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I draw a kitchen plan and in 1 sheet layer page I add unit numbers (viewport-annotation-numbers class).

I use several viewport pages and would like the numbers to show on several pages.

Do I add them to the design layer or is there a way of them showing on different selected viewports?




Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 8.32.11 am.png

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What are the unit number objects? Just drawn geometry or something else?


Yes anything drawn or placed in the annotations space of a VP will only exist in that location. You would have to copy + paste the geometry into the annotations of another VP or duplicate the VP. Or like you say draw the geometry on the design layer in which case it can be displayed in every VP if desired.


Another option is to use Data Tags to label objects in the annotations space + these can be inserted en masse using 'All Eligible Objects Mode' so can be very quick even if you're doing it in multiple VPs. And allows you to apply the label in all views: elevations, sections, etc.

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Based on your level of experience I would go with putting them on a Design Layer. Then use Class to control visibility in the Viewport. You could put them on their own Design Layer (which if you keep above the main Design Layer will ensure they don't accidentally become obscured by other objects) or you could just put them on the main Design Layer with the rest of your objects.


Data Tags require a bit of know how.

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