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  2. _c_

    Until Next Time

    Dear @Jim W, I wish you all well. You have been the heart of VW, you'll be missed like no-one else before. VW lost his soul. Hugs, your very, very sorry _c_
  3. Hi @MTRobin, please excuse my brevity as I just happened to see your post while I was searching for something else… If I recall correctly; You can put a shortcut/alias of your Vectorworks file in the 'Vectorworks Cloud Services' folder on your PC/Mac (respectively). This means you can keep your files organised however you want them on your local HD. Last time I looked, no. But if you're on a Mac you can create 'Folder Actions' that automatically handle/edit/move/delete files based on particular criteria you set. I know Windows has some sort of scripting capability too, so perhaps you could achieve this on Windows too. To create Folder Actions on macOS, in the following link scroll down to section, 'Attaching a Folder Action Script to a Folder'
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  5. CiaMariaPia

    Adding text to a dimension

    Thank you all ... both for the tips and for helping me see that there's a difference between a simple dimension or dimension string and a dimension that's part of a Grid Bubble string. I realized from your comments that the Grid Bubble dimension doesn't act the way a regular dimension does in this respect. I'll plan more carefully the next time. Thanks again.
  6. I have an extrude with a perforated metal texture, it shows fine in open GL, Wireframe and Artistic White Model. When I place that extrude within a symbol or if I change it in to a symbol it no longer shows up in the Artistic White Model render and a bunch of other render modes but it does show up in Open GL and Hidden line! Is there a sneaky trick to get this to show up in the other renders, unfortunately removing it from the symbol and placing it on its own is not an option. Thanks Ben (the top object in the screen grabs is the extrude on its own and the bottom is the symbol with the extrude inside)
  7. CiaMariaPia

    Overlapping Grid Bubbles

    Got it! Many thanks for the sanity check and for the solution. Tom
  8. Bruce Kieffer

    Bot Z of symbol?

    I found a solution that I'm pretty sure works. I'm not sure if you folks were telling me this, but if so I did not understand. Here's what I did: I edited my 3D symbol to set the Bot Z back to 0. Next I did these steps: 1) Right clicked my floor tile symbol in the resource manager. 2) Clicked "Edit Symbol Options... 3) I checked Story Aware. 4) I set the Z Reference to Layer Elevation. 5) I set the Z Offset to 1/2". There's a Replace Height checkbox there that allows this change to be applied to all existing instances of the symbol (nice!). Now the OIP shows the symbol at Bot Z 1/2" which is what I need, and the OIP now shows two more fields; Z Ref and Z Offset. Here are some screen shots.
  9. bhorowitz

    Change fixture type

    Thanks. It's just frustrating. I had VW build me a profile for a PRG Best Boy GC to replace a standard Best Boy. I thought that it would be a simple swap. I've done a bunch of fixture adjustments in Vision, so I really don't want to have to re-export the drawing from VW. I may just delete the fixture and add in the proper one. I also had an issue with Vision not showing the new profile even after you guys had uploaded it and I updated fixtures in Vision. I had to have him send me the wad file to get it incorporated. This happens on a Mac and a PC.
  10. Hi All, I want to get back into architecture, and need to brush up my VW CAD skills, especially 3D and BIM. I was using a Student version in 2015, and am looking for a cheap licence until I think I'm ready (and can afford to buy) a full up-to-date licence. All offers (and advice) welcome. Thank you. P
  11. Yesterday
  12. bbudzon

    Change fixture type

    We are very sorry for this and realized the missing feature not long ago. I'm trying to get it bumped up on the priority list. Hopefully using MVR makes things a little easier in the short term 😉 I assure you, this is something we'd like to get resolved sooner than later as it has caused a lot of users headache!
  13. bhorowitz

    Change fixture type

    Bummer. I had to do a lot of fixture tweaking in Vision and didn't really want to re-export from VW. Maybe I'll try deleting it and adding a new fixture.
  14. CETLV

