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  2. line-weight

    Roof help: parapets and shed

    Kind of a separate issue fro what this thread is about... but I think that I'm right to say that if you have multiple-component walls, those junctions between two walls of different heights are going to be a mess (if you want the components to join properly in top-plan or plan section view). This is one of the things that VW seems to fail to deal with well. You end up having to do it with multiple bits of wall stacked on each other, or similar.
  3. Bob Keenan

    Saving to PDF

    Jim, I can go to "Microsoft Print to PDF", but I can't "print" it in Arch D with this. I don't have a plotter, so I "print" the drawings to PDF, then have a print shop print hard copies in Arch D. I'm guessing the Microsoft Print to PDF only recognizes the paper sizes that my printer can handle. I can't find an Arch D setting in the Microsoft Print to File. I've been planning to purchase a plotter, so this may be the nudge I need. Thanks for all of the help.
  4. Benson Shaw

    Referenced in models not displaying correctly.

    Check the DVLP class list and verify for any missing object, that the textures are activated in the relevant Class. This means click the class in the DVLP list, choose Edit and open the texture tab to make sure the textures are enabled in Wall, Roof and Other tabs. Also, again, in the Master file, Select the DVLP and open its OIP class pane. You should see that Use current doc visibilities pref. near the bottom. Disable it, then rerender, or update your sheet layer vp. Ill try to look into this more later. -B
  5. Benson Shaw

    Roof help: parapets and shed

    Re Plane= 3d in the OIP In a new test file draw a rectangle and extrude it, give it some color fill. Render in Open GL. Engage the Flyover tool and set the view so you can see top and a couple sides of the extrude. Now the drawing is in a 3d environment. If a 2d tool is engaged, eg the circle, and the start point hovers on one of the faces of the extrude, the Drawing Plane menu offers choices. You might see some or all of these: Option, Automatic, Screen, Screen Aligned, Layer, Working Plane. Choose Automatic if available. If Option shows up, click it and choose "Layer and Working Plane", or Automatic. This is a tricky menu, and takes some experience to know what to expect and what to do. Sometimes just a click on a 3d object changes the choices. Now in the drawing, hover your circle tool on one of the extrude side faces. The side face should highlight. Draw a circle and it should "stick" to that face of the extrude. With the Select tool, you can drag the circle around on that face of the extrude, or even off the face of the extrude - but it will stay on that plane. When this circle is selected, OIP > Plane should indicate "3d" or "Working Plane". Here, you can toggle to the other choices. EG if you pick Layer Plane, the circle will drop away from the extrude face and appear on the ground plane. Experiment. If the drawing plane menu is set to Working Plane, and drawing is set to one of the ordinal(?) views (Front, Back, Right, Left, Bottom, Top, Top/Plan), then Vectorworks automatically establishes a working plane parallel to the screen so that objects created in those views display on the working plane emanating from the drawing origin. eg in the case of Front view, the working plane is the xz plane. Left view is the yz plane. Arrrrg so many words. -B
  6. GoodPeter

    Custom Cable Connectors/Accessories

    This looks really great. I'll look into it, thank you.
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  8. Jim W

    Saving to PDF

    Export PDf was added to Fundamentals I think in 2018? It wasn't present in 2012 Fund I'm pretty sure. On Windows 10, I'm fairly certain you can just go to File > Print and then it should usually offer Microsoft Print to PDF as a printer choice. You might need Adobe Reader installed to see this, but I always have it so I'm not sure if that's the case. But thats just OS level, and nothing to do with Vectorworks itself. If it worked on Windows 7 but you don't see the same thing on 10, then it means you may have had a third party PDF utility installed and you might need to go get it again for your new machine.
  9. creatrix

    Roof help: parapets and shed

    I've selected the polyline tool and chosen a bright color (thanks!) but I don't get a line visible on the wall when I draw?
  10. Wesley Burrows

