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  2. Ok No idea about that In effect should be interesting
  3. I was wanting to call a function from another script that is within the document resources. Not on a file somewhere else on the computer. cheers
  4. I know the suspense is killing everyone. . . So, my label legends are pretty old. They date back to I'm not sure when. So the old generic instrument seems to be causing the problem. When I check "Use Layout Symbol" for a legend, and delete the old generic instrument in the 2D symbol, this issue goes away. Hooray! and weird.
  5. If you're just looking at solid and none, you can use http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:SetFPat with 1 and 0 respectively
  6. This video shows a label legend with individual selection handles that formerly moved each individual field without affecting any other field. In 2019, the selection handles are there, but when I try to move the field, nothing happens and it changes to one selection handle for the whole label legend. P.S. Greenhorn relates to these message boards. I've been drafting light plots with this software for twenty years. What happened? label legend issue.MOV
  7. Hello wise ones, I am in the middle of setting up a visualizer that mimics the house LX hang in our theatre so that students can practice and build shows when the theatre is unavailable. Through some trial and error, I've got most things working, but I am stuck on trying to get a few remaining lights to work. The key problem I am having is with two VL 1000s with tungsten bulbs, which require a dimmer in addition to their DMX input. By patching the VLs to their appropriate DMX address, I can get the lights to move in Vision, but I can't get them to turn on. This makes sense, but I can't figure out how to additionally give the lights their dimmer information so that I can also control intensity. Additionally, I have 4 I-cue mirrors that are attached to ETC Colorsource spots with a DMX iris. When I import them into vision, I get the Colorsource, and I get a second Source4 with an I-cue attached to it. I can't seem to find the DMX iris anywhere. I can control all of the aspects of the Colorsource, but it is not going through the I-cue. If I turn on the I-cue (by selecting it in Vision), I can control pan and tilt, but the light beam is incandescent. I could live (for now) with just the intensity properties of the Source4 and the pan and tilt of the I-cue (foregoing the colour changing and DMX iris), but again, I can't figure out how to control the intensity of the I-cue. Any ideas?
  8. Ken White's screen shots illustrate what is happening to me. My legends have always had individual field selection handles. In 2019 they switch to one selection handle for the whole label legend. "Use single label" is not selected.
  9. No prob. With flexibility can come complication.
  10. bc

    Window trim visibility

    Christiaan. That did it! Thanks a lot. Sheesh. You'd think it would be simpler than this.
  11. Change your Trim class in 2D Visualisation to Window-trim and see if that does what you're after.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Only thing I'm worried about is that I think I might have to delete top wall peaks first time round to remove any residual peak setting.
  14. Can any of you scripting gurus out there help me out with a script to uncheck Follow Top Wall Peaks in all wall instances on all layers (or a layer at a time)? I'm experiencing a bug that stops wall heights from being updated when changing Story Level heights. I've found that I can avoid this if all wall components in each wall instance have the Follow Top Wall Peaks option unchecked before making the Story Level change. But I have a load of walls of many different Styles and many of them are Grouped, making it a huge task.
  15. I had the same problem You have to add the path file into the "Script Options..." dialog Is that what you meant twk?
  16. Check your settings in both the 2D Visualisation tab and the Classes tab in the window settings.
  17. Probable that Group does not change LNewObject. Try the Waldo Method. Insert Locus, LNewObj,GetPrev(LNewObject), Delete Locus. I think this was originally disclosed by @Gerard Jonker back around 2002.
  18. It seems to work here. Procedure GroupBB; Var X1,Y1,X2,Y2:Real; Begin GetBBox(FSActLayer,X1,Y1,X2,Y2); AlrtDialog(Concat(GetTypeN(FSActLayer),' - ',X1,' - ',Y1,' - ',X2,' - ',Y2)); End; Run(GroupBB);
  19. Hello, I've been searching for a way to easily count symbols and categorize them in viewports. For instance, When doing meeting rooms, I'd like a way to create one document with 40 meeting rooms and create viewports where the Data would pop up in categories. Venue: 1 Head Table 4 Chairs At Head Table 1 Lectern 350 Theater Seating AV Provided: 1 9'x16' Screen 1 Switcher 3 Lavs In House AV 1 Sound System Etc. I've been playing around with worksheets but they seem to be pretty intense, needing to go in a change formulas for each viewport, mapping them to layers/symbols, etc. I'm looking for a better way to count these symbols (Maybe inside a viewport crop) or something like that. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  20. Is there a way to get the bounding box (x1,y1,x2,y2) of a group. I want to create a group and then get its bounding box. Selecting the objects and then grouping them does not yield a handle to the group SelectObj(((Criteria))); Group; GrpObj := LNewObj: {GrpObj returns nil here} I would like to get a handle to the group and then get its bounding box, but that doesn't seem to work.
  21. Assigning a hot key should not make a difference. If you have to wait 5-10 minutes then something is wrong. Does it make a difference if you turn off all snaps? When I had serious lag in VW2019 turning off all snaps did help to some extent. My guess at the time was that there are too many snap options in that area that it has difficulty to figure out which point to snap to. Depending on your drawing content this might be happening in your case as well, though things should have improved since VW2019. Another thing that made a difference in my case at the time was a fresh install of Windows to clear all clutter from update over update over update. It may not be VW itself that is causing the issue but something within the Windows system that is causing slowness in VW.
  22. JRAVS


    We are a small Audio Visual Company looking for someone to help with getting the vision out of my head and into a computer for clients. Pretty basic stuff...projectors, screens, drape, lighting & PA gear. We work at various venues and the setups are usually just slightly different each time. Not every project requires a drawing. I am looking for someone I can send venue drawings and gear lists and have it drawn. AV experience will make the revisions fewer in number. Any suggestions to accomplishing this? A little more growth with require a full time position and software...just not quite there yet. Thanks.
  23. It depends on the quality of the original model and the software used to create the STEP/STP file. E.g. AutoCAD has a tendency to export heavily triangulated 3D objects and surfaces when exporting to another 3D format. Sometimes the software importing the 3D file can fix some or most of that. If you have Rhino available it might be worth trying to import into Rhino first, then save the imported file again in Rhino format and then import that file into VW. Rhino tends to clean up geometry quite a bit if it is a 3D export from AutoCAD though results may vary depending on how the 3D model was made. Maybe the same applies to Revit 3D exports as well. Another option could be using CAD file format translator, Okino is one of the better ones but whether it is worth the cost depends on how often you will be using it.
  24. Just to add to this, Circuits don't currently support custom parameters.
  25. Hi Dmitry Here's an example: I've enabled a custom Device field, given the Devices on my schematic some values for the custom param, and created a Device Report. Then I inserted a column of my own into the Report, enabled View > Database Headers and added the formula '= (Device.user1) and recalculated. Then the values appear. Best Conrad
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