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Planting Schedules Open Blank

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We have an ongoing problem across multiple files and with different worksheets we use to create the Planting Schedule.


When using a project sharing file someone can update the planting plan, update the schedule and have everything displaysed correctley.  Then a different person, or the same person opens the file again and the schedules are blank and have to be recalculated.  This is very annoying as it takes extra time that shouldn't need to be spent and even worse you can batch and issue an entire project and then find that the one page that ahs a palnt schedule int he middle of the set is just blank.  All the ehadings appear, and sometimes the rows with no data also appear, or sometimes its just the ehadings with no rows where the plants should appear.


It ahs been a problem since we started using 2022.  We are also using the current service patch.  The responce we had froms ervice select was that its because we don't remake our schedules each year.  I'm not sure this is the only way to fix this problem - sureley as projects go for so long it is simply not feasible to doa dn drag in the new schedule into every project.  We have a small office but we would still work on 20 projects a year (which on average run for 2 years but often up to 5), most with multiple plant scheudles - which are often customised in soem way for that Council, that project or that Client. 


Do other people have this problem?  Is the only solution to create a new schedule each year and repalce the current ones in any project you upgrade?

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