    Replacing a Braceworks configured truss symbol

    Yes, it's under Spotlight>Rigging>Replace Truss / Replace Truss Type. I've only used them once but they were completely unintuitive and it was a miracle I got it to work at at. For example, using it to replace some 20x or something, with tomcat 12x12 you have to tell it to change the type first, then replace the truss, but by my recollection when you tell it to use the Tomcat 12x12 truss, it lumps both Spigotted and Bolted together, and the tool doesn't tell you which one is which, it just double lists all available truss and you have to guess if you picked spigotted or bolted. It's such a garbage tool it would almost certainly be faster to re-draw with the new symbol. You might be able, however, to (if it's the same size just a different symbol) convert the current truss to a symbol (Braceworks>Convert Truss To Symbol) replace the symbol with the correct one then Braceworks>Convert Symbol To Truss.
  11. Benson Shaw

    Fit Walls to Objects with curves

    Watching the Parapet thread in Architect Forum led exploration of the Fit Walls to Objects: 1st, a thought - The Fit Walls to Objects produces "curved" wall peaks as a series of short straight segments. A) A preferred situation would be that at least arcs in the fitting shape are maintained as arcs. (other curves, too, but they are more complicated). B) The FWO dialog could include a field to control the number of segments in the curved portion(s). Currently, the only control I have found is to change the vwx 3d Conversion pref. Low seems most reliable. Then, the bug - "Arc" wall tops or corners formed via the Fit Walls to Objects command are simulated with multiple peak points. One end point of fitting surface arc may not produce a wall peak point. Result is a wall top or edge which is not correctly aligned (eg level or plumb or other required angle). Reversing the wall direction may change the missed point to other end of the fitting arc. Workarounds include • Manually add/move wall peaks, or • Change the vwx pref for 3d Conversion Resolution to Low. 3d Conversion at Medium, High or Very High all produce missed arc end. -B Fit to Walls.vwx
  12. Greetings. I've not spent much time with Braceworks truss symbols, but am collaborating on a project where this is what is used. Is there a way to easily replace a truss symbol in this workflow? There appears to be nothing in the OIP that accounts for this. I am guessing it has to do wth recalculation, but if there is not a way to do this, it is a huge time suck to have to manually replace trusses. Thanks!
  13. creatrix

    Roof help: parapets and shed

    Wow Benson, this is awesome! I am attempting to follow on the back side since it is not a mirror image of front. I do not see 3D in OIP? Great to disable autojoin because that is definitely causing issues.
  14. JBenghiat

    Project settings for universal symbol size

    FYI, paged-based symbols will appear green in the Resource Manager (you can actually search the help for "green symbol"), and are meant for things like notes are independent of scale.
  15. Wesley Burrows

    What mouse do you recommend?

    I have awful carpal tunnel and RSI problems. To combat I switched to an Evoluent Vertical Mouse about 3 or 4 years ago, and that helped tremendously for a while. But the last few months my carpal tunnel has been really bad again, so I switched once more (though I still have this hooked up for occasional use, and for my wife to use) Most recently (two weeks ago or so) I've switched to a Contour Design RollerMouse Red. It took some getting used to but I really am starting to love it. My clicking finger, wrists, and arm feel better than they have in years. The first hour with it I was wondering if I made the wrong choice, the next couple days I was just irritatingly slow, now I'd venture to say I'm faster with it than a regular mouse since I don't have to move my hands away from the keyboard. It's also nice that you can assign the buttons behaviors on a per application basis. Probably bizzare choices for the masses, but they've served me really well. -W
  16. A.D.K.

    Default 3D Legend View

    Hello Dear Geniuses, Is there a way to designate a default 3D Legend View, either made active/selected like the default Label Legend, or associated with said active Label Legends? Thanks!
  17. JBenghiat

    Get the program state via SDK ?

    See here on setting up windows to debug: http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/SDK:Debugging_SDK_Plugins Plug-ins essentially run their own independent code, so you can still break and debug any of your own code even if VW is running in a release build. If the issue is with VW or the SDK itself, debugging can be a little harder: you need to backtrace the break and see on what call you get an error. If you can reproduce an error in TesterModule, submit the modified TesterModule files in a bug report to VW. To answer your original question — essentially no - your plug-in running at all is an indication that it loaded successfully.
  18. Benson Shaw

