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Hello Everybody.

I have a question regarding rendering packages. Now I realise this is an ongoing subject, but I am wondering what the best option is for rendering packages that have the same speed as Cinema 4D. I would love to use this package, but as we all know, exporting to it from VWA is a bit of a pain especially when it comes to preserving classes and layers. I have had a quick dabble with Strata 3D Pro and it seems quite good, especially as it preserves classes.

Basically, I am asking for an informed opinion of whether to stick with renderworks 9.5 (but this can be quite slow) or to attempt to learn another package purely for rendering.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Mikie [Razz]

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You're on the right track - I use Strata 3D Pro for rendering and have had great results. Depending on the complexity of your model your rendering times will vary but overall I think it's pretty fast. And Strata has just released v3.8 which works with OSX and I couldn't be more pleased. Give it another look - you'll be glad you did.

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Hi Mikie

Look at the new plugin "VW Special Edition" on the Maxon site, seems like an answer for the import-export prolems with C4D. I havent tried it myself but looks good on paper.

Another option for rendering in an outside package is Art?lantis.

I think the Cinema option is better but also expensive (raydiosity, animation, etc...).

Art?lantis is cheaper (its only a render machine) theres a new plugin for VW and also has a lot of features and one very important thing: speed. Try the demo ;-)

I havent tried Strata.

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I used to use Strata for rendering, but I have now replaced it with Renderworks - and overall I save a lot of time now on projects even if I have to let go some advanced features.

The trick of rendering is not to get the fastest rendering engine possible, but to know what to render:

Geometry is slow, textures with transparencies are fast. Image props are fast. Multible lightsources are OK, if only 1 or 2 cast shadows. Use symbols as much as possible, etc,etc.

The rendering below is part of a full 3D environment with interior and exteror. Nothing is omitted from the layer. It renders in screen resolution in 35 seconds on a 2x1Ghz Mac.


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