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  2. Thanks, Peter. I am using top spec'd iMacs from 2018 with 32GB of Ram, so it sounds like that should be fine.
  3. Hi Mike, The file might be too big to attach (50 MB). So I created a Dropbox-link for you to download from: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yv6gfp7kks4pl0h/p80III_modell_200128.vwx.zip?dl=0
  4. Good morning, Thanks for your feedback. I will try posting on the rendering forum as I do not use Vision. To answer your questions, I am using MA2/MA3D, version 3.8, not MA3 for this project. I am using VW2020 SP 2.1 just updated this morning from 2.0. I have worked a long time in MA3D, and now trying to make the change to VW2020 hasn't been the easiest. I want to be able to impost into MA3D what I see in VW2020, and so far, that has not been simple at all. The picture I attached is a file I started just trying to learn how to use the program. I added a basic stage from the stage tool. I added a basic LED Wall from the tool in the events tab. Both of these are simple items that are internal to the program, and I would think have nothing special about them. When I click on the the stage deck and 3D options, each piece is set to default "Black" They do not have a texture assigned. When viewed in Open GL in VW2020 they display correctly. Once exported, they display with no stage top. For the LED Wall, it has a texture of a picture I imported and made of the video map. I was not sure how to get the LED wall to "display" the map without making it a texture. Is there a way to assign the image directly to the surface? Thanks, Anthony
  5. I wrote the nested script in a matter of minutes once i figured out that i have to create a reference name for the zone name in the conditional statement... I'm thinking of just using an excel script to create a script for me that includes the maximum amount of zones the building house in one story. Turns out, it works on multiple stories !! I'm thinking about how i can do this in a simple manner and... will this crash VW? attached file below. Also, do you know if referencing the object name (=N) with a record using the datamanager would eliminate all these complications? count by zone nested-working.vwx
  6. I will look more later, but the simplest explanation as to why you can't do what you want is that there is no link between the objects and the zone. The objects don't ever know that they are in the zone. And the zone does not know what objects are inside it unless you specifically run something using LOC. Perhaps what you really want is a script that will go through every named object (or named in a certain class, or named with a certain record attached) and attach a record to the objects that match the LOC for each object. It should also remove the record for all objects first. Then you have a directly (though fragile) link between the object and the zone and will have a lot more flexibility in what you want to do. You just have to remember to rerun the script when objects get moved into, out of, or between zones.
  7. @John Vancouver in building demonstration files, etc here at the mother ship, a trick we've used when walls misbehave is to just go into the wall style and change something, then change it right back thus causing a "reset" or "bump" which can solve some odd issues... Wes
  8. Update : Here is a nested working version. Question, why can't i call out the object name? by =N, but rather have to create a conditional statement if N=zone 1, then print zone 1, rather than printing it altogether? PS - notepad ++ really helps out with these conditionals count by zone nested-working.vwx
  9. I can also confirm that VW2020 works on Catalina. I have been using it on a mac mini. 3.2 GHz 6-Core 16GB ram Does seems a little heavy on the ram side, but are planning to upgrade in the near future. Most of the time graphic card seems to perform ok, but a little slow on complex models.
  10. Hi elch, what version of Vectorworks are you using? Would you mind attaching your file here so I can take a look? Mike
  11. Hello everyone, Is there any debugging procedure for a DGM? I have a set of modifiers, pads and grade limits, tried to adress most modifier conflicts, but there are still strange things happening in the resulting topography. For one proposed countours do odd zig-zags in unexpected places, which cannot be deleted using the "modify proposed contours" mode. It is possible to delete the extra vertices, but they just bounce right back. Also, straight and curved roads create overlapping pads which then result in modifier conflicts. Is there a way to connect them properly?
  12. Today
  13. I'm told the reason this functionality was removed is because of the way Workgroup Referencing and the Data Tag work. If an object is tagged with the Data Tag tool in a referenced layer and then the referenced layer is updated, it's unable to know which object was tagged, because all objects from referenced layer are deleted and recreated again. So they removed that functionality. That's quite interesting because I think it reinforces my suggested solution to the problem, which is to get rid of the antiquated workgroup references and replace them with something smarter.
  14. Thanks for answering. I tried but nothing happens. The strange thing is that I open the same file in the PC version and I have no problems. I'll keep trying
  15. Complete guess, but it looks like it has been assigned a Line Style. Check in the OIP and see if there is a setting for Line Style that you can change. Just converting to UnStyled is probably not enough as it will leave the settings as they are. You need to change to a simpler line style and then convert to UnStyled if you want it unstyled.
  16. Greetings. It is happening to me in the MAC version, which when using the "Jumper Cables" tool is displayed as shown in the capture (Red Color) In black, use the "Power Cable" tool. My question if anyone knows, why in the jumper cables (red) all those perpendicular marks on the path come out, thickening the line. In Win 10, it doesn't happen to me. Any ideas if it's a setting or something I'm doing wrong? From already thank you very much.
  17. Afternoon David, You are most welcome, glad you are all up and running, please get in touch in the future if we can help at all. 🙂 Have a lovely day! Helen
  18. Thank you Rob. I found it.
  19. @Dubman Could you send us the test file to look into the wall problem? Thanks for your testing efforts Walid
  20. Yes, they will all work on Catalina when you have the latest Service Pack installed.
  21. Great. Many thanks for that. I had gathered that I needed to upgrade to the service pack. I have 3 Mac licences for VWX 2020 plus 2 for VWX 2019. Will they all work on Catalina with the latest service packs? As you can see...When I do the changeover...I need to do them all together!
  22. in 2020 at this point there are none in service Select. however the library is in the vectorworks library. Everything released prior to and including the March release are moved over to that next release of the software in the Vectorworks libraries. So the Spiider is now in the Vectorworks Library and available to all users who are up to date.
  23. @DMcD exactly what I do, tho my saves are every 22 operations, and closing / rebooting I do far more regularly than in years past.
  24. @Philip Pearlman you will just want to make sure that Vectorworks is completely up-to-date with the latest Service Pack to ensure no compatibility issues.
  25. Wonderful. Thank you. That's all I needed to know!
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