    Roof help: parapets and shed

    @ All - Thanks for this thread! I haven't explored this tool for a while and received a good boost. Also found a bug. @creatrix - Contrats. Glad you found answers and ultimate success. Go Habitat! Several takeaways for me: • When working with walls intersecting at different heights I need to disable the vwx pref for Auto Join Walls. Otherwise, the Vectorworks mitered intersection follows up the taller wall. Fortunately, a pref shortcut is available for the Mode Bar, so the pref can be easily toggled. • Fit Walls to Objects command pretty consistently misses one the end point of the arcs in the profile. This causes misalignment of segments that are supposed to be level or plumb. Reversing the wall direction can help. Sometimes. A bit. The only sure workaround I found is to temporarily set the VWX Pref for 3d Conversion Resolution to Low (I usually work at Very High). Filing a bug with details in Troubleshooting forum. • The Fitting Surface extrusion, can be just a "sheet". It does not need to be an enclosed volume. Steps I used are outlined below. Some of the steps could be combined, but this is a fair breakdown. Again, thanks to all. -B Parapets.vwx
  19. JBenghiat

    Beam penetration problem

    Make sure your render settings are set to cast shadows. Note that you are not able to cast shadows and see your render lights in OpenGL, as the instrument bodies create a shadow of the light.
  20. When running the Vectorworks Updater, the Update may fail. This may be caused by incorrect permission settings, especially on Mac OS X/macOS. To fix this, try changing the permissions on the Vectorworks 2019 folder, in the Applications folder. Right-click on the Vectorworks 2019 folder and choose "Get Info". At the bottom of the window, you will see "Sharing & Permissions". You should see your current user name listed here, followed by (Me). If you do not see this, click on the + button on the bottom left of the window and add your user name to the list. Once it is added, change the permission to "Read & Write". Next, you will want to make sure those permissions are correctly applied to the items inside of this folder. To do this, click on the Gear icon at the bottom and choose "Apply to enclosed items". Once the permissions are applied, run the Vectorworks Updater again and it should complete successfully.
  21. Jim W

    What mouse do you recommend?

    Been using a nice MX Master (the older one not the 2s) I got on an amazon sale, it is lovely. The scroll wheel defaults to a nice clickiness, but it has kind of an electric clutch that lets it switch over to smooth scrolling when flung rapidly, and then reverts back to being notched and accurate when you scroll slowly. No extra buttons for those who like the extra mouse shortcuts, but the accuracy, feel and that wheel feature have me sold on it.
  22. Paulo Ferrari

    2019 VW slow to start

    @Jim W Yes, rs it's totally true.
  23. Jim W

    2019 VW slow to start

    If thats the case, the next time you look into a computer upgrade, you may want to invest in more RAM. Chrome is my favorite browser but it hogs a LOT of memory.
  24. BSeigel

    Custom Cable Connectors/Accessories

    Hello Peter, I've been working on developing some cable tool workflows and have discovered some cool things you can do by editing the multicable tool plug in and adding in additional cable types, break-in types and break out types. I've attached a fairly similar example file where I'm using a power distro for going from Cams to SPG20A. It won't be a perfect solution, but it is nice that this will work with the Assign Multicable Circuits, Place Break Out Label Commands, and it will show up on your cable worksheets. Hopefully this can help you out, I've attached some screenshots for how to edit the plug-in. Since you are editing a plug-in, be careful not to change anything other than just adding in new text options. Let me know if you have any questions. And just in case you need it: Custom Break Outs.vwx
  25. twhitwell6

    VWs 2019 Title Block - batch Renaming/renumbering Sheets

    This is how we did it with VWs 2018. However with the update of 2019, we find that you can change the Number and Name in the organisation window but this won't change it in your title block. Sometimes it works, but rarely!
  26. Josh-gsy

    Hardscaping on a slope

    Hi, I'm new to vwx too and getting my head around this, but I recently did something similar by setting up a terrain with the stake tool. Adding a stake at the top and btm of a retained edge to create a short slope which I hid within a wall. Then used a texture bed, which is one of the site modifying options. In my first iteration I used a number of 3D polygons. This may help if you are creating a pond? I'm sure someone more competent may come along shortly to help - but this might give you something to play with in the mean time. atb, Josh
  27. Going old school via the Organization window will be faster than editing each Title Block individually Of course via the Title Block Manager would be better.
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