as a new #, but all copies will correctly associate with the legend of choice.
  4. Oh you're right... It does work on Callouts! (I'm on a Mac too). Not sure when or if that changed at some point, or likely it's my fault since I often uncheck the "Records" checkbox (to ignore all the weird endless data that often exists in record fields). I didn't realize that Callout text is considered to be part of the "Record" category. Good to know! 🙂 So really what would be nice is for Callouts to be spellchecked separately from Record Fields...
  5. Also, it seems like every Mac in the past 3-5 years has been a "stop gap", so it's like playing Mac Roulette with where we spend our money. It'll be interesting to see what Teaser Tuesdays reveal. I know we're all praying for the 3-core limitation to be lifted but I'm not holding my breath. And moving more CPU processes to the GPU (VGM) seems to have plateaued, so I'm not counting on huge gains there. Hopefully, I'm wrong about both, and there'll be surprise announcements about Redshift and TM live-link... but I'm just dreaming now.
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  7. To keep the conversation on topic, my main point in this thread is that if you're speccing out your next Mac build for RW, you're wasting a ton of $ on slowing down your Mac for most of your day-to-day work. The wakeup call for me was buying 2 Mac's (Mac Pro CG and iMac Pro) that I thought would be a sweet spot of compromise in the middle: 10-12 cores. There was barely any noticeable gain in RW from a 4-core Mac at double the cost (and an iMac is faster for everything other than RW). All that I really hope to accomplish in this discussion is to save another VW user that gut punch when you fire up the new Mac that costs twice as much as your last Mac, and there's no noticeable speed improvement. The sinking feeling of that buyer's remorse can be avoided in 2020. There's really no ROI after spending 5k on a Mac and it's not until you spend 12-15k that there's any noticeable ROI with RW (at the cost of everything else you do with VW). I wish there was a headless Mac with a Threadripper 3970 and a RTX 2080 but there's not (and never will be). Hopefully, ARM will fill that gap 2-3 years from now... In the meantime, this new iMac exists, and it's that rare unicorn where the usual compromises were not made, so it improves upon every feature in the reigning single core champ:
  8. Hello, I have two schematic files I am trying to link, using the Cable link tool in ConnectCAD. I am working on a PC. Every time I save both files then reopen, or make any change to either of the two files the links break and I have to reconnect them. I have tried using the refresh links and rebuild links tool and nothing seems to work. Has anyone experienced this? thanks
  9. If I had your kickass Windows workstation, I would have no use for an iMac. But if all that I had was an older Mac, I would be very interested in the new iMac to get me through the next 2-3 years (or more).
  10. The legend maybe small and / located somewhere unexpected. It should be on the current layer and on the none class. If you can’t find Use the custom selection tool to search for keynote legends.
  11. @Andy Broomell Must be a MAC thing then because it's correcting for me
  12. Doubtful, though I wish that were possible! It explicitly only works within these things:
  13. There are some instructions at the bottom of that Vw2020 Help page I linked HERE which describe adding and editing the dictionaries.
  14. It is working for me in Callouts although presents an error always with the Font type Arial don't know why though. @rDesign Do you know where i can change the dictionary or is tied up to the VW version i have ?
  15. Super duper Peter, Thanks very much for the clear concise info.
  16. One another thing we could add to the spell checking would be to "Locate" the word being corrected as when you select multiple or you have multiple instances with text sometimes you would like to look where it is being corrected, and also that the popup doesn't block the whole page (unable to zoom in or out of the drawing)
  17. It works well enough for text blocks, but be aware that it doesn’t work on General Notes or Callout objects:
  18. @rDesign I wasn't even aware there is a Spell checking tool already! Tyvm!
  19. Does the existing Check Spelling command not work well enough for your needs? Vw2020 Guide :: Checking Spelling
  20. Yes...this is the issue. Yep. This is what I do often. But, when you rotate, especially with "adjust flipped text" on, things get really funky. Sometimes, the fields stay in order. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes, they flop to odd locations. Sometimes, they don't. The basic labels all work just fine, including the Universe/Address field. I made my own custom field to deal with this issue, but then it sucks sending to other people.
  21. Hi all, I know some of us write a lot in Vectorworks specially specifications and while this is not the strong suit of vectorworks would a spell checking tool possible ?? This would prevent so many spelling errors!
  22. I can confirm this behavior as well. It's a bug relative to the "Clerestory" setting. In my file, the corner opens up at 4'-6" in height for the window with the Clerestory setting engaged. The left window is normal, the right has Clerestory checked. CORNER WINDOW PLAN VIEW BUG I found this thread to report a different but related problem. All of my corner window plan views are rendering incorrectly. The sash / glazing line in 2d extends well past the jamb on the side of the window opposite the corner. The following image shows regular corner windows. This image shows a plan view with clerestory engaged:
  23. with DomC "spacesfrom List" and my "Objektnode" i get "Room's with fixed Area"... greatings M. Graf
  24. That is not the thread I was thinking of. There was a discussion of the OIP being completely empty. Wish I could think of what phrase the poster used.
  25. You can draw any object and use the Modify:Guides:Make Guides command to place it into the Guides class and lock it so it does not accidentally get moved. While this does not have a keyboard shortcut by default you can edit your workspace and give it one if it is helpful to your workflow. Are you also familiar with the data bar? Start drawing an object and hit Tab. The Data Bar will open next to the cursor. You can enter the length, angle, etc. directly into the data bar to constrain where you can draw the rest of the object.
  26. doesn't help. It's not a VW-Spotlight issue, however...
  27. I have a parasolid document I imported. I would like to replace the symbols in the document with XSF truss symbols in vectorworks. I've tried multiple ways of selecting a symbol>Modify>Convert>Replace Symbol but every time I do it loses all the truss records for the new symbol and just brings in the new symbol as a standard 3d symbol.
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