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VW crashes after file loading since I removed GDTF Geometry

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I am on a huge project and currently have 960 fixtures all with GDTF data.
As my system (MacBookPro M1 Max) getting slow and sometimes hang (needed to Force Quit VW), I thought it would help if I do not used the GDTF geometry and strated to disable it.

Since I changed, I can't open the file without a crash and it doubled its size (currently 330mb).


I have Layered the fixtures down by truss & by Model



Any thoughts?


I am thinking of upgrading to additional hardware, what would anyone recommend, knowing that this project may have additional fixtures to it.


Thank you



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Patrick

Did the file start of in Spotlight or was it imported from another application?

If your file started out in another application it is likely not the GDTF lighting devices that are causing the problem but all the other non GDTF geometry that will have been imported as meshes. If this is the case a workflow that may help is to break down the MVR import into separate smaller steps by using the import dialogue to only import a part of the MVR at a time, then work over (converting from mesh to VW symbols/objects or into generic solids the imported geometry before importing the next part.

If this doesn't help please DM me both the MVR file and the Spotlight VWX so I can have a look and see if I can figure out what is causing the issue

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