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  2. Phileas

    show elements in sections and not in elevations

    @line-weight was thinking about that too, the fix is probably to offset the upper or lower component from the other one by a distance of 0.0001cm or so. still a kind of annoying fix, but pretty easy with wall styles
  3. line-weight

    show elements in sections and not in elevations

    Ok. Turns out that the difference in material type/class was a red herring. In fact VW will 'stick' two wall objects together regardless of whether the surface components are the same. I guess this creates the opposite problem, where you have two wall finishes that are on the same plane but different materials, where you actually want a line between them to indicate the material change, but VW will not draw this.
  4. Phileas

    show elements in sections and not in elevations

    @line-weight This is exactly what I did in my file, and the line disappeared as well 😉
  5. 'Merge structural objects with the same fill'!! that was it, solved....after all that. thank you so much @line-weight
  6. line-weight

    show elements in sections and not in elevations

    So...I did an experiment, as much to clarify to myself how this works, as anything else. Here I've got the surface of the wall as two different 'insulation' materials. You can see from the colouring. But in the hidden-line elevation view, there is no line between them. This seems to be different from the result others are getting. Maybe look at my attached file to see if things are set up differently. walltypes.vwx
  7. Phileas

    show elements in sections and not in elevations

    @line-weight I solved My issue. You were right, the solution is to vertically stack 2 walls with different styles and to make sure they are PERFECTLY aligned vertically. The line then disappears. Thanks to everyone for your help, I knew you guys had a solution to offer 🙂
  8. Marissa Farrell

    Circles in Circle

    I'm attaching an example to get you started - it still needs some error handling and modifications to get exactly what you want. I've added a new layer for the Control Geometry example, and I've modified your original network on its original layer. Let me know if you have any questions! CIRCLES IN CIRCLE_MFarrell.vwx
  9. Mojo65

    Tool Sets

    You are a star, it works now. I had them always docked together and that was the reason why it didn't work. Thank you very much. I am happy now.
  10. Mikedk64

    AutoTurn Vw2019

    Hi, I am trying the new autoturn feature in Vw2019, but have some problems with it. When I open a drawing (created in Vw2018) and send to autoturn online it appear fine in the window. But when i then zoom or pan the window the drawing disappear. Why do this happened?
  11. paulg

    File crashes VW19

    I have a file that has started to crashe VW19 upon opening. I have tried opening the backup file with the same result. Is there a place to send the file so someone can try and rescue months worth of work. The project is on site next week so I really need this file to open. your s hopefully. Paul
  12. TomWhiteLight

    NEW- Vision online training seminar

    Nice one Brian! If we miss it in the UK due to time difference will it be available for us to download? Best Tom
  13. Today
  14. I haven’t explored ifc data yet. Will check it out. Cheers
  15. Phileas

    show elements in sections and not in elevations

    @BG you mean putting a 2D polygon in front of the wall with this issue, and having this poly in a class I can turn on when I make elevations, and off the rest of the time? yeah that would be a good emergency solution...
  16. Andrew ResX

    Create Hoist Manufacturer

    Anyone know how to create additional hoist manufactures to the standard VW list?
  17. SBH_Admin

    Vectorworks Designer 2018 slow without internet access

    Of course! Attached here is another Vectorworks process during startup. It finished starting up around the 08:53 timestamp. The Firewall policy I have set up is pretty simple: Block any outgoing and incoming connections from the PC's in the room through our gateway. This seems promising, thank you. I will try this out an we will see if it makes any difference!
  18. Tim Harland

    Fixed Data Fields in Record Formats

    Hi Boh Hi Pat, Thanks yes I understand how worksheets and custom selections work, but not all our staff do and it is too dangerous when people can edit individual instances of a symbol, and ideally we can push changes from a library to multiple files without having to open them indiviually and changing each instance there. It is not only me, after I posted the wishlist I found this old post with the same request: The end of that post has a work around that I am going to explore using IFC data instead of Records. Thanks for your feedback!
  19. eary157

    Cutting in to a Solid Subtraction

  20. Pat Stanford

    Japanese Font Issue VW 2019 Mac Version

    This is an Adobe issue and copyright issue more than a VW issue. The PDF standard (by Adobe) says that if a font can not be guaranteed to be not copyrighted then the font can't be embedded into the PDF. That means that anyone who does not already have a copy of the font will see a font substitution. Likely a box. Can you use a different genuine Adobe font so the font can be embedded in the PDF?
  21. Pat Stanford

    Saved View Navigation

    Saved views are Vectorscripts (hidden deeply under the skin). You can open the Saved View Palette and call up any saved view from there. You could relatively easily make a Plugin Command, add it to your workspace and add a keyboard shortcut to allow easier access if you really need that.
  22. Pat Stanford

    Design/Cost - Live

    Not true. If a generic costing algorithm works for you that is great. But it does not end the debate about its applicability to other users. For me it does not work.
  23. Pat Stanford

    Fixed Data Fields in Record Formats

    The record instance attached to each object in the drawing is unique. That means that you can change any field of any record without effecting other objects in the drawing. You can select multiple object and and change the data of all of them at once, but this will not prevent you from adjusting a different value to a single instance afterwards. If you have not already done so, I recommend you edit your workspace and add the Custom Selection tool. This will allow you to select every instance of objects with a specific record attached. You can then go to the data pane of the Object Info Palette (OIP) and change and field to the value you desire.
  24. SCParker

    different calculations

    Whenever I run into these kinds of issues, I copy and paste the offending parts into a blank drawing and try again. Not that this will help, it's just another step in the search of a solution.
  25. Amorphous - Julian

    Network Publish

    Totally agree with @Ben Wingrove , it is far better to use local resources, and we have much more control. We found that we have very little control over VSS turnaround times, and if there are changes or errors we have to resubmit all over again. From our last test of VSS, we also had to pay for 'credits' to use VSS processing power. If we already have that in-house, we don't see the need for this. @Dave Donley if VSS make use of multiple servers to process renders and viewports, then can we assume the technology for 'Render Farm'/'Publish Farm' is for VW already available? When can this be made available to customers?
  26. gettinalllandscapey

    Circles in Circle

    Hi All, I'm attempting to write a wrapper that applies to control geometry that allows me to create & edit a number of random circles within a set circle. Can't get my beginner brain around what nodes I need to achieve the desired effect 😕 Any help is much appreciated! See attached file for reference. CIRCLES IN CIRCLE.vwx
  27. michaelk

    Cutting in to a Solid Subtraction

    That shouldn't matter. You can subtract from solid subtractions forever. Can you post a file with the object?
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