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Render all sides of an extruded object


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I'm trying to render an extruded object using an image color.(plain color, obj attribute)

I'm not using transparency or reflectivity or bumps

When I go to render in either custom or final rw one side seems to be transparent.

I never noticed this before.

Is this right or do I have a problem?

VW 9.5.2


g3 500 256ram os 9.2.2

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Did you create a solid loft or does it not have the top and bottom surface?

You can send the file to be using the above address.

Please include a link to this page in the body of the email.

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Sorry I've been a little absent. The file sortof doesn't exist anymore.

It was weird because sometimes when I changed the view the "transparence" didn't happen.

(No I was not using transparency)

I will try to recreat and then send you a file Katie.

If your talking to me TS how do you properly close an extrusion.

My extrusion was a simple rectangle. .75" x 2'-0" extruded 2'-0"


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I have the same problem. My wall surfaces and vertical surfaces of extruded surfaces are fine, but I can't get a horizontal surface. I think I've tried every combination on the mapping dialogue. Does anyone know what's wrong?

I used to have this problem with complex shapes, but never with rectangles.


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I've always had that (vertical yes,horiz no if extruded in top/plan) with extruded rectangles in 8.5.2 since it came out. Extruded polygons are fine so that's what I draw. I just thought it was something about rectangle objects.Is it supposed to be otherwise?

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Well, what do you know!

No problem. I had some sort of rendering trouble when I was first learning 3d and it had something to do with rectangles....possibly subtractions made from extruced rectangles. It works fine.


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