    Adding Cross Sections to Custom Pallet

    Ok I am just going out on a limb here and say something really odd is in my libraries. The 6 way in my library (I downloaded the newest one off SS portal) only connects 2 way just like the XSF. Am I doing something wrong? I used my XSF symbols with the type A christie cross section, then when I put in the 6 way it only keeps going in the initial direction and wont turn a corner.
  15. Taproot

    window sill and glazing bar glitches

    Adding to Wes's comments, regarding the offset sill - check the "Plan Wall Offset" setting on the "General" tab of the window settings to see if it is set to something wonky. One of my personal frustrations with the window tool is that Stool and Sill settings are linked. If your exterior and interior trims are different sizes, and you exterior sill horns and interior stool horns are controlled by a single setting, so one of them isn't going to look right.
  16. i'm not yet using worksheets of callouts for legends (yet) as @ericjhbergis but I am using them for housekeeping which I am finding more and more useful. Via the worksheet I can check the consistency of the notes, font, style format bubble type etc. Recently I just found you can also do a spell check on the worksheet with corrections pushing through onto the actual callouts (you can't do spell check directly on callouts). Attached is my generic housekeeping worksheet and a short demo vid. Many of the fields are two way including the note field so you can edit the callouts directly from the worksheet. You can change the worksheet database worksheet criteria to limit the selection of callouts to a particular layer or class which is sometimes handy. 2019-05-21 10-46-10.mp4 Housekeep Worksheet - Callouts.vwx
  17. Gaspar Potocnik

    Change fixture type

    I am afraid there is no way of changing fixture mode within vision...
  18. Can I change a fixture type within Vision without re-exporting from Vectorworks? Or do I have to delete the fixture and add a new one?
  19. cberg

    Round Floors - Display in Elevation

    Well, that one crashed my Vectorworks, LOL. I may file this one as a bug.
  20. William Callahan

    Fundamentals 2017 exporting pdf

    When I go to VW help it shows how to export a file to PDF but when I go to the pull down menu under file there's no such selection to export to PDF. What I'm I missing?
  21. Alan Woodwell

    Site Model showing as an "endless tube"

    @PhileasHi, got it to work ok. Site model design layer has to be set to Zero as the levels work from there. Enter skirt lowest level. See attached. CRA_EXE_50 Site Model v2019 v2018.vwx
  22. michaelk

    Need some help building a grand support

    Welcome to the forum. Pictures would be helpful 😋
  23. Hi guys, new to the forums. The company I'm working for has bought some grand support structures and we're trying to get em rendered on vworks. I've been trying to assemble one with the eurotruss libraries, but I'm having some issues. What I'm trying to achieve is a dome figure. Sry for my english as I'm not a native speaker, is there any guide/resource that helps towards building this structure or should I post some details and pics regarding this issues I'm having? Thanks in advance
  24. mjm

    Musical instrument / backline symbols

    Just gonna jump right in here and say after one quick look I plunked my dollars down and am busily updating a current working file with these Symbols, and boy-o-boy are things starting to look spiffy! Well worth the $$
  25. So I arrived at work today and fired up vectorworks 2018. I am working on a job that requires a specific truss so I tried to use the truss insertion tool and all the truss i dropped in wouldn't show up the the end plates of the truss. All class visabilities seem to be on and attributes are all solid. I also encountered the same problem with some on the lighting fixture symbols. I'm sort of at a stand still now for this project so I'd welcome any and all thoughts!
  26. bcd

    Bot Z of symbol?

    Yes, I see a Symbol as simply a container and the objects within it can be anywhere in 3d space relative to the origin of the container. This is different to a Group - which constrains its extents to the extents of the objects within.
  27. Bizzare one - it appears that the create Floor menu command retains the original 2d object in addition to embedding it in the Floor object. So the Floor is actually a Floor and a Circle combined. Convert to Group>Ungroup and you can delete the unnecessary circle. The remaining slimline Floor will display as expected in elevation.
  28. mjm

    Adding text to a dimension

    Thing I've found when working with the Leader/Trailer fields is to add an appropriate "space" after/before the text you insert, so the text does not run up against the dimension
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