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  2. Was this problem ever resolved? I've started using a database for notes in a project as a sort of office 'test run' and run into the same problems. I must admit I'm extremely surprised that bulk edits cannot be accomplished, I sort of thought that was the whole point of this tool!
  3. I have VSS (I know - there must be a cream for that). I've downloaded 2018 but, as I'm in that 'can I trust this on live projects' place, I continue to use 2017 atm. Whilst I'm using 2017, VSS is notifying me that 2018 is available. Very helpful, but now getting a little annoying. Yes - even though its just a click to dismiss, it disrupts concentration. My thanks to the helpful team at VSS, I realise its just a pleasantry, but can I suggest/ask.. Can the notification use a 'don't tell me again' checkbox? Why can't VSS check the records and see whether a certain user has already downloaded. And yes, I've thought the next bit through (just because you've downloaded you may not have got it up and running correctly). I have used it and I continue to 'test' my design workflow with it. So... Why can't VSS make a check from the VW 2018 activation records? As I said - Just a comment.
  4. I couldn't get the walls to join if I cut them right at the corner so I cut them 10 mm away. Thanks guys, works great 👍🏼 solution-2-v2017.vwx solution-2-v2018.vwx
  5. How and why do people use 3ds files in Vectorworks?
  6. I buggered around with my Storey levels half through a project (removing a Storey for "Site" that was 20 mm below ground floor FFL) and now I have this problem with textures being offset by 20 mm and I don't know how to reset them. In the attached screen shot you can see a new wall I pasted into the file on the right. The texture mapping is 20 mm lower than it should be. The texture on the left is an existing wall. If I copy paste both these walls into a new file the texture mapping will match each other. If I set them both to use World Z For Origin things get even worse. So how do correct/reset all of this in the original file?
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  8. Im having no luck finding a solution to this... I have a script \/ \/ Procedure SymbolDistance; Var X1,Y1,X2,Y2, Dist: Real; S1, S2: String; H1, H2, H3: Handle; B1: Boolean; Begin PushAttrs; B1:=GetCustomObjectInfo(S1, H1, H2, H3); GetSymLoc(H1,X1,Y1); Symbol(pSymbol,0,0,0); GetSymLoc(GetObject(pTee),X2,Y2); Dist:=Distance(X1,Y1,X2,Y2); S2:=Num2StrF(Dist); SetRField(H1, pRecord, pField, S2); PopAttrs; ResetObject(H1); END; Run(SymbolDistance); Basically a Point Object tool, that inserts a symbol > measures a distance > puts it in a new symbols record field.. The object doesn't take the value once inserted. Though when moved will update the value in the Object info record field window. BUT wont show the value in the text that is linked to the record field.. Any thoughts?
  9. Is it for the MAC or PC?
  10. There's no doubt ArchiCAD hit a home run with this tool. A lot of tools could get this kind of treatment.
  11. i used yesterday the 2018 VW and it seems a lot more smooth and fast than the 2017 was, or maybe the drivers updates and the windows updates that have been deployed might have changed the way it works, but for now it looked very smooth and fast, on every bit even doing a custom render with high detail but without a proper file with more textures and so on to try out i cannot really say how well is performing!
  12. Basically, I think the problem is that VW have broken the cut plane feature when sectioning through a DLVP. It works absolutely fine in 2017. I will submit this as a bug.
  13. To solve the problem, we are trying to create narrow window style -narrower then the width we think we will need - (so to diminish the odd that we should reduce the width at some point), we're betting on the fact that the augmentation of the width does not seem to cause problem.
  14. Here is a video of the "gap phenomenon" Best regards. window_wall_detail_problem.mp4
  15. Agreed, We do not live in a perfect world where conventions are always followed by everyone in the design team. We have to get the job done quickly and efficiently and most importantly make a profit, or else what is the point.
  16. @SMIplease contact Sven Biermann ( for sales. Thank you!
  17. I really think the issue is, that the Beta versions are not actually tested in a working environment, otherwise, these issues would have been identified straight away.
  18. Genius, Thank you
  19. Have you checked out Dom C's RectPack node in Marionette? There are 2 layers in the file. On the 'part input' layer you draw the size and quantities of the boxes that need packing. On the 'Plug in" layer in the OIP set the size of the space and then the type of sorting etc you want to use. It's partially in German but mostly understandable. It looks like you can create and name your own layers and have the Marionette object work to specific layers in the pull down in the OIP. However it is 2D only.... Dom C is a Marionette genius! Cheers, Peter PS it doesn't work on symbols only primitives it seems.
  20. Patrick, when you say you migrated your workspace, did you do so by responding Yes to the actual migration question, or did you "migrate" it by another method?
  21. I highly recommend the Autoplot tool. It's cheap ($35 ? )and worth it. I had a demo of it at the design show. Admittedly somethings in it should be in the actual application, but it has a ton of things that you may not think of right away.
  22. Tell me about this! The probably largest buyer of landscape consulting services in my country (the public works department of the capital city) has explicitly forbidden the use of VW a long time ago and later mandated (in my opinion illegally, considering the competition legislation) that all work must be carried out using Microstation. I can even imagine officials, wearing Fedoras, carrying out razzias to reveal the use of other software in violation with the contract. The VW ban appears to be have been caused by uninformed users and the silly "define origin" function (at worst invoked my the even sillier rulers), resulting in a situation where the consultant's files cannot be incorporated in the municipality-wide CAD-database as the proposed new playground is located thousands of kilometres away.
  23. Just tried it in 2017 and got the results you got. It behaves the way you want in 2018. I don't have 2016 on this computer, but I thought that the 2018 behavior was already established in 2015 or 2016.
  24. VW2017, latest service pack. That would make sense because I am quite sure that I didn't have this issue before!
  25. I have this same question. I cannot even get my hanging positions made from light pipes to assign a Z value. That was like 90% of the value of converting lighting pipes for me. Hoping it is just a bug. Worth noting that if I change the height of a hanging position with lights already on it they do adjust their Z by that much, so it is tracking once it's dropped just not attaching itself to the Z value initially.
  26. Just learned of two sources for free LIDAR data:
  27. Ha!.. Funny that, its gone again..
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