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Stopping a rendering

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Is there a way to stop in mid-render? Pain to start rendering, realize you did something wrong, and have to wait the long, long wait till it completes. If there's a "stop" key sequence, I haven't seen it.

Similarly, to export an image, I have to render it, and then export, which renders it again. Some of mine take 15 min each, and that duplication wastes a bunch of time. Have I overlooked the way to avoid this?

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If you are on a Mac (and maybe PC) using the BitMap (?) tool, press Command + Period. It usually doesn't stop it immediately, but it will stop the render. I don't know if it works for other types of rendered output. This is a standard Mac interface command for interrupting a process.

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ESCAPE button can stop the rendering process anytime on a PC machine.

My advice - don't press it in the "Geometry" stage. At this stage the software is a bit "touchy" and I had some crashes in that situation. If you'll press the ESCAPE during "rendering" stage, it will stop safely.

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You may have to hit the cmd . a few times to get it to stop.

The "cmd ." stops something for what hasn't been processed up to that point.

The drawing may continue to render some things after you press that button since that information has already been sent and processed. It is in the middle of displaying on the screen. It will finish that routine up until it was told to stop, then it stops.

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I'm looking at the post for the question on how to stop a render and have tried the suggested command period, many times, It used to work. Now OS X Jaguar VW 10.1 are not working for the stop render.

Question, How to stop a render in progress?

Knowing that I want to adjust several things in the drawing, and wishing to look at the rendered drawing for reference, (not live update) how do I keep the drawing from starting to render after I adjust one thing when I have several other things I would like to adjust and then render.

Or to condense, Can I specify when to re-render? A drawing that is rendered seems to automatically start to re-render, while a wire-frame waits to be instructed.

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Whats happening is VW is trying to maintain the last view it was instructed to give you. If you told it to render in final renderworks mode, it will keep trying to render in that mode until you tell it to do something else.

What you need to do is when you get the rending to quit, select wireframe from the view menu, then you can manipulate the object and they will stay in wireframe, or what I do is hit the 5 key on the key pad, this switches to the "top/Plan" view, which is always in wireframe, then I go about editing the objects.

Good Luck

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