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Data Visualization Sorting

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Is it possible to sort values in the Data Visualization window? 


I get this error when trying to sort my DMX universes numerically. I would obviously like things to be 1-105 in numerical order for the colors and the annotated key make a little more sense. 

Is there a secret way in another window perhaps that I'm missing to get these to sort?





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Those values are text not numbers which means they revert to text sorting. Meaning that all data with a 1 in the first column sort before any data with a 2 in the first column as you see.


The only real work around for this is to "zero pad" all of your numbers to the same length so you would get something like:








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Thanks Pat,


That's unfortunate. It's definitely a sacrificial problem...would rather have my label legends read DMX addresses as "1/214" than to have a huge container with "001/214".


....But I'd also like the Universe Key to read 






Oh well. 


Seems like an easy thing to fix...

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